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Auto Pip Bot – Forex PipBot? : FRN Review

Auto Pip Bot – Forex PipBot? : FRN Review

We are back again with the latest in forex software.  Today we will be discussing, reviewing, and providing information for the Auto Pip Bot.

In 2 weeks, there have been 11 trades and 1,1010 pips profit.

The auto pip bot gets out of losers early and sticks around in long winners for long periods of time.  Other than this there really isn’t much information about this EA.  Let me give you a few facts that we do know though:

  • The EA Trades the EURUSD.
  • The Auto Pip Bot can trade up to 10 times a day but on average looks to trade anywhere between 3-5 times.
  • It will be sold on Clickbank for $67 with upsells at $37 and $77.

This is all the information made available about the auto pip bot system thus far.  They have some pretty good looking results on their page, but at this point I do still have some questions about these results.  It is odd how the auto pip bot trades, it looks like it can pull out at $2 and $200.  I am not sure how that is possible but I am quite intrigued.

Please come back and check our auto pip bot review again soon.  I notice in reading all the others posts about this system that reviewers in the forex community are no longer providing relevant information.  Forex Robot Nation is here to give you all the information you need, and let you make any comments you want about the auto pip bot.

If you have any information about the auto pip bot or you would just like to leave a comment below then feel free, we will be updating this post every couple days as we get closer to the launch which is on Tuesday the 15th of February.

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  1. 90% accuracy… if you take the other side of the trade. I have actually never seen an EA that has been this wrong in almost all of its executions. And the partial close out bug sure isnt helping although on my accounts it works as it is intended, it just loses money hand over fist.

  2. I downloaded APB 13v2 and it is still not closing at TP. In fact it was in profit by over 60 pips so I manually closed it, not that it mattered, it was on a demo account but it would have been a bit alarming if it was on a live account and it turned and went into drawdown while I was away from my computer!!

  3. Same comments as Noel and Ed.Be patient. The vendors came out with an email to all their members,You should have one. They recommend GoMarkets Platform.But if members would like to stay with their own broker they came out with versions 13v1 and 13v2. Regards

  4. Same comment as Noel. APB buy top and sell bottom. Look like it try to trade breakout but the market rebounce immediate after the trade taken. I have to close it manually to avoid running into bigger lose on live ac. This could be caused by news whipsaw recently. If you have purchased, run it under demo and watch for a while before running with live ac.
    Regards, Ed

  5. Hi,

    I purchased Auto Pip Bot at the beginning of this week and because of the confidence shown by the vendor I placed it on my Live account 3 days ago. So far Auto Pip Bot has opened 6 trades and lost every one. I have had to remove the EA from my Live Account and have it just on Demo now. Even on my Demo Account it has not won a single trade this week. So I would say the EA performs no where near what is posted on their web site about the EA being 90% accurate on trade entries.
    At this stage I would STAY AWAY from this EA. It appears to be just another over hyped EA.


  6. does anyone have optimised settings for Fap Turbo V. 51 and Megadroid Pro???
    Am trying them out on demo. Keep you posted.

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