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27 Dollar FX Systems

jimmy jones

This is a new concept, get a few new strategies every month with 27 Dollar FX Systems.

So you pay $27 a month and you get access to a handful of new trading strategies every month, trading templates, custom Forex indicators, a personal trading journal, and live trade videos. The concept sounds great, I hope that the execution can be just as impressive.

The developer is a Jimmy “Pip Crusher” Jones who looks barely 20 years old. Not sure if this is the type of guy I would want to take financial advice from but you can’t judge a book by its cover.

I don’t think I am going to bother making a video this time around, I don’t see much of a need for it so just read along if you are interested.

27 Dollar FX Systems Review

This is being dubbed as a Forex club on steroids. Unlike Jimmy Jones himself. So what type of results are there providing proof that this club works?

There is a backtest screenshot. A live trade from one of the members and a few more screen shots of potential trades. Not exactly what I was looking for but this is generally the type of results we see with a product of this nature. Here is an example of the results being provided:

27 dollar fx systems

So what is the final verdict? It is difficult for me to come to one here. I would like to know more and see more. At this point the verdict remains undecided.

Please leave a comment with your thoughts.

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  1. I came across some material i had printed off some time back…27dollarfxsystems…Is this the same program? I am a newbie and want some signals to get started… Thanks

  2. HG, with all due respect, it would be nice if you knew the facts before commenting – we actually prove these systems IN REAL TIME via Skype. 🙂

  3. The same as usual only dresssed a little different. Backtests show only that there are a “system” not what it delivers as real result.
    The problem are my mailbox overflow with this kind of stuff. Maybe I take a look at about 5% of what coming as everything is about the same. So far there have not been any successful cheap system. If you want to have a “system” to look at so choose a free one, the result will remain the same, You loose following them. The market are in control of the MarketMakers and no system can change that. The final result will follow the expectations not the reality… Trust yourself and look at the charts because it´s you who trade not the system.

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