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auto-pro-forex-tradingAuto pro Forex trading is an EA developer with multiple systems on the market. They currently have three robots on the market, the ultimate moving averages ea, the all-in-one monster ea and the xtreme heiken ashi ea.

Today I’ll be taking a closer look at these Forex robots in my review and informing the community on how to move forward.

Auto Pro Forex Trading Review

This review of auto pro Forex trading is a little different than my usual because I’m looking at multiple systems. That being said, I’ll try to make sure I don’t miss anything. These developers tell us that their robots are all 100% automated, flexible, customizable, can be back tested and traded live. They provide upgrades for a period of 6 months and each robot works on 1 live account. From what I see on their site it doesn’t look like these systems are newbie friendly. From what I’m reading here each system has many different settings and there isn’t any one strategy being put forward. If you are interested in any of these EA’s you would have to test them and optimize them to the market.

The only real issue I have with the auto pro Forex trading systems is that none of them provide any results. There are no back tests, forward tests, demo accounts or live accounts. I believe this is because customers of these robots are required to find the pair, timeframe and strategy they feel works best. This really puts a lot of pressure on the trader and if you don’t have any EA experience I don’t feel that the $97 would be worth it for you.

I can’t recommend the auto pro Forex trading team because their systems are untested and unproven. Without any results or any real customer reviews online it’s very difficult for me to make a recommendation. That being said, if you have tested this software and have a settings file or strategy that you feel is proven maybe I will consider giving it a shot. Please leave your comments below the article now and let’s get this week started on the right foot with some big wins. Thanks for coming to Forex Robot Nation, I hope that you spend more time here in the future.

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