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1 Click Pips – Forex MT4 Reviews

1 click pips1 Click Pips – Forex MT4 Reviews

Today I am looking at a new system I have started to get a lot of enquiry about. The release date is Monday April 18th at 9am EST for the forex product 1 Click Pips.

Watch as I extract pure profit in only 1 month using nothing but my fully automated forex software!

This is the tag line for 1 click pips, and we sure hope it is true. In this review I will provide all the information currently available about this new forex software program. Let me first start with the pricing and the different elements of the trading program.

  • Main Product: the 1 click pips software & user guide – $49.00.
  • Manual Version: the 1 click pips manual version – $69.00.
  • The Xtreme Version – $79.00.

Following I will go over some of the elements of the forex story:

Jeffery Montell has managed to persuade an ex wall street banker to release the exact system he used to pull in 7 figures per day for high street banks. With this new system it couldn’t be EASIER to crack the Forex Code. You CAN make a living with Forex with thissystem — to the tune of $5k per DAY!

The 1 click pips system is hitting the market shortly and we will be adding to our review. If you have any information or thoughts on this 1 click pips system then please feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts and concerns. Please check back from time to time as we will be adding more information to our 1 click pips review.

Try 1 Click Pips

1 click pips

About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. This robot loses money, I bought it, already demanded money back:

  2. Hi Orlando, I take it you bought the $49 version. So far how is it doing? It is an EA isnt it? The webpage said 4 hr chart but interestingly Andy put it on 1 minute.

  3. Hi Andy, I just have one question, Do you attached the Robot to one only chart or Do you have to set up the robot in each currency chart? the instruction are not 100% clear for me. I have been using the robot 3 days ago with good results. I open a Demo account in Alpary with 1000 and now I have 1620 dollars plus one open trade EURAUD.

    Thanks for your help

  4. To many forex robot suround the world. Every one telling there are robot working well but opposite direction, if the robot rally make money, use your own dont sell.

  5. I think this is a rehashed version of Point Click Pips!!This was selled on Plimus!!

  6. read the manual that came with the ssytem where it requires price to be below 10sma+stochastic down+macd down for a short and vice versa for a long. however the trades that its been taking do not conform to the rules that they give. loosing trades all teh way. dont know how Andy does it

  7. When the market is slow I click on the 4 hr time frame to see if any trades open than i try the 1 hr time frame and then the 30 minute. When my trades go into a good profit I close them and start over.

  8. Hi Andy, i dont really understand, do you open H4, H1, M15 and so together?
    Or do you switch to diffrent timeframe every time?
    Trying some different settings but not really making any $ so far…
    Can you tell us how you do it ? maybe the broker is a big diffrence? i dont get it to work properly somehow..
    Thanks in advance

  9. Hi Andy,
    Can you share your preformance report ? you can hide your account number for security reason.


  10. Hello,
    I have been making a lot of money with the Extreme Version. With my advisor on I put the time on 1 day, see if any trades open, then 4 hour, then 1 hour, then 30 minutes and it usually opens several trades. Then I wait for the money to go positive a few percent than close out all the trades. Using this product as a scalper and is working great. It finds the trend and in a few hours I take a lot of profit.

  11. Hello,
    On the $1,000 account use .01 lot size

  12. Hello,
    Today so far up 5%. Use a $1,000 account with extreme version on 1 minute chart (all currencies) and let the profits come in

  13. Hello,
    If you want alot of trades put on 1 minute chart. I have been using the extreme version on 4 hour chart and it opens at the beginning few trades but once running for days the open trades that close will open on right after the close. the 4 hour chart takes time to open trades at the proper time for profit. Any one else having sucess?

  14. Hi All
    I to got suckered into getting the wonderful losing system. I bought both systems. 1 click pips and the extreme system. Both have been sitting on my lap top burning power and nothing has happened. I got it before the official launch date and have had it running 24 5 since.
    I tested both out on Demo accounts 3,000.00 each.
    Account 1 has the reg 1 click pips and it has just been sitting there smiling at me and not making any trades. However the Extreme version has been making trades 12 of them in fact. All 12 were losers. so my account went from 3,000.00 down to 1,200.00
    I’m just thankful it was just a demo and not a live account.
    I sent in 4 Emails to there CS department and as of today no reply.
    Don’t walk away from this one. RUN RUN RUN and don’t look back.
    if this stupid thing doesn’t do anything by this friday I’m getting a refund for both and reporting them to the FTC.

  15. this Robot do not work , 90 % of trade are losing trade , i lose 80 % of my money.
    Do not buy this very very bad system.


  17. I bought this 2 days before launch, funny thing I only ordered the basic program but when I
    got to the members page it gave me all 3 versions anyway (don’t buy the upsells) The first install did not work got zero-divide error message? Tech support emailed a link to get a “repaired” version, it functions without error. Ok now the statement shown in the sales ad
    had on avg. 455 Trades per day = (+positive 1300 pips per day)…my results = 4 of 5 trades are losers and avg loser is larger than avg. winner.
    I contacted support and told them to send me the same robot as was used on the sales page because the one I got is definately Not the same robot….still waiting for reply.

  18. This software really sucks. I am down $30,000 in a week and a half. I went back to Clickbank and got a refund. I recommend that other people no buy this product. There are far better robots on the market.

  19. will this work with a 500.00 dollar live acct?

  20. Well…. been running 1CP on demo 10K account all week… let’s see… down 52.38%, yep works like a charm… taking money out of your account….

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