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aiki fxAiki FX is a new trading guide by Jeffrey Tie, a trader the believes the best way to face the market is like an attacker trying to overcome it and take advantage. He believes that his guide can help beginners and experienced Forex traders learn the right principles to boost trading performance.

Today I will provide a short review letting you know what is in his course and whether or not it is worthwhile.

Aiki FX Review

Let me take a look at what is inside the course and also some of the principles of the Aiki FX trading strategies. The first principle is internal harmony, the goal here is for traders to stay calm when trading. The second principle is patience which is all about being and organize trader and striking when the opportunity is right. The last principle is called going with the flow where he describes that you should always go against the market head-on and that you can use the force of the market against it.

Now let me take a look at the IT FX trading course in a little more details an outline what is available in each chapter.

Chapter 1, this chapter focuses on picking the right currencies in learning how to calculate money management.
Chapter 2, this chapter focuses on time frames and understanding sideways trends.
Chapter 3, this chapter discusses how the market changes from different trends and identifying conditions for high probability breakouts.

I was considering going chapter to chapter but there are a few more chapters and if you really want to know exactly what this system has in store you can obviously see on the website itself.

jeffery tieI’ve never heard of this Forex trader but he seems to have put together a professional looking trading course in Aiki FX. Generally trading courses of this size or magnitude are sold for a very high price point this one does seem to be sold at $98 which is somewhat refreshing. Here is a link to his book Aiki Trading on amazon that he shows reviews on in the sales page.

I plan on waiting a little longer before I give a true yes or no to this product because I want to see if Jeffrey is truly the real deal. If you have something you would like to say I would appreciate your contributions about the Aiki FX trading course so please leave a comment below.


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  1. Hello , i have a concern,ioptions broker has shut their doors but the site is still on, Do any one has an idea how we can recover our money?

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