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100 Pips Today Scalper

100 pips today scalper100 Pips Today Scalper is Forex indicator by Karl Dittman that can earn over 25 pips an hour. Karl claims that this indicator knows exactly where the price of any currency pair will go for five minutes before it moves.

Today I will review this new scalping indicator and let you know if it truly can earn 38 pips every 60 minutes.

100 Pips Today Scalper Review

I will start to review by looking at the most recent results by 100 pips today scalper. In this screenshot we can see one day of trading where the indicator is used to make 10 trades in three hours of trading.

100 pips today scalper results

While the results from this test look strong let’s not forget this is only one day of trading. Here we can see the indicator is using a back-and-forth strategy where it aleternates between buy and sell signals. During this test the scalper is used on the M1 timeframe and on the GBPJPY pair.

The 100 pips today scalper also works on the M5 timeframe and the EURUSD pair. I will show you the next example of the indicator on the chart trading this major.

100 pips today scalper 5 minute chart

In this screenshot we see the software amass 127 pips on 20th of August. We can see little indications on the chart where to place the take profit, what is a smart stoploss to use and where the entry point is. The indicator itself looks very simple to use and I do like scalping strategies so I am going to consider testing the software.

100 Pips Today Scalper Conclusion

As of right now I am not going to recommend the 100 pips today scalper but I am going to keep my eye on this system. As I just mentioned before I do enjoy scalping so I wouldn’t mind taking a look at this at some point soon.

If you have anything you would like to add to my review please leave your comments below, the whole Forex robot nation appreciates your contributions.

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