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Profit Rush System by Connor Jackson

profit rush system

Profit rush system is a new Forex software developed by Connor Jackson that is supposed to be his $1.8 million Forex secret. He’s now selling this software for $37 so average traders can have access to a system that accurately predicts and profits from explosive currency moves.

Today I will review Connor’s software and inform the Forex robot nation readers whether or not this is going to be a worthwhile system.

Profit Rush System Review

If you think you’ve seen a similar sales page to the profit Rush system you would be right. I believe that this developer is the same developer that is been releasing tons and tons of indicators on a weekly basis. These systems have not performed very well but I’m not going to totally rule out the software immediately, I’ll take a look at what it offers.

As for results the profit Rush system shows a my FX book screenshot with a 20% monthly gain and a 15% drawdown. There is no way for us to verify if this my FX book account is real because the screenshot does not allow us to click on it and there are no dates included in the image. This leads me to believe that the picture is not real and this obviously is a point against testing this new Forex software.

profit rush system results

For the strategy of this software is not provided either. The profit Rush system does come with three modules and I will outline those briefly now. The first module goes through an overviews the course. The second module claims to provide traders with the ability to make over 200 pips per trade spending only 15 minutes a day using the software. The third module is top-secret and will be discussed on the sales page.

There is no other information on the profit rush system but I don’t think we really need any more to come to the final verdict. At this point in time I will not be recommending this software or any software from this developer because they just don’t seem trustworthy enough or professional enough for me to invest my hard earned dollars.

As always, if you have something you would like to contribute to this review please leave your comments and opinions below the article.

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