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50 Pips a Day – Forex Strategy

50 pips a dayIf you want to gain 50 Pips a Day then this new Forex strategy could be what gets you that fortune. I am not 100% sure that it will but I will look over the details of this Forex day trading strategy and let you know all the details.

Tagline: Using what is probably the world’s simplest Forex trading strategy how much could you make just grabbing 50 pips every day?

Type of system: Manual Trading

Price: $27.00

The 50 pips a day system provides you with a strict set of rules that you have to follow. The strategy ensures that you only enter a trade at the lowest possible risk. Trading pullbacks is the core of their strategy with very low stoplosses on their trades.

Lets go over what this system offers:

  • A proven profitable strategy (doesn’t everybody say that though).
  • 50 pips a day Explained step by step in detail.
  • Always using low risk entries.
There is a lot more, really all just promotion. Nothing that really gives us any details on how this 50 pips a day is going to perform. Also, there is a lack of results on the page which is quite annoying and often with most manual trading systems. I guess this is because even if you provide results there is no way to prove their actual validity.
If you have any information about 50 pips a day you would like to add to the review feel free to leave a comment below. We do hope that 50 pips a day is a solid manual trading strategy and if I get a chance I will buy it and let you know more details.

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