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Forex Target Trading

forex target tradingForex target trading is a new system and training service by Nathan Tucci. Right now Nathan is providing traders with a 10 day free trial to test the New York session trading room, the target trading software and unlimited support.

So let me get into it right away and give you the full scoop. If you are interested more in automated systems then you will want to check out our Forex robot testing page instead, as this is a manual system with training involved.

Forex Target Trading Details

Nathan claims to be an experienced Forex trader. He says not to let “marketers tell you how to trade, let us show you how to trade!” The goal of the system is to win 87% of the trades and to make money while learning.

The software provided is meant to help determine trends so that they could find targets that easily exploitable.

The target trading system also comes with 24/7 support and Nathan urges traders to “ask questions and get answers” so that nobody falls behind.

Winners Edge Trading

winners edge tradingThe company behind this Forex target trading system is winners edge trading. This company was founded in 2009 and historically they have been providing Forex training for any level of user. They have released many products and tools over the history of the company and the cost of these is generally quite expensive.

One nice thing that I do like about winners edge trading is that they provide phone support which is difficult to find these days.

Forex Target Trading Conclusion

At this point in time I am willing to give the Forex target trading 10 day free trial a chance. This does not mean that I’m going to purchase the software and if the software is anywhere around thousand dollars I probably won’t buy it. However if the software blows my socks off and the training is up to par I will consider giving it the Forex robot nation seal of approval at that point.

If you have anything you would like to add please leave your comment about Forex target trading below.

Forex Target Trading 10 Day Trial


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