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ABC Forex Robot

Today we have a brand new automated MT4 trading system just released to the market ABC Forex Robot and we’ve got the full review.

With about two months worth of results Eric Martinsson’s new software trades the USD/CHF pair with an undisclosed strategy. The ABC Forex Robot is going for $199 on the RegNow payment processor and comes with a 60 day guarantee.

I have created a video review for you to watch so please take a look as it will give you a better understanding of the product in question.

Quote from Eric: Unbelievable? See it for yourself and take a look at the printout of real online statements!

So, I discuss a few things in the video that I will go over now in more detail. I look at the so called “indisputable proof” and I did some minor analysis. As I mentioned before the Forex software trades the USD/CHF pair and it looks to on average lose three times larger than it’s wins. It looks like the take profit is around the 20 pip mark and the stop loss is around 60. So this is a 3-1 risk ratio and isn’t horrendous.

One thing I don’t love is how “ballsy” this robot looks. Let me explain, it will hold trades open 2 days and longer over 40% of the time. Now, this isn’t unheard of but it certainly isn’t a scalper or a quick gainer, once that trade is open it can close in an hour or in 72 which makes some Forex traders very nervous.

abc forex robot

ABC Forex Robot Conclusion

While the website isn’t impressive the robot has performed quite well for two months. Due to the large price tag I will likely wait and see what more of our users have to say before I purchase it. If you do buy this software make sure you leave comments about your progress for other Forex Robot Nation users below.


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  1. very good service.
    Thanks again
    Bought new account runs in real
    Works exactly like the demo.

  2. First trade lost 20% of live and demo account, not a good start

  3. Running a small live account as well as a demo, will see if this really works

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