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Best Forex Swing Trading Strategy (+$16K)

You are not going to believe how powerful this Forex swing trading strategy truly is. 

Over the last week, I’ve been crushing the markets on a live trading account, trading gold and a couple other pairs. 

I’m going to teach you my money-making swing trading strategy, absolutely free, no charge at all. Then I’m going to show you my live trades on my live trading account to show you how viable it truly is.

In exchange for all that incredible information, All I ask you to do is smash the like button, subscribe to the channel, and leave a comment on any video. 


Best Forex Swing Trading Strategy

If you do three of those things, all three of those things, you automatically get entered in a raffle to win my VIP signals or my Forex fury robot, both of which are kicking ass. So now let’s get into it.

All right, before I show you my trades from last week where I absolutely kicked ass using this swing trading strategy, I want to get you set up with it. So open your trading view account, open a chart, and let’s get going. If I go too fast, don’t worry. You could pause, Rewind. Take your time. 

First thing I want you to do is go to the indicators section. Here We’re going to use four indicators, install the relative strength index, install the parabolic SAR, and install the moving average exponential two times. 

Once you have these on the chart, all we’re going to do is double click on the moving average. One of these we’re going to change to a 50 day moving average. We’re going to leave that as blue. We’re going to change the other one. We’re going to make that one red, just so it’s a little bit easier to see when we’re getting our moving average crosses. Then I’m going to change the RSI. I want the RSI middle band just to be yellow. So it’s a little bit easier for me to see when this is above or below 50. 

Now we have our four indicators on the chart. Let’s get into the rules and tell you when you should be placing a buy trade and when you should be placing a sell trade, let’s get into it.

Forex Swing Trading Strategy Rules

These are the rules that you want to follow in order to be successful with my swing trading strategy, obviously always use common sense in confluence in addition to that. All right, so let’s take a look at the chart. 

This is a buy trade example. What you want to see is the nine day moving average above the 50 day moving average, which is what you’re seeing right here with this cross. It doesn’t have to cross, but if it does, the cross usually gives us an even better opportunity. 

Then you want to have the parabolic SAR below the candlesticks, which is what we’re seeing right here. You want to have at least three dots. If you have three dots, that’s another confirmation. And then the last thing we’re going to look at is to make sure the RSI is above 50, which it is right here. This gives us a buy trade. In the opposite conditions, You get a sell trade. For my take profit all I’m doing is setting the take profit at the most immediate resistance level, or if the parabolic SAR dots flip to the top, then I would put my take profit there, that’s two options. And for stop loss, all I’m doing is putting the stop loss below the parabolic SAR or below the moving averages. So that gives a couple opportunities, a couple choices for low risk or high risk. Now let’s get into trade number one. 

So now you know the indicators, the rules, all you need to see is the live trading examples where I made thousands of dollars last week, let’s start the tally at $0 and see how well I did after four trades. This will definitely help you in using the strategy long-term. 

Swing Trade #1

So let’s just pick up exactly where we left off. This is the trade I was showing you for the rules. This is actually one of the live trades that I placed. It was a buy trade on the Australian dollar US dollar. You can see here we had the RSI above 50. We had the three parabolic SAR dots in a row beneath the candles. And we had the nine day moving average above the 50 day moving average telling us this was a buy trade. So let’s just go ahead and take a look at what happened with this trade. 

Very good as you can see, I won this trade. I had my stop loss originally down here, but I did pull the stop loss all the way up to break even to let this trade ride a little bit. I ended up with a really nice when, this turned out to be a 50 PIP win worth $2,517, let’s move into trade number two.

Swing Trade #2

All right, let’s jump into trade Number two. This is a Euro Japanese yen buy trade. We have the nine day moving average above the 50 day Moving average. We have the four parabolic SAR dots, and we have the RSI creeping above 50 right here. So this is a buy trade. I set my take profit at the most recent resistance. I’ve got a stop loss in the middle of the two moving averages. This is a 3.12 risk reward ratio. Let’s take a look at what happened with the trade. Real solid, Almost tick me here, but it didn’t. So I got my win. This is a 50 PIP when worth $2,166. This swing trading strategy is banging. I got two gold trades left. Let’s show you them now.

Swing Trades #3 & #4

Let’s take a look at a couple of gold trades I did using this amazing swing trading strategy. You can see here, the moving average cross is right here. The nine day moving average is above the 50 day moving average. We have the parabolic SAR. We have four dots right here, and then we have the RSI creeping above the 50 point right there telling us this is a good buy position. So let’s take a look at what happened with this trade. You can see here, the trade went in our direction and did end up hitting the win here. At this point, you can see the RSI was telling us we are very overbought. And so the price did slam right down as shown here, but it didn’t matter. By that point, I already had the win and the win was worth $7,417 baby. Let’s look at trade four. 

For trade number four, you can see here the nine day again is above the 50 day moving average. So we’re looking for buy opportunities. The RSI is above 50 and we have the multiple parabolic SARs telling us that this is a buy opportunity. Let’s see what happened with my last gold trade. Bingo Bango, You can see here it went right in my direction. I closed my win here. This was a win of $4,347. Just another banger and an incredible week using this swing trading strategy. Let me break it down, take you into my FX book account and show you the true result.


Now that the trades are done, let’s pull up my live trading account and go through the trades right now. I placed four trades. I won all four trades for a 100% win rate banking meat over $16,000. The trades lasted just over two days and barely even went into draw down. Now it’s your turn to try my strategy and leave a comment with the results that you get below. If you don’t have time to trade manually, consider joining my VIP group where I give winning signals every single day, I’m on a real roll right now hitting 9% this month. And it’s only going to get better from here. If you got this far in the video, I’ll be giving 15 free weeks of VIP away to my loyal Instagram subscribers. So check that out. Thanks for watching the video guys. And I’ll be back next week to make you a better trader. Peace.

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