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Best Scalping Forex Robot for MT4/MT5

In this video, I’m going to show you how you can grow your trading accounts, using the Best Scalping Forex robot and expert advisor Forex Fury. I’ll be showing you my personal live trading accounts, my settings, the best ways to use the software, how you can use the software, I’ll show you client reviews, what other people are doing with this robot and let you know the best ways to use this robot, to grow your trading account with any broker, whether it’s with MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5. 

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So let’s get into the video and show you how you can grow your trading account with the best Forex robot available


Best Scalping Forex Robot

Let’s start today with the fun stuff. I’m inside my trading server right now, you can see I have over 20 platforms. If you don’t know what a Forex robot is, that’s fine. As long as you know what, MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 is it’s easy to set this thing up. All you have to do is open a chart like I just did, drag your Forex Fury software from the expert advisors list inside the platform, put that on your chart and boom! All you got to do is plug your username in, click okay and the software is now running. It’s absolutely fantastic. 

Trading Results

You can see here we are in my $1,000 live trading account, you can see all my accounts are live. They’re verified in my FX book. You can see right here, it’s live. You can see my name. You can see my account number. I don’t want to hide those from you. And you can see here, this is the trades that have happened. We started the account a couple of months ago, and now the account is at $1,749. It has only a single loss, a whole bunch of wins, and that’s not the only account I’m running another account right here. This account is a $50,000 live trading account. 

The account has been running for a very long time and is now showing $15,000 in pure profit, no open trades. It’s fantastic. This is on the US dollar, Japanese yen, $50,000 account. 

Next, we have a smaller account. This is actually a $20,000 account. I just started this test. I need to actually increase the lot size, but I’ve been just running some different tests. And now if you want to see what the software looks like when it’s trading here is an open trade right now. The trade is right now, minus $6. So it’s just getting started. But if we go into the account history, you can see this account has not lost a single trade yet, which is perfect. And which is what we’re always trying to do with Forex Fury and why it’s the best Forex robot on the market. 

I can take you to another account. This account is not trading very much, but again, it has done nothing but win trades, five trades all worth over $200 for an over 10% gain on this $10,000 live trading account. Again, this is a live trading account. If I go to the next one, this is another $10,000 account over $1,270 gains. So again, this is a lot of winning accounts and I have more of these tests and I will show you some of these tests now in my FX book to give you an even better angle of what they look like.

Myfxbook Trading Results

So here we are in my personal, my FX book account, you can see this is a $1,000 account. It’s now at $1,750. You can see the track record is verified. The trading privileges are verified. It is a real account. The monthly gain is 27.7%. The draw down is 9.93%, and we’ve only had a single loss. You can see all of the trading history right here, every single trade that’s been placed. You can see that his has a 93% long’s wind rate, a hundred percent Short’s wind rate. And that means you can set shorts only. Longs only I’ll get into that into the strategy section after this. And so you can see here all of the great information about this account. And if you liked that account, you can go into the members area and you can see the set file download by clicking on this.

It actually downloads the set file, and then you can open it up, load that set filed into your account and use that set file. There’s also an analysis and explanation that tells you what we’ve been doing with that account. And you can do the same thing with the other accounts. Let’s take a look at another popular account, this account. Again, it is my FX book verified. It’s a real account. This is a $50,000 account, much different than a $1,000 account. We’re seeing a monthly gain of around 4% on this, a drawdown of just 7%. So we’re using a bit lower risk, but again, this is up $15,000 since we started it. You can see here, I was trading a bit more volume early on lower volume now, lower risk, but again, steady gains still up $15,000 on 50 grand. So very happy with that account.

And we have another account here. This is a demo account. It’s just showing that again. We could have a gain of 6% a month. There’s a nice jump here in June. We had a huge gain. We let some trades ride. We decided to intervene and say the market’s going in our direction. The software was using such incredible entries. So you could see, we decided to let it run. We hit 96 pips. Fantastic win a great win, huge win with one lot size, which is awesome. And that’s why we’re seeing such a big gain on this account. 26% draw down still acceptable, 6% a month and $37,000 in profit on a $25,000 deposit. You’re just not going to get much better than that.

Scalping Forex Robot Strategy

There’s many reasons why I believe Forex Fury is the best for X robot and expert advisor on the market. And strategy is certainly one of them. This software historically has traded the Great Britain pound on the 15 minute timeframe. It still uses the 15 minute timeframe, but the pairs have expanded the ways that you can use the software has expanded. When we first started, this was just a scalper focused on quick wins, quick exits. That’s still a big focus of the software. And coming from that foundation has helped. You can see here on the chart, historically, the software would look to place a trade somewhere around here, close that trade here for another quick win. And then it would, you know, do a trade here, close it here, do another trade here, close it here. These are all fast as the 15 minute timeframe. So we’re talking about getting in and out of trades, picking up five to 15 pips.

And this is very simple. This is what the software does. It has a lot of settings and parameters and indicators all built into the system to make sure that the entries are correct. Now, let’s go into the daily timeframe right now. You can see here historically, the software has performed best in ranging market conditions. You see here is a range and this range was over a month long, which means this is a period where the software would perform incredibly well. Let’s say the software did a bad entry depending on the settings you’re using. It would still bounce back. You know, if it did about entry, it may take a day or two, but then it would still win that trade and then continue on and continue with a 100% win rate. And that is depending, obviously on your take profit and stop loss settings.

But historically enraging conditions like this Forex Fury just dominates the market, which is why it’s one of the best four Forex robots. My opinion, the best Forex robot in the market. Things have changed over time. More people have come on board, more developers, more traders, and we’ve changed the parameters. We’ve changed the setting. So this doesn’t just win in ranging market conditions. Let’s say you have a little market analysis. You understand the market’s a little bit, let’s say you’re trading gold and you know, gold will often go in one direction. Look at Great Britain pound right now, it was on an upward trend all the way here. This is a very long trend. So you’re looking okay if I was trading this period of just, you know, almost a year here over a year, this is incredible. This is a lot long upward trend.

So what you could do is you could say, all right, I want to, I want to trade this trend. So what I would do is I would go into the Forex Fury parameters. I would check the settings and I would go, all right, I know we’re in an upward trend. Let me just select longs only, right? This is very easy. You could just set the software. So trades only longs. So it’s only looking for buy trades. It’s going to by last, you know, you’re going to get less trades because it’s not doing buys and shorts, but you’re looking at a lot of wins and a lot of consistency. And this is one of the reasons why this is the best Forex robot, because it’s always adapting and you can just use it like this, or you can use it the default way, but you can always make adjustments to win more trades, which is why this is the best scalping Forex EA.

Client Reviews

Now let me show you some client reviews and continue on with this review. When it comes to client reviews, Forex Fury gets incredible client feedback from real clients. This is why Forex Fury is the best Forex robot on the market for just another reason why you can see here on Trustpilot Forex Fury has 145 reviews, a 4.5 out of five star rating. As I scroll down, you can see a review was just made someone flipping accounts, five stars, another five stars, another five stars. And you can see, these are incredibly long detailed reviews talking about their experience with the software and which is why the robot is performing so well for all of these different people. That doesn’t mean it’s going to perform well for everyone. If you go back a year or two, probably three, four years, you’ll see more negative reviews because the software wasn’t as good.

Then it didn’t have as many developers. The code wasn’t updated as frequently. But right now you can see over the last year, we’re talking tons of positive feedback, four stars, five stars, exactly what you want to see from a Forex robot or any sort of investment opportunity like this expert advisor.

Joining Forex Fury

If you’re interested in joining the best Forex robot, all you have to do is come to I will have a link in the description of the video. Once you’re on the website, you can take a look at the different features. Take a look at all of the trading results. The different accounts settings for these accounts are provided in the members area. So you can copy them. And as I scroll down, you can see, all you have to do is click add to cart. If you want one live license by the gold package, if you want to run two live accounts at once, then you can buy the diamond package.

Or if you want to upgrade at a later time, you can do that to simply come click, add to cart. This will take you to the order page here on the order page, you can take a look at some of the most recent reviews. You can select the quantity you want to purchase, and you could enter a coupon code version for click apply coupon. And then you, all you have to do is buy with Google. Pay, proceed to the checkout, to pay with your credit card, pay with PayPal. You have all of these options, and then you are ready to go.


Now you guys know the best scalping Forex robot for current market conditions that can grow your trading account in MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5. This is the most popular platform for all brokers. And as soon as you sign up, you get an email registration link right away. It takes you to the members area. You get free updates, settings, installation, videos, guides, everything you need to be successful using the best Forex robot and expert advisor Forex Fury. Now, if you appreciate this video, or if you have any comments at all, leave the comments below the video right now, I will answer all of your comments. And if you are interested in anything else I’m offering, like my Forex signals, I’m up over 18% this month. It’s absolutely crazy. I’m over 400 members and it’s growing bigger and bigger every day. So thanks for watching the video comment like subscribe. Show me some love guys.

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