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Premium FX Scalper

premium fx scalperPremium FX scalper is a new solutions that claims to be the best scalping tool on the market that simply knows every future price movement in advance. This new indicator was built to generate fast trading signals and make accurate predictions that can be trusted.

Today I’ll be reviewing this new software and letting the Forex robot nation readers provide their input as well.

Premium FX Scalper Review

This new indicator works on the M1 and M5 five timeframe and it has been built so that it never repaints which is something that most Forex traders are worried about. The strategy of the premium FX scalper is quick and it looks to generate hundred pips or more on a daily basis. Signals are sent through MT4 via a built-in sound as well as the option for email signal alerts.

As for results the premium FX scalper team has provided us with multiple screenshots that show 2 to 3 trades per image. These results don’t really show a long term assessment of the software nor do they provide us with enough information to really trust the strategy. The software includes information about the hair, the Howard of the trend and the trend direction according to the software’s calculations.

premium fx scalper results

In the screenshots the premium FX scalper show gains of 20 pips, 44 pips and even 80 pips which is odd for a scalping type system. Generally scalpers have much lower take profits and grab around 10 pips as a maximum. This may not be a true scalper or may be they have some sort of trailing stop the try to use here but it isn’t really discussed on the sales page.

Premium FX Scalper Verdict

I’m not going to recommend the premium FX scalper right off the bat because the information on the website isn’t very helpful. The results are also incomplete and don’t provide us with a full picture of the software’s capabilities moving forward. If you have something you would like to contribute to this review please leave your opinions below the article, I appreciate all your thoughts.


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