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Forex Pharaoh Academy Review (Trading Services)

Forex Pharaoh Academy is a trading development team that wants to help traders “learn to achieve financial freedom through trading Forex.” They offer trading courses, education, indicators, signals and other exclusive systems. Today we will be going through each of their offerings, and letting the community know if they are viable or not.

Edward J. Williams is the creator of the service, and refers to himself as “the Forex Pharaoh.” He is a very young man, who claims to have been trading in the markets for over nine years. Considering he looks like he’s in his early twenties, this means he must have started trading in his teens. Generally, we prefer a little more experience and age from our Forex gurus, but we will still do our best to review the service without bias. There is no location for the head offices, which is not a surprise as this does appear to be a one man show.

In order to contact support, traders can fill out a contact form on the website.


Forex Pharaoh Academy Review

This new, young trader believes that his Forex Pharaoh Academy group are paradigm shifters, able to train their clients to have a success rate of 85-90%. Edward claims that his training is worth well over $2500, but he isn’t charging that much, because he wants his service to be accessible to all traders.

The catalog currently consists of eight different services. Here they are:

  1. Beginner to expert Forex mastery course ($197)
  2. Personal VIP Forex signals ($49.99)
  3. Diamond Facebook group ($29.99)
  4. Eye of horus trading system ($49.99)
  5. Personal mentorship ($797)
  6. Pip bounty hunter exclusive indicator ($12.95)
  7. Secret system & mastery blueprint ($49.99)
  8. Signature trade blueprint ($4.99)

It’s really quite impressive that such a young trader already has eight different services. The services consists of many different types of products, so we will have to go over each of them as best we can.


Here we will take a look at each product, and provide a quick analysis.

Beginner to expert Forex mastery course

This course promises hours of essential information with only in-depth content on “how to how to consistently gain profits from the market on a daily basis.” It comes with lifetime access, and a few of the other products as free bonuses for signing up. There are a few images of student results, but there is nothing substantial, and no examples of the content.

Personal VIP Forex signals

The Forex Pharaoh Academy telegram signal service promises 4-7 signals per day with 90% accuracy and 250-500 pips weekly. These are very aggressive numbers, which is fine, but Edward fails to provide any verified proof that these numbers are being achieved.

As much as we want to trust that the service is this accurate, we need to see actual proof.

Diamond Facebook group

This Facebook group gives traders access to beginner Forex tips and daily signals. It is also a community for traders to talk to each other.

Eye of horus trading system

The eye of horus is a Forex indicator based trading system. There are a few images of the system, but no real explanation of how it works.

The lack of detail provided by the vendor is an issue with each product.

Personal mentorship

Edward claims to have mentored over 100 students, and he’s always looking for more traders to teach. Sadly, he gives no details about the mentorship program, so you are paying $797 for something that isn’t even explained. He does not tell us how many hours we get, or what he plans on teaching.

Pip bounty hunter exclusive indicator

This indicator is built to send multiple entries in each trading session. It gives confirmation arrows and trade alerts when opportunities are available.

Secret system & mastery blueprint

This is another indicator based system that utilizes Fibonacci retracement to find trading opportunities. That’s about all the information that is provided.

Signature trade blueprint

Lastly, is the signature trade blueprint, which provides high probability setups.


The Forex Pharaoh Academy is a trading service with many different products, but the presentation is lacking. Usually we have a strategy and results section in our reviews, but it isn’t necessary this time as the vendor doesn’t provide details on either. In order to compete in this market, Edward needs to flush out his services more. There is no way we can recommend any of the services when they aren’t explained in any real detail, and don’t have any verified results.

If you have anything youou wld like to add to the review, please do so now.

Forex Pharaoh Academy $4.99-$797
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Forex Pharaoh Academy provides many different trading services including Forex courses, indicators and signals.

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Many services
Prices for all budgets


No verified results
Little detail about services

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