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Binary Auto Profits Review

Binary Auto ProfitsBeen a long week with the holiday season but I have a few updates to get to, the first one being Binary Auto Profits.

This is another binary options software and at this point I still haven’t found a consistent winner in the options realm. While I have been clearly disappointed by the quality of binary options products I continue to hunt and do hope that Binary Auto Profits can help turn the tide.

The software costs $39 and is being sold on the Clickbank payment processor. The developer of the software is Mike Donovan who to my knowledge has no prior releases in this binary options space.

Product Tagline: How would you like to join me in making 250-1000 dollars a day trading binary options?

Binary Auto Profits Results

binary options results
10 trades taken using the auto profit system.

So this is the type of results Donovan is providing potential users. This really isn’t the type that Forex Robot Nation traders like to see because it can be easily manipulated by even a 15 year old with minor Adobe Photoshop experience.

I am of course not saying that these are manipulated but that you should be careful with any screen shot of this nature and what it represents.

So how does this work? Well you log in to your trading center then you will receive a signal from the auto profits team, then you can place your trade.

Binary Auto Profits Review Conclusion

 Well, I have to err on the side of caution here which is something I often say. I really want one of these binary options products to blow my socks off but at this point it just hasn’t happened yet.

With that said, I cannot recommend this product until I know some traders are having success with it.

Leave you comments on this new binary options software below.

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