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1 Minute US30 SCALPING Strategy My Forex Factory Test

I’m hunting a US30 scalping strategy to make some money. I will find one, tweak it for the better, and teach it to you. Let’s start the hunt.

I won’t hunt on YouTube or Fiverr for this article, but I will dive deeper into the Forex factory forums. There are several different strategies there. I’ve studied many of them to find my favorite on the US30.

It is a one-minute US30 scalping strategy by Jul3s. There is a step-by-step instructions procedure to install the indicators easily, and the rules are easy to follow.

Hence, even a beginner can test this strategy and see if it fits their trading style. There were different examples of entries on the forum, and after that first week of trading, the win rate was 75% (six out of eight trades won).

The second week was also a 75%-win rate with six wins and two losses. Thus, I opted to try this myself. 


US30 Scalping Strategy

The hunt is over, and I looked to backtest the strategy. I put my twists and will teach them so you can grow your trading accounts before sharing some live trading results.

It’s paramount to understand how the strategy works in real conditions.

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Live Trade 1 With The One-Minute US30 Scalping Strategy (Sell)

The first trade using this new strategy almost had the price hit my stop loss, but it went in my direction eventually. It smashed my first and second take profits, the first being a 1.8 risk-reward and the second 2.9.

US30 Scalping Strategy example trade on Patrick Ryan's computer.

Hence, I made a bag from this trade. 

In my live, verified MyFxbook account, I made several trades in one day, and the first ones hit my take profit (one in 23 minutes) for $6,500.

I hit my second take profit for another $5,000, making $8,200 from one position on US30.

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I’m making a bag with this broker because the spreads and commissions are low, and it’s generally a great place to trade. I trust them with my funds and highly recommend you pause reading this article and sign up with Hankotrade.

How To Install The Forex Factory US30 Strategy

Take these steps to install this strategy to start making money in the forex market:

  1. Open your TradingView account and select the M1 time frame.
  2. Open the indicators tab and add the Moving Average Exponential.
  3. Double-click it when on the chart to open the settings. You can change the style to whatever color you want. I usually make it a bit thicker for better visibility.
  4. Go to the “Inputs” section, change the length to 100, and click “Ok.” We’re just using this to determine the overall trend. If we’re below that moving average, we look for sell trades and vice versa.
  5. The second to install is the Parabolic SAR. It gives sell and buy triggers.

US30 Scalping Strategy Rules

This US30 minute scalping strategy can make money in the right conditions, so let’s get into the rules. 

If you need to comprehend the installation better, watch the Youtube video I shared above, rewind whenever necessary, and smash the like button while you’re at it.

When ready, take the following step-by-step for buy trades:

  1. The price should be above the EMA (as in the video)
  2. Look for buy trades signals the indicator shows. 
  3. Wait for the price to break through an old sell signal before opening an order.

As for stop loss, I set mine at an earlier swing low. I’m frequently putting it around the EMA as well. You can use either or both for the level most times, as I was looking for a 2:1/3:1/4:1 risk-reward ratio. It depends on how you want to approach the markets.

Some extra confluences you can seek is the EMA being respected or not before then. In my sample trade, the price broke the EMA earlier, telling us we are starting a new uptrend. 

We also want to see that price respects the EMA. It gives us more confidence that we will continue going up.

For a sell trade, we want the price below the EMA, which is what we have below.

We had a price break of the level earlier, but it has now respected the line multiple times, giving me that extra confidence that we’re going in a downward direction and trend will continue. Thus, what did I do?

I saw my sell signal on the Parabolic SAR and put an entry where the price finally broke through the last buy signal on the SAR. Simple to do, and as you can see, the trade went in my direction. 

I set stop loss at the recent swing high, but you could even use the EMA if it’s close to the price, like in this example, because the price kept respecting the EMA.

Hence, we would hope that the price would continue to bounce off that EMA, and in this case, it went well as the line came down (close to the price to test it), but we smashed our take profit. We didn’t even get close to our stop loss here.

That’s exactly how to use the strategy. It’s that simple.

Live Trades With The 1-Minute US30 Scalping Strategy

Let’s get into my live trades of the week, showing you how I approached this in real trading conditions. 

I already showed you one example – my first trade of the week, but let’s go through it again.

The price was below the 100 EMA, so I was looking for sell trades. We were in a downtrend, and I had my sell signal.

Then I entered the trade after the price moved below the earlier buy signals. It wasn’t a perfect trade, as the price initially went unfavorably, but it didn’t trigger my stop loss. It came down, and I smashed my take profit to make over $8,000 because I had multiple take profit levels.

Why was I so confident in this trade?

We were in a significant downtrend and had the break of my EMA before the price pushed down. The price went up a little and pushed down twice, continuing to respect my EMA to signify that the trend would continue.

I made the following trade in one day, so I watched the market, understanding what was happening. 

Live Trade 2 (Sell)

You can see my second trade didn’t go as well, and I lost this trade eventually.

I placed only one trade because we were in the same downtrend for a while, and the London session was about to close. We were pushing down as the session was closing, so I wasn’t sure the move would continue.

Therefore, I only set one take profit level. 

If you look at the trade closely, I almost won, which would have banked me around $4,000. It was an excellent risk-reward ratio of 2.71% (losing one percent to gain two percent). 

Sadly, the session opened, and the price swung up, knocking me out.

I’m showing you this trade because I lose trades. I don’t win everyone I place using any strategy or my price action. However, today I was watching the markets close, 

Live Trade 3 (Buy)

Price broke above the level where I lost my last trade and started respecting the new EMA.

It broke below it for liquidity, and then we pushed above the EMA. Thus, I told myself, “We could have a good buying opportunity.” What did I do?

I saw the buy signal and waited for the price to get above a former sell signal on the Parabolic SAR before entering my trade at the level. It went down a bit, but the strategy was solid, as price smashed my first take profit before blowing through my second take profit.

The trade was massive because it took about 11 minutes, and I made over $10,000.

MyFxBook Result Scalping US30 With Forex Factory Strategy

If you don’t trust me with the latest result, check out my verified Myfxbook account below: 

I made $17,000 one day using this trading strategy, but that doesn’t mean you will do the same. I take risks you may not want to take.

In that trade I showed you in my last example, I made $4,800 in 8 minutes and another $6,800 in 9 minutes. 

I showed you the losing trade that cost me around $2,300 and the first trade with $3,200 on the first take profit and $5,000 on the second.


All in all, the strategy went well. When you make almost $18,000 a day, you have to say the technique was pretty good. 

However, I believe you should use your confluences and have a basic understanding of market structure, guiding you on when to enter trades and when not to. You can learn them through backtesting and demo trading.

Yet, I think this is a viable US30 minute scalping strategy, especially if you know what you’re doing trading in the markets. 

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We are already over 2,000 there because several people were waiting for me to create this channel to receive more signals, raffles, and fun.

Don’t forget that I’ve discussed proven indicators for profitability in this article to consider if you’re yet to gain massive from the Fx market.

Thanks so much for reading this content, guys. I got a ton more strategies coming.

Much Love.

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