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benefit eaBenefit EA is a new Forex robot that claims to earn 30 to 300% per month. The software costs $350 and it comes with strategies that work with different market conditions and trading instruments.

Today I will look at the system in further detail in review whether or not this is a worthwhile option to add to our investment portfolio.

Benefit EA Review

This Forex robot is a grid martingale trader the trades on the M1 timeframe. Historically these types of systems are very dangerous and need to be approached with an extreme amount of caution. The benefit EA can damage your account if you’re not an experienced Forex trader and understand the workings of a martingale system.

If you are new to Forex this is likely a system you will want to avoid and at a price point of $350 the cost of the system is also quite punitive. In looking at some reviews online it is apparent that there are multiple unhappy customers that have provided negative experiences in regards to this software.

Here is a link to the my FX book account that is provided by the developers of this Forex robot.

We can see here that the account has grown quickly but has a large draw down and is obviously at risk of terminating the account at any time. I would not recommend purchasing the benefit EA because it is too risky to trust on a live account.

Thank you for reading my review and hope you spend some time on Forex robot nation getting to know me and some of the other Forex robot nation readers.

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