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Pro FX 3.0 by Forex21

Pro FX 3.0 is a new high precision Forex trading system being provided by the developers at This is not to be confused with forever 21 which is a clothing store for women in their teens and early 20s.

Today I will take a closer look at the software and review its deficiencies and efficiencies the readers of Forex robot nation.

profx 3.0

Pro FX 3.0 Review

When entering the page we see the Pro FX 3.0 system on a my FX book account. This shows a real account that was started in September and has shown steady gains up until now. During this period of time the software made 111 trades for over 1200 pips trading strictly the GBP USD pair. In looking at this account, if the software has yet to provide a losing month. Obviously when it’s the developer’s results it’s a little more difficult to trust that this does show an effort that should be appreciated.

This is actually one system the pro FX 3.0 is actually one system that I would actually consider testing as most robots released recently I’ve not been very strong. There is also been a sharp decline in the amount of automated systems being released to the public which has not help this market. I’m hoping that more automated Forex systems start to come out in the next few months now that we are further into the new year.

On second glance the pro FX 3.0 is not a fully automated system is a software that provide signals. I’m really not sure why they wouldn’t automate this software is truly is performing at this rate of success. At hundred and $189 that is a little overpriced when it comes to the cost of an average indicator which is also another flag.

At this point in time I will be recommending for the Pro FX 3.0 Forex indicator. I would really like to hear from some of the current customers using the software before making a more accurate determination. If you’ve tested this system or you just have thoughts on it please let me know your opinions by leaving them below this article.

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Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.

One comment

  1. I bought this system and tried it, however I have the following notes about it:

    1- It is not EA, it is a set of indicator(s) and oscillators, that sends email notification when trend changes.

    2- It is lagging, so you may miss the movement like any lagging indicator.

    3- It it sends many fake breakout signals, within tight range of price movement, which is tricky and leads to losses.

    The account of the owner of the Profx 3.0 is not reflecting the signals
    you get from profx 3.0 when you use it on gbpusd 30m chart like he is
    doing, but it reflects daily manual trade by profx owner, and this
    manual trade sometimes follow the signal of the system but other times
    it is not clear why entered and why stopped, and for sure you can follow
    up his daily manual trade on the website itself to check that before
    you buy the system.

    5- Refund policy is bad and it is not included or mentioned in the end user license agreement,
    or even the sales guy will tell you about it if you asked before you
    purchase, as all what will be said, is that refund is unconditional, but
    take care it is just 10 day refund period, and after that no money.

    final point of view, I don’t recommend to spend that amount of money
    $189 for this set of lagging indicators because you will not make profit
    if you followed the signals coming out from the system, but you may
    make profit if you follow the daily trade published for free on profx
    3.0 website and forum.

    Good Luck!

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