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Forex VPS | Best Forex VPS Review with Coupon

For users that don’t want to run MT4 or trade on their computers a VPS for Forex is the perfect solution.

While many of the Forex VPS companies charge outrageous monthly prices we have found one hosting provider that offers tremendous service, and value for very low prices.

The entire team here at Forex Robot Nation are with InterServer.

If you have been with other companies, like Forex VPS, Forex Hoster or The SmartFX then you understand that VPS Hosting can be extremely expensive.

Please watch this video to have a better understanding of this software and how it can help you. There is also another video below if you need further assistance.

See the Free Forex VPS chart below.

>> Just Want to know EXACTLY how to SETUP a Forex VPS for MT4? Click Here <<

I suggest that you use the $10 plan, and then if you need, or want to run more clients upgrade at a later time. It’s easy to upgrade, and you can do so when you have to.

Forex VPS Comparison Chart

Forex Hosting
Forex Hoster
Price (cheapest)
Instant Response
24 Hour Response
24 Hour Response
# of MT4

I made a move to InterServer and paying just $10.00 per month I can run 2 clients no problem.  In order to run even more clients you can upgrade whenever you want to.  Please see the photo below to see the image of how your Forex Hosting VPS would look like.

Forex Hosting

There are different plans on all providers, what we have highlighted here are the cheapest and best forex vps systems.

The Verdict: InterServer is the cheapest, and most reliable VPS Hosting Forex provider on the market. If you want, you can go spend more money for less but we all know that’s not what any of us want. If you are looking for a Virtual Private Server for your forex trading this is the only company you need to go to. Or better yet, check out the other companies to, I know you’ll end up with InterServer after reading the Forex VPS Review.

Make sure you use the Forex Robot Nation coupon

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How does it work?

It works quite simply as well. Once you place your order with either InterServer  they will e-mail you your Login (IP) and Password within about an hour.

Next, you will be able to open Windows Remote Desktop, a program that comes with Windows free. Here you enter
the IP and Password and you are connected to a new Windows Desktop where you can go on the internet, search for files and install them just like you would on your own system at home.

Forex VPS Connection

If you have any questions or if you need any more help contact us and let us advise you on which to choose.


  1. Hi Patrick

    Tell me this VPS I can use it in South Africa or not?

  2. Hi,
    Plan ti purchace fury 1 but i have ? Tho,
    Will the vps work on Android and chromebook?

  3. Please, what plan is most suitable for forex fury. I understand I need to pay $20 per month as I would need 2 slice to accomodate one mt4

  4. Hello Admin,

    I noticed that Interserver don’t have the Windows Forex VPS option as suggested in the above video. Can the $6 per month Linux Cloud VPS option work perfectly?

  5. I have watched all your videos on the VPS services and everything is based on Windows. However, I am using MacBook. How is it possible for me to use your VPS service? Please advice me. Thank you

  6. Looks like i got to the party late the coupon no longer works 🙁

  7. Hi,dose this vps comes with internet connectivity? That is dose it also stand as ips and provide internet connectivity into the web?

  8. Hi, how many charts did you have on each of the 10 mt4’s on pic and did
    you have robots running on all mt4’s? Is that with the $22 price? I
    just really need about 3 mt4’s with about 10 charts on each and robots/
    indicators running on about half of those charts, will the $22 handle
    it? thx

  9. Number of MT4’s Do I have to have a different MT4 installation for each EA and chart? I need 2 mt4, one for each broker, each running 12 charts each with a EA, total of 4 different EA’s. Can this do that?, Do I need tons of MT4 installations or just 2 with multiple charts and EA?

  10. I am using dewlance, cheap price 🙂

  11. UltraHosting always made my MT4 platform shut down almost weekly and even daily. you’d expect a VPS to have your trading platform running when you connect to it, but with them it was a guess if you’d find your MT4 there or not. My own computer was more reliable!! With such unreliablity I never trusted them to keep a live account running all day , so I was checking on it almost hourly, witch caused alot of uncertinty. i told them to cancel my account recently and find one with better uptime.

  12. I have used my share of VPS services and I can honestly say they all suck. Except for these two companies. Triple 888 VPS and BeeksFX VPS. I only switched to BeeksFX exclusively due to their partnership with cross-connected VPS with FinFX ECN Pro accounts. Triple 888 VPS is quite good as well. Also, Windows Server 2008 R2 Data Center Enterprise edition is the best server you can run. Also use a RDP interface like Royal TS V2 to only do console logins. Crappy RDP software is another problem most people don’t realize.

  13. Hi there,
    I started with Ultrahosting on a VPS 5 package (356mb). I am presently running 1 MT4 platform with EA on 3 Charts though the EA has the capability of being set to 14 charts in total at any given time. I keep these chart minimized 24/7. However, I am always having the issue of the VPS freezing most of the time. UltraSupport is fantastic is rebooting the server promptly but fail to understand why this is happening almost everday. To resolve this issue I upgraded to VPS 10 (512mb) but issue persists. Can anyone guide me? I want to know where or what I am going wrong. Are minimized charts the issue causing server freezing due high usage of available MB? Is it necessary for me to keep the charts minimized whilst EA is running 24/5 or can the charts be closed after parameters are set and EA attached to chart? If charts are closed after EA has been attached will this ensure that the EA will be running in the background? Please help as I am just a novice trying to find my way in the dark.

  14. I tried to buy the ps f-5 but there are is a restrition on Nigeria an I ask y brother in the UK to buy for I wil it work sine I reside in Nigeria;please reply asap sorry for y typing error the keyboard is not working well;

  15. Hi;please how will i loate the PS F-5 odel of $22;46 with your oupon to do the order’please tell i the full proedure;to order;

  16. Please I need a robot to use with akount of $600;thank you low risk;please reply asap;

  17. You suggest the VPS F-5 Model, it is only $22.46 per month (with our coupon)
    but is it only for the first month 22.46$ or for always (this price for the next months also)?
    Are you sure we can use 10 MT4 because they said 1or2 MT4 with VPS F-5 Model?

    • It is always at that price going forward. The coupon is NOT just for the first month. As for the amount of MT4 you can probably get up to the 3-5 but the average user doesn’t require more than 1 terminal anyways. You can still run multiple robots, trades, and charts in the same MT4 terminal.

  18. what about they offer around USD8/mth

  19. Admin,
    Ultrahost say the recommended no. of MT4s is 1-2 on the VPS F-5 model, how come you say 10?

  20. How does it work?
    installation system.
    how many time and charges ?

  21. Hi Ed
    Should work without any problems. A VPN is just a means to connect to your works network in a more secure way. You will still be able to connect to the vps but the connection to the vps will be from your works network as when a vpn connection is active it routes all network through the vpn connection. I had no hassles connecting to a vps server when I still used them.

  22. I am wondering if this VPS service will work with a VPN. I am often overseas and need to use a VPN for security. If the desktop requires an IP address to log in, will that work with a VPN? Don’t VPN services change web IP addresses?

  23. It does. The latency of a VPS will almost always be better than a home connection because of the capabilities of a data center.

  24. Admin, how about latency to broker servers. I think that also does matter when choosing a VPS.

  25. I mean traders logged onto the VPS at the same time. Trades from multiple MT4 terminals will be traded at the same time. As for copy tool pro, I don’t know exactly how this works.

  26. I don’t mind paying more for the Ultrahosting VPS…it looks like a good service, and I have 9 traders. I see you guys ran 10 MT4 terminals using the base VPS package, but I would get one of the more expensive ones for their greater capacity (the “Nothing beats cubic inches” theory :))

  27. Thanks for your reply.

    By “simultaneously”, do you mean “traders placing trades at the same time” or do you mean “traders logged onto the VPS at the same time”? Dumb question, but I’m very new at this stuff.

    Also, would I install CopyToolPro on each traders’ computer, or only on my computer?


  28. Hello traders. I don’t know if a VPS is right for me- I’d appreciate some input from you guys. I work with 9 other traders who live in various places. I intend to run a partial hedge for their MT4 trades. I have CopyToolPro with the Reversing Module and I have all the traders’ login and passwords. I need to reverse all their trades and execute them in a different account. Will the traders be able to access the other MT4 trading terminals on my computer? Can I manage all 10 (or so) of these accounts from my computer using VPS?


    • You could easily run all the MT4 terminals on the VPS. The other traders would be able to access this, yes, but not all simultaneously as you can only have about 3 connections at the same time unless you want to pay for more.

      If they wanted to see their accounts for monitoring purposes just hook their accounts up to a mt4live so they have no need to log into the Forex VPS.

  29. At last, I have my verification and it seems to be working fine.

  30. I got this message yesterday. “Your order will be completed later today, it was left for manual verification”.

    I’m still waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Update: yesterday I contacted UHvps to ask about getting confirmation. The response was that I was going to get manual confirmation when the system was set up. I still do not have any kind of confirmation or use of a VPS.
    The reason I am trying so hard to get such a service is that I live in the Middle East and the Internet service is not 100% reliable. I think I may just stay without a vps service and just hope for the best.

  32. Other forums are recommending UCV Host and Photon Vps.
    I am waiting for responses to requests for information. I will keep people here informed of my progress.

  33. I still haven’t received confirmation. I have no idea what the issue is and neither do they!
    This is the point of my gripe.

  34. Well what was the issue? I am sure it is something me and the forex robot nation community could help with.

  35. I followed the guide but my application did not go as smoothly. Since last week I have been trying to get support to try and analyse the issue but as they only deal in words of one syllable they have found requests for help rather challenging.
    Today I have tried again from the beginning. I am now waiting for an e-mail for confirmation. Hopefully it will work this time as I have missed out on just over $1100 of profit with one robot alone.

  36. Hey Tom,

    What issue are you having? I have been with Ultra Hosting for years and most of our clients are without any problems. All you have to do is follow our mt4 setup guide above and you will be up and running quick.

  37. I have just read up above about other companies being expensive. Two years ago I was with Forex Hoster. No problems at all. So, you get what you pay for!

  38. This must be the worst company for service on the Internet. They don’t know what they are doing and therefore cannot help. I keep getting the same inane responses to requests to find out why my credit card was charged $1 but I cannot get any further.
    Don’t go to ForexVPS either! They have not been able to get Internet access from their servers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe that? I can access my server space but cannot open Internet Explorer or my trading platforms. I have been unable to trade all week because of these idiots.

    Does anyone know of a good VPS provider, actually I’ll settle for one that knows what they are doing.
    I’m just off to the other forums to let others know to keep away from these fools.

  39. Hi I will order their service but also want to know if the pc I can connect with any mobile device or from another pc.
    Hola voy a contratar su servicio pero quiero saber si además de la pc me puedo conectar con algun dispositivo móvil o desde otra pc.

  40. Thanks for the great insight on that, never really thought about it. bookmarked your site!

  41. forex robot trader

    this is a great post. I dont know how I stumbled upon it, but it was worth reading. I added this to digg

  42. This coupon works! Thanks for this! This VPS is awesome and have a great support to it clients!

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