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Pip Laser – PipLaser Forex Megadroid Bonus

pip laserPip Laser – PipLaser Forex Megadroid Bonus

Okay so there are a bunch of people using this system, and it is as the developers say the best usd/cad forex robot in the industry. This robot is known as Pip Laser.

So I have looked at the forex backtest and it looks a little interesting.

  1. Looks like an EA that opens a lot of trades and has a large floating draw down.
  2. Looks like an EA that tries to read the price ahead and trade on that information.

These are two elements of the pip laser system that I am not very fond of thus far. It seems to be using a hybrid scalping strategy.

At this point in time this is all the information we have on pip laser.  We will continue to add to our pip laser review as more information about this forex robot comes to light. As it was just a mere bonus for purchasing forex megadroid, I am not sure that this will really turn into a viable money maker. Regardless, if you would like to add to the pip laser review with your thoughts, comments or experiences feel free to do so as we have a very active community here at forex robot nation.


At this point I really wouldn’t bother with the pip laser forex trading system.  While there is potential, it is minimal and the work you would have to do in order to see good forex results would likely be not worth it, as the pip laser does not look to be a straight out of the box forex solution.

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