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100 Pips Daily Scalper – Dittman Forex

100 pips daily scalperDittman is at it again, this time with 100 Pips Daily Scalper, is it any good or is it junk, that is the question. This question has been hard to answer in the past, and we have had trouble in a few of our reviews. There always seems to be a 50/50 split between those that like his programs and those that hate them.

Tagline: World’s first Forex Scalper that predicts price movements before they happen and generates 100+ pips daily. Just imagine making instant profit on Forex every minute.

Well I have been imagining that my whole like Dittman, hopefully 100 pips daily scalper can provide this, but I doubt it. 100+ pips daily is good marketing, but not realistic. I will look to see if there is any possibility of gain with 100 pips daily scalper because we don’t need over a hundred, we just need over 0.

100 Pips Daily Scalper Process

How does it work, and can it work?

  1. Pick a Forex pair or a stock that you’d like to trade. Open a chart.
  2. Choose your time: M1, M5
  3. Whenever you see a buy or sell signals (red or blue line) or get an alert, you decide whether or not you want to enter the trade.
  4. Exit point will be PRINTED on your chart!
There you have it, simple enough concept to understand, maybe simple enough to work.
100 pips daily scalper results

100 Pips Daily Scalper Conclusion

Like I mentioned before, you have to be careful with Dittman products. Some of them can really help your Forex trading portfolio, others are duds. We have people on both sides of the argument, some people really like his Forex software, others don’t. I suggest try one of them out and make the decision yourself, it is the best way to truly know.

Try 100 Pips Daily Scalper

About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. Look people, if his indicator worked as well as he says it does….. he would not be selling it. he be trading with it.
    no indicator is worth buying, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.. learn price action, deposit that money into forex and make your self some dough.

  2. Ps. What is after Aslam is a typo and was not deleted by mistake.I am with you Ral on the editable part. This just shows how bad I am at typing. Ha! Ha!

  3. Hi everyone,
    Yours truly also tried a couple of products of this joker and some others. I even went to the extent of offerring them to purchase their products, less the discount of the commission paid to his affiliates, as I had approached them directly. I pointed out that thus it would make guys like me who have limited resources buy them and save him all the advertising costs incurred and would mutually benefit both. The fun began thereafter, as most of them did not reply, while one particular guy, who till then was regularly writing to me, changed track and acting dumb and dumber. ‘Uh-Duh, Dont know what you are trying to say??? Dont know what you mean? I once again thank God for Plimus, Clickbank and now FRN.
    Aslamank, io, as (i) we approached them some of these guys pay their affiliates. Most ssociatesacame F

  4. Hi Guys – I’m not promoting Mr D – but there is truth in the oldage saying – The Trend is your Friend!!! = This product – whether it be a re-package of an old idea or not works on that principle… There is a lot of logic attached to gaining pips on market opening hours… (it recommends the first couple of so hours of opening as the activity is greater then.
    *Derek – i always diary out a reminder for when need to apply for refunds before date expires – i recommend you do that for future, but as you are stuck with it – try it (on demo) on a larger timeframe (ie 1 hour/4 hour sort of thing).
    Trending Market? – I think if you look at the market on larger timeframe ie weekly/monthly – the charts should show a better view of how the market is performing – ie trending or just sideways with a few irregular ups and downs which look a lot bigger on the smaller time frames … You havent anything to loose. Just remember as its trending – trades collect pips over a longer period – maybe a couple / few days min? so dont panic jumping out. A lot of people day trade and with the trend and earn a lot more than scalpers in the long run. I believe with some practice on demo – you can get your money paid back quite easily 🙂

  5. Dittman (Alex the B ) seems to base all his junk around the London open. Thats nothing new,when the market opens it tends to go up before going down so to get 10+ pips stands to reason.Nothing new in what hes offering and any manual trader can do this without some junk peddler sending you a 3 page manual telling you nothing new. John pleased you got a refund Alex the B would normally try and talk you out of it and give you another FREE useless indicator if you call the dogs off so to speak.Keep well away

  6. His marketing charts show wins both with and against the trend without any loses. When asked how this can be when he specifically advises using a 1 min. chart and following the 5 min. trend, he replies that it is a sample chart only. The charts were supposed to represent actual trading. I can forgive this ploy if the system works but so far on a demo account I am well down.

  7. You were lucky John I brought his Fibonaacci product which never made any money and when I asked for a refund he said he would send me his new product instead, which he never did, it just got him outside the refund period. Be careful.

  8. John(not the same as above)

    If click on the adv printed chart on the 22Aug he shows the indicator showing a nice profit at London open , there was no up trend at that time to take that signal and every buy signal from that point on are -6.4pips,+16,-6.6,-8.4,+5.5,-8.3,-6.8,-9.4,-11.7,-4.3 at the close of the next sell signal, you have to virtually guess which signal to take , there are much better free non repainting indicators, I did get a refund which is good

  9. ok guys – rundown on the actual product.. nothing new in that you trade only with the trend and in gmt and us times only – so if you work and not around during that time its no good… Taken on the fact that if you do only trade with the trend – remembering that the trend is your friend – you’re bound to make a buck or two. So you need to know about trends and not react to short market signals/non trending times. Nothing new as you say – but the logic here is plausible to earn a buck or two at certain times IF you are around during the trading hours mentioned. It presumes you will be around to exit your trade on seeing the signal change or know about support and resistence levels otherwise you need to know how to work out your exits manually.

  10. Thanks Bruce for the adivce, I have purchased one of these indicator which was described on the ads. as one of the best indicators used in Forex Trading where I don’t need any other indicators if I buy this. Afer puchasing the product for USD 67, I have found that its giving false signal most of time. later, I received many many e-mails with 3-4 free useless indicators followed by ads for non-free one. This make me too suspicious from the offer and decided not to buy any product from him in the future.

  11. Well I wouldnt touch it if it was FREE1 Ok I finally got around to looking him up again on FPA. His real name is ALEX and he is Bulgarian. Uses someone elses name and phot. Certainly not German. Mainly gets his stuff free from Forex Factory site and peddles that.So what ever he peddles well its free on Forex Factory if your a member. So be warned if you buy anything from this clown your paying for something that free anyway and you can be assured hes making more out of traders than he is trading !! Stay well away !!


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