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auto binary botToday I am back with the latest informative discussion, this review is on Auto Binary Bot by Dan Santos continuing this craze of binary options trading.

So what is this new software all about? Well, I have watched the video they provide on the site and I still don’t understand how Auto Binary Bot works. I understand Dan Santos’ educational history and the fact that he went on a ski trip with his friends, but this has nothing to do with binary options.

So what does that leave us with and what do we know? Well, I know that it is an automated binary options trading solution. I know that it costs $77 with upsells of $97, $67 and is being sold on the Clickbank marketplace.

Auto Binary Bot Video Review

Let’s take a look at a quick video I made giving my opinions on this new software.

I may have been harsh in the video but I am getting tired of this sales strategy. Being sold a dream not a product. I have no problem shelling out money for a binary options software that can provide results but your not going to catch me spending money on something that isn’t even explained. I would like to know how it trades, when it trades and why it trades at the very least. I know the Forex Robot Nation users are the same way.

Auto Binary Bot Conclusion

What does this all come down to? It comes down to a software that might have potential but there is no scale for me to rate it on. Until I know more, and I am calling out Dan Santos to leave a comment for my users, I won’t be able to recommend this software.

If your a binary options trader, or you are interested in this software, or you just feel obligated to join the discussion, leave a comment now.

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Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. i guess you guys are right, first he says is autobot meaning it does the trading for you, i bought it and fortunately for me i have waited until they sell it for me for $17, then i said what the heck let me see what he is all about and yes after i bought it the was another version which i must by for $47 so all in all if i bought their advance version will have $64 but i console myself i only lost $17. the rubbish doesn’t work what i have seen it gives signals just like any other signals service out there. bottom line it sucks until he proves me wrong since i have his software

  2. People must accept this. Binary Options brokers are all crooked. All of them! Now, when Etrade starts offering binary forex options, fine. Until then, you are better off sports betting with some firm in Cyprus.

  3. Ya i cant stand it as well.
    Going tru sales videos like this just makes me so sick i want to call up the guy and give him a piece of my mind.
    If u put him infront of me, i would probably punch him.

    But just wondering, u guys use real money?
    Cant u guys use demo accounts and put his bot to work?
    Then if it doesnt work, you didnt lose anything and u get the refund from CB. ?
    CB has good refund policies.

    Just that i dont want to waste time doing all this testing and engery and hope spent on this just to end up disappointed. SO i rather hear from some people who has done it..

  4. QFX Binary are a scam Binary Options platform. I used them recently, and a few days after, my bank account was closed due to fraudulent transactions. Luckily I claimed it all back, but was a big scare. Loads of small transactions out of my bank totalling $658

  5. Absolute rubbish this auto binary bot. It’s nothing but scam BS. The video totally put me off the prospect of purchasing it because I couldn’t see it in action. I’ve seen a lot of these so called binary bots pop up lately, binary options magnet for one, that was total rubbish and now this. The only decent one I’ve seen is an indicator called Optionbot, they actually show you the product in action, and you get a free 7 day trial to try before you buy.

  6. Hmm, making me thoughtfully. I bought this software and opened a Traiding account to the recommended broker QFXBin. Can´t trade anyway, because watiting to the broker to legitimize my account. The funny feeling already starts that the software one made a distinction to the version in the manual has. Maybe because the account is not released yet. Hopefully.
    I have paid, for the rest, “only” 36.66 euros. There is a trick. If one the side click away, it comes there a small box with a tip, bla bla bla. If one clicks then on, the side remain, the purchase price decreases. Thus approx. 47 dollars.
    I have written up the Support whether the thus intention is with the software or whether there a mistake is. Am curious sometimes on the answer.
    will continue. Sorry for the bad one in English.

  7. If it does what it says it does I will give them 50% of the profits of the first week or two weeks. I wont mind because I am making a lot of money. This is probably another scam like EASY BINARY INCOME. This is a software that right after you pay for it, they try to sell and upgraded version of it. In other words, on first hand, they sell you and outdated program, and after you pay for it, they want to sell you another one. The piece of sh.. program they sold to me did not work as they say it would anyways. This guys are making money, but not in the Binary Trading world, they are making money selling this programs at $77 each.

  8. You are not harsh at all. All these people think we are fool. If any of them have bot that work they should allow people to use it on trial without paying anything for atleast a week and after then they can sell it at any amount if they are sure they have a product that work.

  9. Good to see people agreeing with my take on this one.

  10. Needs to show how it works and performing trades. Same sales pitch, selling a dream not a proven system.

  11. its bull lies. you don’t even explain how the bot works at all, you just explain about your life and when it comes to showing figures you remove the page so fast
    make a new video to tell people how your robot works, i wanted to buy but can never

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