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Best Funded Account Trading Strategy Pass EVERY Challenge

Trading with $25,000$50,000, or $100,000 is much better than using a small account. That’s why today I will teach you a trading strategy that my actual viewers used to pass their challenges to get a funded account and make some real money.

About a month ago, I went on Fiverr and bought a swing trading strategy for $45. It was supposed to be a fun video topic, but I made $4,100 eventually using it.

One of the incredible viewers of this channel commented, telling me they used this strategy to pass a funding challenge. Then I got a DM from another viewer also telling me they use this strategy to pass their funding challenge.

Hence, I think it’s only right that I revisit this trading strategy and teach you exactly how to use it so you can use it to pass your next funding challenge.

Two weeks ago, I passed a funding challenge using signals from my VIP trading room, but not everybody has $45, so I’m giving you today’s strategy absolutely free. If that works for you, please watch the Youtube video I shared above and smash that like button. Subscribe to the channel, and consider joining my free trading room.


Best Funded Account Trading Strategy

I will give you every step and every rule so you can use this trading strategy on a funded account whenever you want.

I took a buy trade with this strategy on my live trading account, banking me $9,900. You can see the results in my verified MyFXbook account:

Funded account strategy trade example screenshot of Patrick Ryan's computer.

There are two other trades I will show you later in this article, explaining how to use this strategy properly and the different tips and tricks to stay profitable.

Installing The Funded Account Trading Strategy

Take these steps to install the funded account trading strategy:

  1. Go to TradingView and log in.
  2. Change the chart to the H1 timeframe. You can use the H4 if you like, as this strategy was initially for that timeframe. Besides, I’ve backtested it extensively on the H4 timeframe, and you can check the results here.
  3. Open the Indicators menu and search for the ‘EMA.’ Install the Moving Average Exponential twice (by clicking it twice).
  4. Search and install another indicator – the Untrend Price DPO Indicator.

After the installation, open Untrend’s settings below the chart by double-clicking it. In the “Style” section, remove the DPO value to make it easier for us to see.

As for the first EMA, make it white with double thickness. Head to its “Input” section and set the length to this to 40.

For the second EMA, change the length to 12 and the color to yellow with double thickness.

Rules of The Funded Account Trading Strategy

Why did I make almost $10,000 with it despite completing the steps? How did I do it?

Let’s start with a buy trade example below:

It eventually goes in my direction, smashing my take profit.

Primarily, we are trading the moving average cross. We want the 12-period moving average (the yellow line) to cross the 40-period moving average (the white line) for buy trades. We use the Untrend price DPO for a secondary confluence, waiting to see two or more green candles in a row.

Then we are ready to place a buy trade.

For our example, we had the 12-period moving average crossing above the 40-period moving average. I looked at the Untrend and saw multiple green candles in a row as my secondary confluence.

Hence, I placed my trade near the EMA cross. Moreover, a downtrend line broke before the reversal upwards – another confluence to use as part of the trade.

Before that, there was a resistance (an extra confluence for potentially upward movement) level that the price broke – the area where I placed the trade.

I usually set the stop loss at a recent swing low and target a 2.5 risk-reward ratio. Being a bit more conservative, I would put my take profit around areas where the price has gone in the past because then I know the price will likely return there before potentially coming down (maybe hitting my break-even).

Sell trades with this strategy are also simple. The price goes in my direction to smash my take profit in the example below.

The 12-period moving average crossed the 40-period. We had multiple red candles on the Untrend, telling us the market would go downward.

I set my stop loss at a recent swing high, just above the current price level. Then, I targeted a price level from the past, but you can always just set a 2.5 or a 2:1 risk-reward ratio. 

Live Trades With The Best Funded Account Trading Strategy

Now you know the strategy rules, let’s get into my three live trades with them.

However, before I show you those live trades, if you are looking for a broker to trade yourself, check out my favorite for forex – Hankotrade.

They are currently the no. 1 Forex broker on the market because the spreads are good and the commissions are low. I’m making a boatload of money trading with them, so if you’re looking for a place to trade and want to do it where I do it, click the link shared above. Registration is free.

Live Trade 1 (BUY)

As shown below, in my verified MyFXbook, I banked myself $13,000 in three days.

I had a $9,900 win, a $1,900 break-even loss, and another $5,100 win. 

I already showed you the result of my first trade. Now we can break down exactly what happened.

I had the 12-period moving average cross the 40-period moving average from the bottom. The green candle was available below on the confluence. Thus, I entered the trade immediately, which smashed my take profit, as the price didn’t even get close to my stop loss

I targeted the take profit level because I knew the price hit this and there before, giving me confidence that it would return there.

The risk-reward here was 1:2, i.e., risking 1% to gain 2%. 

Live Trade 2 (BUY)

My second trade was another buy one.

I want the yellow line to cross the white line (the 12-period and the 40-period moving average) from the bottom. Then for the buy trade, I want to see more than two consecutive green candles on my confluence indicator.

The price and indicators met all my conditions, so I placed my trade.

The trade went in my direction relatively quickly, and I would have exited it at an earlier level where the price moved to before for a 1:1 reward risk take profit win.

Instead, I set a break-even, and the price eventually came down to trigger it, making it a losing trade.

A BOC rate announcement made me set my break even there. I didn’t want the price to hit my stop loss because if I were partaking in a funded challenge, that would really hurt the result.

In hindsight, maybe it wasn’t the best decision because we moved up and may still hit that take profit by staying in this trade. However, I exited it earlier, which is fine when you’re doing a funded account challenge.

Don’t take huge losses. Don’t take too many losses in a row. You want to ensure that you’re staying positive as much as possible.

Live Trade 3 (BUY)

In my third trade, I got the cross I wanted between the 12-period and the 40-period moving average.

After waiting for some of these green candles to form consecutively in my confluence, I entered the trade a little later. 

However, it was a perfect place to enter because the price eventually shot up, smashing my take profit.

Unlike the last trade, I settled for a risk-reward ratio of about 1:1 because I would win the previous one if I took this. I set my stop loss below a recent swing low, and it was a solid trade in the end, banking me $5,000.


Now you know exactly how to use the trading strategy. If you have any questions, please ask me in the comments section. I’m around to help you even pass your funded account challenge.

I’d love to be a part of that trading journey with you.

If you need help with trading, you may want to join my VIP trading room. We had another positive month and have been profitable for several months, which is absolutely insane.

Since I started the new free trading room, we’ve won three out of four trades, which is a 75% win rate, so I’m thrilled. 

Please watch this Youtube video I shared and smash the like button. Please subscribe to the channel too.

Much love. 

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