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Binary Ascend

Binary Ascend is here and I couldn’t be happier. I have been involved in the testing of this software and I am blown away by it’s accuracy.

It’s not often I come across a system this powerful with a strategy that I can sink my teeth into. This is a signal software that every trader needs to have.

This is a quick break down of the important elements:

  • 14+ signals day
  • Trades EUR/USD
  • 75% accuracy
  • Three versions for the price of one
  • Signals in all sessions, works world wide
  • Free installation and support
  • Compatible with any binary broker

This software is one of the very few I rely on daily. It is built to stand the test of time and is a long term winner.


Binary Ascend Review

binary-ascend-boxThe binary ascend software uses a cutting edge strategy that consists of filters and 10 different indicators. The software provides very simple signals, all throughout the day from it’s three different versions.

Traders are told to place either a CALL or a PUT and are told the exact expiry time to set. There is never any confusion and signals can also be accessed via email, MT4 alerts and MT4 on the chart.

The three versions (which come in one package with no extra charges) are the low risk, normal and aggressive. At this point in time I focus on the low risk and normal versions because the aggressive is too risky for my appetite.


My Current Results

Through my first 3 and a half months with this system I have been able to make some solid gains. I decided to test the software with a $1000 starter account and as of right now I’m at $8,440.25 in three months.

While the developers claim to provide a basic 32% return on investment in the first month I’ve found this is a very conservative claim based on opening very few trades.

Here is a closer look at my win loss ratio:

  • October 35-5
  • November 29-9
  • December 34-8
  • January 12-1
  • February 36-5
  • March 22-2
  • April 16-1
  • May 12-2
  • June 25-4
  • July 10-0
  • August 22-4
  • September 24-2
  • October 31-5
  • November 34-4

Total: 242W – 52L

Winning Percentage : 84.7%

I take 9/10 signals I see, I trade a large portion of the day but during the holidays I traded less.

Binary Ascend Conclusion

I am very excited about the binary ascend software, it is a guaranteed winner and a requirement for every Forex Robot Nation reader.

This software is exactly what you need if you are looking for a strong passive income investment.

I have an exclusive 15% coupon for all FRN readers, for the first few days of launch so don’t miss out.



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About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. is this suitable for beginners and is this automated or not?

  2. can I use this Ascend and trade on 1 minute binary option?

  3. Just curious, why are almost all the signals call signals?

  4. Hi , what are the best trading times for you with BA ?

  5. with a 500 $ account can i do single trades of 50$ with this software or is it too risky , i’ve seen that this doesn’t seem to loose a lot so i guess it might be alright

  6. Hello admin, im trying to buy BA many time but always this message appear (we have not been able to verify the validity of the information you entered on the order form) , im sure100% my information is correct.

  7. can you please tell me the average signals per day that you receive and if anyone does the martingale strategy with this software? does it have many losses in a row ?

  8. Easily the easiest and best binary system I’ve ever used.

    I don’t have one bad word to say about it, binary account started at $500, now at $5425.50 in 4 months. I’m going to start increasing the size of my trades now.

  9. what is the broker that you are using for bianry options

  10. Hi Richard here,
    I am looking to use the binary ascend but I need to to be assured that it is as good as it seems because I`ve been scammed once to many and am looking to make enough to pay my bills, I`m in Ireland and wondering if the time difference matters; Great work.
    Regards Richard

  11. Bo you have to set the time in Ascend the same as on your Binary Broker? My MT4 platform is 2 hours behind my time and my Binary broker.

  12. Good start to the week I’m 8-0, hoping to see more wins going forward.

    I rate Ascend 5/5.

  13. I’m doing quite well with Ascend now.

    I use the low risk and normal. I’ve never lost a low risk signal and my normal signals I’m 35-5 in my last 40 trades.

  14. Binary Ascend working great for me lately. I bought it a few months ago, got a couple bad signals and gave up.

    I’m feeling really silly now for judging it too quickly.

    I’m over 80% ITM two months straight, I should have listened to you earlier.

    Ascend is awesome!

  15. Sounds fantastic. Unfortunately I do not have time to handle signals by manual the whole day (and night!) .Thats why I look for a robot. Or is there any way to use these signals by any software? BR Mace

  16. Hi and the english.
    When you received a signal of Binary Ascend, and go to the platform of the broker, witch expired time you use? Normally the signal of binary ascend expired 30 minutes after, and what time we must use to expire in broker?
    Thank you and best regards.
    José Vieira

  17. Binary ascend is my favorite.

    I’m a Forex trader by trade and lately all I do is trade binary it’s crazy.

    19-3 this month with low / normal risk on EURUSD.

  18. I’m continuing to grow my account steadily with Ascend low risk.

    I’ve won my last 12 trades on EURUSD and expect July to finish strong.

  19. I have recently purchased Ascend even though I’m a Forex trader and I’ve had a lot of fun using this software. It’s not my usual but I’m learning quickly and I’m starting at 68% ITM for my first two weeks.

    At this rate I’ll have no issues growing my binary accounts.

  20. Hi, can I purchase both BBW and Binary Ascend, and can they work on the same MT4 platform?

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