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FX Wealth Hacker Review

fx-wealth-hackerFX Wealth Hacker is a new Forex trading system by Thomas Boyles. Thomas tells us that he made $1.7 million in 23 months trading Forex for the banks before he quit in disgust. He’s now providing traders with this same formula that he believes will change your trading forever.

Today I’ll be reviewing this system so the Forex Robot Nation readers understand how the system works and whether or not we should trust it.

FX Wealth Hacker Review

At the top of the FX wealth hacker webpage we are shown a my FX book account that gained over 2000%. Thomas’s name is overlapped but we can assume it’s him. Sadly, when I try to click on this my FX book account so that I can verify it for myself, it turns out that it does not exist. Thomas has not provided us with a link to this account so we can only assume that it is a fabricated account that does not exist, or belong to Thomas. This is really disappointing because it’s right at the top of the webpage and I was starting to become interested in the software but now I’m just left with sour taste in my mouth.

The rest of the FX wealth hacker sales page shows us screenshots of how the software works but the red flag that I uncovered in the first paragraph of this review is haunting me. I just can’t trust developer that is still providing fake my FX book results just a week away from 2016. There can’t be anyone in this market that still believes that these accounts are real and Thomas needs to understand that and contribute to the Forex market in a better way. For all we know the system could be good but using the marketing methods he’s using, I’ll never recommended it.

I do not recommend the FX wealth hacker. The fake my FX book account is all I need to see in order to give a negative review. Obviously I would prefer to give a positive review so I’m urging Thomas that when he releases his next software that he provides us with an actual my FX book account that we can click on. Either that, or no my FX book account at all. If there is anything you would like to add to this review please leave your questions and comments below the article. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and a great start to 2016.

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