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Atomic EA V2

atomic-ea-v2Atomic EA V2 is a new automated Forex robot. The developers of the software tell us that anyone can use this automated Forex system to surge themselves to huge profits and long-term success trading Forex.

Today I’ll take a quick look at the software and let you know if I feel it’s worth your while in this full review.

Atomic EA V2 Review

The people behind the Atomic EA V2 want us to feel the financial disasters looming. The sales page starts with a very dark story about how it traders continue the way they been trading Forex to date the going to be swamped by debt and overwhelmed by disappointment, worry and frustration. They are taking this approach to make viewers of the website concerned with their own financial issues and then they tell traders that the good news is they have an easy solution to this problem. The developers then introduce the atomic system and tell us that it’s the most sophisticated trading robot to hit the Internet ever.


  • It can be used with any Forex broker.
  • Atomic can trade at any time.

There is a short YouTube video that shows an ongoing back test of the Atomic EA V2 software. There is no discussion or narration in this video it is simply does watching a greenline move across a meta-trader 4 chart. As the page continues on we see more back tests and aggressive claims made by the developer. There are no third-party test results provided by my FX book or mt4live. We are simply going on nothing but back tests which is a sales and marketing strategy that is old and well past its time.

Today I will not be recommending Atomic EA V2 the Forex robot nation readers. I believe that the software does have some potential but there’s really no reason for us to spend $97 on a system that’s only giving us back test of this point. There is no reason for us to rush and by the software before we really know what it’s capable of. At this point the best course of action is to wait for community reaction and then come to a conclusion based on hard facts. If you want to contribute to this review I would really appreciate your thoughts and opinions. Thank you for coming to Forex robot nation and I hope that this review helps you take a safer approach in how you look at new Forex products.

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