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Fast FX Profit Review

fast-fx-profitFast FX Profit is a new trading strategy by Karl Dittman. This software is built to pick up 100 200 pips daily on almost all pairs, time frames with an 85% winning percentage. We are told that we can use the software and realistically start making profits in under 45 minutes.

Today I’ll be providing a review and analyzing this new Forex strategy so that the Forex Robot Nation readers understand if it’s a viable investment.


Fast FX Profit Review

What’s different about the Fast FX Profit from Karl’s other products is that it doesn’t require any indicators. He’s advertising the system as a secret that happens every day on multiple pairs that can be taken advantage of. He claims that the strategy rarely ever loses trades and that it’s bulletproof. Not only that, Dittman believes that the strategy is so simple to understand that even a 12-year-old could win trades using it. For $57 you will gain access to a 28 page step-by-step instruction manual that lays out the strategy using many screenshots. The strategy is supposedly being used by professional traders to make massive profits every single day.

Video Review

Karl Dittman

5-star-trend-profitKarl is a very active contributor in the Forex market. This Fast FX Profit is only one of many, I’ve reviewed over 15 products since 2011. While the products haven’t always been runaway successes I’m sure that he has learned how to develop his strategy with each new product. I certainly prefer seeing a familiar name than some fake alias selling me a dream. Dittman is responsible for 5 Star Trend Profit, Fibo Machine Pro, Forex Enigma, Buy/Sell Trend Detector and the Super Math Scalper. These 5 systems were all released in the last 12 months, so he’s a very busy product producer.

Trading Results

The Fast FX Profit results don’t really give me what I’m looking for. I prefer to see long trading statements and my FX book accounts. Instead, we are shown five screenshots, each showing one or 2 trades. This really isn’t a large enough sample size for me but if you’ve used Karl’s products in the past and you are happy with his services then you likely have what you need to move forward.



At this point in time I haven’t come to a clear conclusion on whether or not I want to get involved with the Fast FX Profit. On the one hand, I like to see long time traders continuing to provide products. On the other, I need to see more trading results before I can truly say if this is a long-term trading solution. Please let me know what you think about the software by leaving a comment or question now.

What I’m having my most success with right now is Forex Fury. This is an automated Forex EA and it hasn’t lost in over a month. If you ever need any help trading Forex feel free to shoot me an email.


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