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comrade traderComrade trader is a new Forex robot that claims to use a unique combination of advanced machine learning as well as algorithm complex trading techniques. There aren’t a lot of details about the software some good have to dig into give you some information.

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This page will act as a review and a place where we can talk about this product with comments below the article.

Comrade Trader Review

The developers host their trading statements with MT4i and show a gain of over 20% per month using the Comrade trader. In looking at the system’s results they are very intriguing as the system has shown consistent gains for four months. The software trades to currencies, the EURUSD, the GBPUSD and it seems to be some sort of a scalping strategy that takes a ton of trades.

I may be interested in testing this one but I have to be cautious because the comrade trader does not provide any details on the website and this is always a red flag. I plan on following this longer and hopefully the Forex robot nation community has something to contribute to this article.

Comrade Trader Conclusion

I am not overly confident in the comrade trader at this point in time but do hope to continue my research and watch to see if this software is truly as good as it seems. I think it has obvious upside in that it is gaining around 5% per week on multiple accounts with multiple currencies. The downside is that it has not been around for a long time and that the developer provides very little information at all on the website about the strategy or anything for that matter.

If you have something you would like to contribute please leave your comments below the article and tell me what you think about the comrade trader.

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  1. Works great in a sideways crawl, but if it gets on the wrong side of a deep trend it tries to buy/sell itself out of the problem with exponential lot sized positions to recover the losses, unfortunately at the expense of your equity! Still fiddling around with the defaults but if I get it running without killing my account I should be a billionaire by next Christmas lol………..

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