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binary cash botHey guys, today I am looking into another one of these Binary Options systems. I haven’t had luck with these types of software yet but hopefully Binary Cash Bot can change that in a hurry.

The product is released by Adam Wells a self proclaimed expert in the trading market. The software costs $47 and is meant to follow trends and provide safe binary trade entries.

Binary Cash Bot Video

Watch the short but informative video I made about this new software to see my real thoughts.

So there you have it. In the video I discussed a few things and I will go over them now. First, I started by discussing my previous history with these binary options systems and how I have been disappointed frequently. Due to common interest and common results many of the Forex Robot Nation users involved in trading binary options have been asking me to create a product that trades options successfully. As an update I would like to say that I have been working on this project and do hope to provide everyone with a binary options software that works in the near future.

Next, I discussed the results provided on the page and looked at the story that Adam provides us. He claims that “Once you have a true price action signal to work with – the signal that’s built directly into Binary Cash Bot – you only need as little as an hour a day to generate more income than 90% of forex traders (even experienced pros) ever  achieve.” This is a nice belief but I would like to see the product in action.

Binary Cash Bot Conclusion

So at this point I have to draw some sort of a conclusion. I have to say that I cannot give my full 100% go ahead for this product. Due to the nature of this binary options market that sees many of these systems fail it is hard to believe that Adam will do anything better than his predecessors.

Like the review? Leave a comment with your thoughts, they are always welcome.

BCB Proof
The supposed proof that the software works.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    I am writing this mail to you to inquire more about your Binary Cash Bot. I wanted to know how accurate it is to trade binary Options. What should I do If i want to get it. Do you have a specific Binary Broker. Is it free to use?
    I am looking forward to hear from you.


    A. Kwok Choon.

  2. Has anyone ever seen this bot in action? A video with tons of wins and losses means absolutely nothing.
    A NOTE: I just bought the bot so I will see it preform. However, I was hoping to see some action videos and not just the “Promo Video”


  3. Binary Cash Bot is completely pill of SHUT! I know because I tried it and you need to see it and total SHUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can you please confirm when your free ”WORKING” Binary Bot is comeing out?

  4. Eric, you just answered your own question.

  5. Does anything work out here so a family can make money to get out of this damn rat race and this damn shitty economy. Everything out here is a damn scam. Can you help me.

  6. look at the screen shot of trades provided by binary auto profits of mike donovan from Nov 9 to 12, 2012, they are the same as that with binary cash bot of Adam wells.. Hmmm … how come?

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