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Bankers Exposed

Bankers exposed is another binary options system that is meant to earn over $6000 a day using a hidden loophole. The developer of the system talks about how he purchased a brand-new house and a brand-new car with cash and also discusses the economic issues around the world.

Today I will look at this new binary options software for and provide you with the review that offers opinion and insight. For information on winning binary options systems head to the Binary Options Lab here.

bankers exposed

Bankers Exposed Review

As I land on the webpage for the banker exposed system I am immediately disappointed. When I start the video the disappointment crows even further as the developer sets up a classic marketing snake oil salesman story. This type of story has been used historically to play to the consumers weaknesses. Instead of focusing on binary options the video talks about how the economy is bad “but look how much money I make.”

The goal of the video is to instill fear, say that there is no way to make money and then provide a solution that costs $49. The solution then is supposed to be bankers exposed but I am not falling for this. As the video continues the developer starts to talk about how he went to Tahiti further ignoring the information we actually want to hear.

All I want to know is how bankers exposed works and what type of strategy is using. It is very clear to me that I am not going to find out any of this information and so I am going to condemn this product and give it a very bad review.

Bankers Exposed Conclusion

It is my belief that bankers exposed as a scam. When looking to purchase a financial product whether in Forex or binary options it is important to look at the content being provided. I’m not willing to purchase a software where the developer flashes bank accounts and flaunts expensive trips as a marketing method.

When I buy a financial product I want to know how it works and why it works, it’s really that simple. If you think I’m being too harsh in my bankers exposed review please let me know but I imagine you have very similar beliefs if you’re already a member of Forex robot nation.

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  1. BE (or Bullsh8 Exposed) with the upsells is about $160. Let’s say they sell about 2000 copies. 10% fail to apply for a refund because they are too confused, tired distracted or depressed. The same promoter under different names does about 4 launches a year. That’s an annual revenue of$128,000 before marketing expenses.

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