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April Winnings in the Forex Market

This is our latest edition of our main monthly update. I will be going over the last month and providing tangible results to help you decide which direction you should go next within your trading endeavors.

Making sure that I look at the numbers I can project potential growth and volatility for the month of April.

Using data gathered by our team and our Best Forex Robot comparison chart we will go over some of the tested systems in depth.


Forex Steam Light

First let’s start with Forex Steam Light and look at how it performed over the last month (approximately):

The losses are generally twice the size as the wins but there have been very few. The growth potential and projection for the month of April looks very strong. I also expect some more updates to help continue with this growth so this system is still a top option if you are looking for an automated system.

Try Forex Steam


With less trades than Forex Steam but very small losses, and very few of them the FAPUltra system projects very well into April with it’s latest version. This system is very reliable and has a long term track record that I support. Definitely one of my favorite tools and has been for some time.

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Million Dollar Pips

A really slow month and not a great one. Very little was lost but nothing was gained. It has been a very erratic system under my watch here at Forex Robot Nation and while it doesn’t seem overly harmful at any time it doesn’t seem to really over the pip returns that we look for in a system.

Auto FX Payday

This system has been an odd one. Smaller losses but quite a few of them and then very few larger wins. From my experience I find that EA’s really never operate under this principle. Usually EA’s have a higher SL, possibly a trailing SL and utilize this with a smaller TP to get as many wins as possible. Eventually this strategy can devastate your account if it is done incorrectly but it is, none the less, much better than this strategy of Auto FX Payday.


It was certainly a bad month for FAPTurbo. It is probably the worst month we have had with this system to date and I hope that there is some sort of bounce back. Until this month we had not seen any losses of this size.

Reliability Survey

We asked some established traders from the FRN group and some of our users to rate these systems and basically just tell us which of the 5 they found the most reliable as we believe this is very important when it comes to Forex trading robots. Here is the results:

I hope that our April Forex update helps you with your Forex Robot trading. Contact us if you have any questions any time.

About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.

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  1. Hello…I’m Newbie about forex Robot…..what tools you used to decide the winning of Forex Robot last month….??? and for you…..what do you think the best forex robot so far..(till today…)…Reply Please….Thanks….

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