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Push Button Pips – A scam? : Check Review

Looks like we are back at it again with another new forex software review.  Today we will be looking at all the intricacies involved with the new system called Push Button Pips.

A new forex robot by millionaire trader Michael Parsons.

There seem to be quite a few pips coming out lately, we just reviewed auto pip bot and now onto push button pips.  At this point in time it looks like a similar marketing strategy with an email form and a video in front of a green screen done by a British guy.

There really is no actual information about the push button pips system itself so we are going to have to wait and update this post as more information comes to light.  We update our posts at forex robot nation a few times a day so make sure that you do check back frequently.

Push button pips will be released on the 21st of February so we should have a lot more information by the 18-19th at the latest.  We will look to see if this is a scam or if it is truly worth more review.

If you have any information about push button pips feel free to leave a comment below and get the conversation started.  We would love to hear from you and get your opinions on this new forex trading software.

About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. Guys,

    Push Button Pips offers an “Iron Clad Guarantee” they are iron clad and will not refund the money. The link was sent to me 16 days after i paid thru PayPal and when I asked for refund: No Answer just Iron Clad. Be Careful there are many out there making tall claims.

  2. response to Ralston those are the 2 I am using and the exact thing happened. looked great in demo complete nothing in live. A total waste of money

  3. Complete scam. Will only trade on demo correctly will not trade on live. No one answers emails and now have to get the re-accurring payment stopped.

  4. Perfect demo account….When going live, absolutely nothing happened…No response to emails for my initial questions about two metatraders and no response to emails regarding not playing live……Has anyone else tried to use FXCH and Alpari live ???

  5. Did not work-got my refund.

  6. I purchased this…. what a mistake… Now they won’t honor their 60 day money back guarantee and will not refund my money.. do not waste your time with it… My thousand dollar account is at $12…. Does anyone know who or how I can contact clickbank authorities and report them. They have set it up where everytime I ask for a refund from clickbank they change it to VENDOR CHANGED TECH SUPPORT. I have changed it back to OPEN and asking again for a REFUND but they don’t comply. It’s been 5 times now…. Any help out there, has anyone else run into this problem. thanks


  8. The neck of these people!

  9. Ron…thank you for you assistant..

  10. If you bought by credit card immediately contact your credit card company and tell them the product had a 60 day money back guarantee and you want a credit, IMMEDIATELY!!!! Then on your e-mail receipt that you received from CLICKBANK there is a website where you click to contact their customer service. On the link that opens in the upper left it has a place where you request support from CLICKBANK. There you can request a refund. Tell them the software is a SCAM !!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Yes it has all been said. The whole forex ea business has gone too far. As an auditor I have audited everything that moves mines, oil platforms, investment trusts, banks, superannuation funds. Before these promoters can make these offers they should be subject to some rules to protect potential buyers from the outrageous claims. I am all for an open internet but there are too many bad eggs in the internet basket

  12. Welcome to the dark side of trading……these guys know how to bake cookies!! anything that has recurring fees,boobs or tyres its gonna be trouble !!

  13. It is a scam! It only works on a demo account at FXCH – there are no commissions / spreads on the FXCH demo account. I ran it yesterday in the demo mode and made almost $500,000 – easy to do when there are no spreads and the ticker on the demo account is purposely delayed – SCAM – THE SOFTWARE LOSES MONEY ON A LIVE ACCOUNT

  14. Hey Richard

    Please explain your comment “Arbitrage strategy is banned by 99.99% of the brokers”
    What are you referring to with the word ‘arbitrage’?

  15. hi..can anyone teach me on how to cancel the monthly billing form this crap..i’m using credit card to pay for it…please anyone help me..

  16. Well as far as I’m concerned, it has already launched: I got in for the $39 plus the upgrade. It is nothing but a scam. It showed a whopping 120% return on the demo using FXCH and another broker, but as soon as I switched to a decent broker started to lose money. Clearly its a scam. It is the forexcashbot team again . They never reply to emails. These guys are con artists but hopefully we now recognize their modus operandi.

  17. This is a scam for sure!! If you use firefox, just go to the home page and right click on a statement, then select ‘this frame’, then ‘view frame info’. It shows that the statement was generated by php scripts (

    Put your name in the link below and you will get your 10k-to-1MM statement in no time. Have fun.

  18. I tried these EAs (standard and turbo). The version Turbo is totally different from the standard and it is very dangerous for your money. I excluded it immediately. Instead the idea of the standard version is good but too much influenced from a lot of casualty variables (different brokers, delays, commissions, arbitrage denied etc.) that let very difficult to earn money and it is under the expections. From my point of view the only positive thing is the software, able to manage two MT4 platforms simultaneously and trades at the same time…I am a EA developer too and I believe that the development of this software, independently if it let us earn money tha it is the main scope, has a value of 39$ 🙂 I could appreciate only this…
    I sent the request to the clickbank stopping the montly billing … there was not any problem..

  19. Hmmm..
    we keep our fingers crossed till its lunched

  20. I agree, I bought the “7 day trial” for $4.95 just to try it out. Another shady Scam. It only worked when used with FXCH as one of the demos. I’ve heard nothing but bad reviews of them as well. In my opinion it uses a phony feed from FXCH to make the demo trades look good. Once it starts you cant stop the stupid thing! Many trades per minute. You would have to be insane to attach this to a live account!! I paid through paypal so I can log in and cancel the $39 monthly fee before it hits. I’m also getting back my $4.95 through clickbank. DONT BUY THIS PIECE OF GARBAGE!


  22. If this robot can turn $2000 to $1 million dollars why would they tried so hard to sell this robot for $39 than upselling as well? I just thinkig it doesn’t make sense if that robot really work, you don’t to to tried so hard to sell it at all and why use upselling tactic if the product is so good. You can sell it for $2000 if you want if its that good and can turn you into a millionaire. I am sick of reading their sales letter repeating themself over and over again the profitability of the robot. If its really work you don’t need to try that hard to sell it as words will spread like fire if it really profitable.

    Also I think this robot is using an arbitrage strategy where you need to look for two brokers with data differences in their pricing to take advantage of that. Even if you can make $1Million dollar with this robot, the broker would not let you to withdraw your winning profits anyway. Arbitrage strategy is banned by 99.99% of the brokers out there in the market. So how can you be profitable with this Push Button Pips. Also, with arbitrage system robot you will make money with demo accounts but once you changed it to live account you will be wiped your account.

  23. Its funny but some guys including yours truly, don’t learn fast. The Lord Have mercy on us, when the entire problem is greed, greed, greed.
    I believe the true key to success is in updating and optimising the robots. Getting to know the strengths and weakness of each one them, like they were you own kids. No setup and forget like advertised. We have to be alert and available to manually shut down/hedge any trade that maybe running away.
    So these guys may promise you the moon, but for basic authenticity, I look at (1) how much commission they are offering their affiliates/marketeers? This can go up to 40-60% of the sale price and discloses the nature of the profits made when no support is even forthcoming from them.
    This brings me to the most interesting part, that if they had a decent product and the commission is passed on to Us, as the actual users, it could be sold from their website without any affiliates. (There are some guys doing that and they don’t give discounts!!!)
    As far as PBP is concerned, I am further unable to understand that even assuming that the monthly$38 is the charge for using their million dollar robot, how do we as buyers benefit from this?
    When the results(profits) as specified in the accompanying document are entirely dependent on the buyer
    (1) searching and finding on demo the brokers having the difference in spread which will work as required by them and
    (2) which broker will permit us to exploit the so called glitch in the market discovered by them.
    (3) This is a mere repetition of Forex Cash Bot which is also amongst one of the upsells and whose marketing was done by this same guy under some name, other than Micheal. My Really how dumb can we be???? But in life, we live and we learn. Its refund time again. Thank God for ClickBank. Amen.
    Keep us posted if anyone including Schalk has any feedback on this.

  24. It is my opinion that push button pips is a total classic scam. I just purchased push button pips on the early entry offer of $39.00 for the EA. I was redirected to another offer saying that if I wanted the “Advanced” version it would cost another $79.00 which would allow trading on multiple currency pairs.

    So, yes I fell for it and purchased that one as well so now my total is $39.00 and $79.00 so a total of $118.00 for both which is really one EA divided up. After that purchase I was redirected again to another version called “push button pips turbo” where they offer this version for another $69.00, I passed on this one so my total is $118.00 for a 39.00 intro offer. After going to the download page where I could download the $39.00 and $79.00 push button pips versions there are more sales pitches for other products. Unbelievable!!!!!

    Now the best part, after you are basically told that the $39.00 version of push button pips is crap and you really need the better versions for it to really perform then you receive your clickbank bill thanking you for your purchase and letting you know that you will be billed $39.00 per month. Screech go the tires, no way I did not agree to that but there it is. Not only are you “Bait and Switched” a very recognized “Scam” tactic but you somehow agreed to pay a monthly charge of $39.00 somehow?

    I have sent a ticket into clickbank customer service on how to cancel the recurring monthly charge on my account. Since I have had my hands full trying to deal with this scam I have not yet tested out the EA on any back tests but I am sure I know the outcome before running any tests on this EA.

    A total and complete scam, stay away!!!!!!


  25. Oh, and BTW, if you click through to the actual Clickbank purchase page, you will see that not only will you be billed $39 when you buy the robot, you will be billed $39 monthly thereafter. And I would bet that when you purchase this thing, you will be bombarded with upsell pages.

    These recurring subscription payment schemes and upsells are the latest shameful trends in the the shameful, shady, crappy FOREX trading robot industry. I have probably seen a dozen or so recurring payment schemes hit the market during the last two weeks.

    Never will I buy robot that comes with recurring payments and/or upsells.

    I’m staying miles away from Push Button Pips!

  26. True the software is expected to be released on monday 21st. However, they do offer one a chance to buy it for $39! If you hurry though as they have only 4 copies left!(lol). Come on guys, this Michael fellow wants to HELP alright. He wants to help himself to your 39 bucks! And if you are a little tight with your money, he offers a $4.95, 7 day trial because he really does not want you to miss on this once in a lifetime opportunity.(LoL). Did I mention back in 2007 some loaded investors paid some $156,000 each for this silver bullet and got their money back within 2 months. And now you have the blessing of owning the same for $39. The way I see it, 95% of all traders will have received this promo email from the usual forex marketers by the weekend. And because they are tired of losing money trading, finally they will have their chance to get their well deserved riches from the forex market. But remember, this is a zero sum game. When the chips have fallen and dust has settled, 95% of all traders will have lost. Enough said…

  27. I got the sales mail too, and here it is for sale for $39. Garry above people are not bogus, u can visit their website now, the link is here…
    I don’t know whether they are scam or not, lets see. I will tell more if I will buy and use this.

  28. These replys are bogus, the software isnt out till feb 21st 2011, check the web site. Plus there are no other web site reports that the software is avalible to anyone yet! Lets wait till someone has their hands on the real product before making comments!

  29. I’m using the recommended demo brokers and so far so good – i’m manually scalping pips though, as I don;t yet trust it – I think maybe they are just taking advantage of a glitch with FXCH’s demo account though…

  30. I did buy this push button Pips and somehow (nowhere mentioned) it runs between two brokers on two different platforms and you need to find the two with the best difference in quoted prices. Well I loaded this on Alpari and IBFX and wow, my demo accounts were halved in 30 minutes. They do not reply to the support e mail address, so in my opinion, this is a scam. It goes in to a loop and excecutes 800 transactions in minutes, very frightenening.

  31. Hey guys,

    We have to be very careful before buying this EA. I got an offer from Push Button Pips to purchase it at the price of $39 , whereas they told us the launch will be only on February 21.

    So got to be very careful!



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