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Behavioral Forex – Trading Robot Review

behavioral forexSo today I am looking at Behavioral Forex a new Trading Robot and I will have a full review that will go into deep detail. If you are interested in this Forex product at all I suggest you read on.

Tagline: Experimental survey produces a system that identifies profitable trades with 89.4% accuracy.

Zack Kolundzic, the developer of this system claims that by predicting behavior, behavioral Forex is a trading system can predict how other traders will trade so that the EA can end up on the right side. The video on the main page is quite annoying and goes a little slow but if you are a rookie then I guess this is something that could interest you.

Zack claims that with behavioral Forex we cannot predict unexpected political events, economic reports or natural disasters, nor can we predict the behavor of any single trader in the market. We can however, with extreme accuracy, predict the behavior of traders as a group.

Personally, I am interested a little more in results and the robot itself but Zack really likes to push his concept of behavioral Forex over the product itself, which I guess can be quite interesting and makes it seem a lot less like a sales push.

Behavioral Forex Results

At this point in time there are no results for the BF system. We will be doing everything we can to get a hold of this software and start testing it soon and it on our Best Forex Robot testing list.

Behavioral Forex Conclusion

As there are no results yet it is hard for us to recommend this software. There are things I like about what I am seeing with this software but I suggest if you buy it to tread with some caution as I will as well.

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  1. Well, I am using this system and the way this guy discribed the system on his web page it was supposed to be the end calling or should i say one step down from the holy grail. Well, I have been using it and find the following with it. Seems that when you finally get the signal which is a plus or minus number of 11 to 17 and a confirmed lights up to take a trade. Well, the problem is by that time on the hour chart about 3 or 4 candles have opened so you open your trade and about 5 or 6 pips later it reverse and ends up stopping you out of the trade. I put a SHI channel on the chart and my suspicions were confirmed. When price usually hits the top of the channel you get a buy signal. No sooner do you enter at the top of the channel does it reverse and head down to the bottom of the channel. Usually you then get stopped out.
    Folks this is just anothe BS system with bells and whistles. STAY AWAY

  2. I have used this for about 2 weeks now. I have to say the results are disappointing, although I understand the theory behind how it works. So far I have experienced 13 losses and 11 wins. The nature of the stop loss and take profit instructions translates this into a significant loss overall. It is not a robot, it does not make your trades for you. You have to watch in real time and make a trade when the conditions are said to be right. And the indicator provides no back info, so an analysis of how the system would have worked in the past is virtually impossible. There is no choice but to monitor the computer closely, trade, and see what happens. That would be great if it actually worked. :o) So far my trading with it has not. I will come back and change this if my experience is different over time. P.S. Tech support is non existent, even though instructions clearly state “Email us with any questions.”

  3. Anybody is using this system? Would appreciate some comments.


  4. This system is a probability system. I’ve only used for 3 days so far and I haven’t lost yet however I don’t have a clear understanding of this system. It uses 3 custom indicators that requires DLL imports.
    Likes: *Clear TP and SL parameters
    *Very unique concept
    *Accurate so far
    *Could work in all market conditions

    *System relies heavily on the indicators which requires DLL imports and a password check everytime the indicators are attached to a chart.
    *Feels like a robot system that you manually execute
    *Because it is so unique and relies heavily on the indicators, it is hard to justify why you are taking your trades.

    I’m a little leery of indicators and robot that require DLL imports. I understand this is used to protect the code of the indicators however I always fear that the makers of these indicators are brokers and they could change the codes to work in their favor. Just paranoid!! Aside from my paranoia, this appears to be a very good system. Let’s hope that these indicators will not be tampered with.

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