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4 Horsemen Forex

4 Horsemen Forex

Back again, today looking at a new Forex expert advisor, McLean Van Cleve’s latest 4 Horsemen Forex.

With just two months of trading results this new Forex robot is very fresh on the scene and hard to trust. I have never had experience with McLean in the past but hope that his new brand of Forex ea is truly profitable. The software costs $97.00 and is being sold on the ClickBank payment processor which comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

4 Horsemen Forex Video

I have created short Forex Robot Nation video on YouTube to show you what my initial thoughts are on this new product and what you should watch out for.

So I hope that you got something out of the Forex video I created. I looked at the myfxbook account and discussed some of my concerns. I guess I had two, the one concern was obviously the short time in which this account has been running. At the time of the review and the Forex video I created this account has been running for only a month.

Also, when looking at the account’s trades I noticed that the trades were often held open for long periods of time. Some trades open 2 days just to pick up 20 pips. That is a seriously long time to have a trade open and can cause some severe damage if the market never turns back.

4 Horsemen Forex Conclusion

So where does that leave us? Well, I usually give recommendations at this point of the Forex review and right now I just can’t say buy this software. While the account has 25 of 26 winners that is great but I would like to see this consistency over a longer period of time and likely on a live account as well.

If you have anything you would like to add to this review about 4 Horsemen Forex please leave a comment below.

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