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Binary Today Trader Review

binary-today-trader-frnBinary Today Trader is the most flexible and well thought out binary options strategy to hit the market. This system is developed by John Kane and the people at Binary Today.

Traders get access to John’s personal trading strategy that sends an abundance of reliable trading signals throughout the day.

This signal system is now #1 in the Binary Options Lab here at Forex Robot Nation and it deserves our attention.

Here are the most important elements that you should know:

  • Over 70% ITM signals since 2012 Verified
  • Sends signals all day in all countries and trading sessions
  • Provides 5 Minute, 15  Minute, 30 Minute and 1 Hour expiry time trades
  • Works on all pairs (majors recommended)
  • Compatible with all binary brokers


Binary Today Trader Review

I believe that the release of the Binary Today Trader is paramount in changing the direction for all binary options products.

Instead of focusing on flashy promotional sales tactics John Kane cuts through the crap and gives us the real information we want.

There are three points that set this system apart from the rest and I want to get them across today in this review.

  1. John tells us the exact reversal based strategy behind the trading signals.
  2. Real trading results are provided and verified.
  3. The system can be tested and provides historical trading results on the chart.

Most systems in the binary options market are sales video, get rich quick driven marketing pushes. The Binary Today Trader is different. It’s focused on strategic discussion, results and historical testing.

How it Works?

alert-for-binary-today-traderThe Binary Today Trader is a signal system.

When a reliable trade opportunity presents itself, the software will send traders signals via MT4, e-mail and push notifications to their phone. The signals tell the trader the exact trade to place so you can’t make a mistake.

The pairs I recommend are the EURUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY and GBPUSD.

I use these pairs mostly on the M30 and H1 timeframes, because I feel this works best with John Kane’s reversal strategy which I’ll explain further later in this review.

Once you receive a signal you open your binary options broker website and place the trade.


The Binary Today Trader is focused on winning signals and providing transparency that is often lacking in this market.

If you go to the front page of their website you will find a results chart with thousands of entries that provides the actual target price and expiry price so you can verify that the trades are real.


You can view months of trading results here so you know exactly what to expect before signing up.

Historical Testing

The historical testing feature is very unique to the binary options community.

The Binary Today Trader allows you to analyze years of trading data so that you can try new pairs, expiry times and build your own strategy.

This allows traders to determine how well the system has been working over any period of time so they can adjust their strategy on the go.

I use the out of the box strategy without making any changes but I definitely want to test some new pairs to see what else works.


Signal Strategy

reversal strategyThe Binary Today Trader strategy is reversal based.

The system will look for the market to trend in one direction, spot an indecision candle and take advantage of the reversal trend that immediately follows.

After recognizing the indecision candle, the software will provide the trading signal.

The software methodically monitors the market to understand when a transition of power is about to occur so that reversals are recognized and quality signals are sent.



binary-today-trader-box-siteThe Binary Today Trader is my new favorite trading system.

With a fundamental trading strategy, verified trading results, historical analysis and John Kane’s personal strategy, there’s nothing I trust more in the binary options market.

Taking the #1 spot in the Binary Options Lab, this signal system is a must own.

During the launch I will be providing an exclusive coupon.


Download Binary Today Trader Now

About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. Link does not work. Is this still available?

  2. I’ve put my purchase with your discount code. but i have not receive any confirmation from the BTT yet. how long usually it will take to process?

  3. what is the best broker i can use with this software,is Boss Capital trust worthy ,i see a sought of bad reveiws

  4. Hello,
    This message is to the admin and others who purchased the binary traders today. I noticed there has not been any recent posts since 1 to 2 years. Could anyone including the admin tell me if this robot is still profiting I would greatly appreciate any current inputs?

  5. Loving every minute of Binary Today Trader. I’m also using Binary Today 5, and in the past was a big fan of Binary Brain Wave, Binary Options Bullet, Binary Ascend and other MT4 based indicators.

    These tools are great for beginners, and helped me grow as a trader quickly.

    I highly recommend them all.

  6. Thanks for showing me this.

    I still think this is the #1 Binary software.

  7. Just wondering if BTT is still producing great results. Haven’t seen results been posted in a while.


  8. hi


    I have just purchased the binary today trader 4 days ago bean testing on demo account just gone live today i am in uk so just wondering what are the best sessions to trade with this indicator will london 8am-16gmt session will be good on EURUSD,USDJPY,GBPUSD,USDCAD or new york session if you can advise on this please
    many thanks

  9. Still my favorite binary tool hands down!

  10. Hi!
    please, If BTT gives signals at the middle of a candle and not at the beginning on 15m, 30m and 1hr. can one still place the trade or ignore it for the one that comes at the beginning of the candle.

  11. How do you trade with 15 min expiration ? I got BTT signal on 15 min expiration. Should I trade High/Low or Short Term ? There is no 15 min in Short Term.

  12. Does anyone on this thread have great success with BTT during the Asian & London Sessions? From the comments below and my demo testing I find BTT to be outstanding with the New York session. My broker Ayrex makes available most of the major pairs with higher payouts during the Asian & London sessions. A success story from one or two trading this sessions will help as I will most likely be switching trading times. ????

    • Ya James, it’s going great for me.

      I’ve traded all sessions because I do shift work as a Nurse. I’ve found all the sessions are about even.

  13. Just signed up last night and I’ve already had 6 wins, no losses!

    I see that the News Filter is off by default. Should I turn that on?

  14. Steve Howard:

    Which binary options broker are you using?

    Thanks in advance

    • I use the brokers in the BTT members area. Both of them.

      While I’m here let me update, I’m approaching the 30K profit mark with BTT!

      • Hello Steve,

        Apart from verifying signals you receive with the Trade Assistant do you do any further analysis before placing trades so as to achieve excellent results? Also what is your highest losing run with BTT, and what do you do if you encounter such situations? Your reply will help my patience & confidence with BTT.


        • I am not doing any other analysis right now, but I did enable the News Filter which has been very good for my success rate.

          The worst losing run I ever had was 4 straight but when I looked back at those trades I realized it was due to High Impact News Events that I shouldn’t have been trading.

          In that situation I turned on the news filter and kept an eye on the Forex Factory calendar.

          • Hello Steve,

            Your advice is great.
            When I turned on news filter I realized the number of signals provided are very few. Though with better winning advantage. Do you encounter the same? Just to be sure I’m walking the right path.

          • Also Steve, please what did you set for the following:
            * Include High Impact
            * Include Medium Impact

            Thanks in advance

      • Hi can Nadex be used with this signal! I haven’t started yet but I do have finally right now I’m in the USA

  15. June was another successful month for me and BTT.

    I decided to make my first withdrawal. I pulled $10K in profits out of my brokerage.

    I’m more than satisfied with myself at this point.

    • Hello Steve,
      Congrats on your $10K mark.
      I have been following your posts. All I need to know from you is which country you are based?
      I will be very pleased to know. Thanks

  16. It’s been exactly a month since my last post and I’m happy to report more winnings.

    My journey has no taken me from $300 to $1900.

    This last month had me gain +$6000, I’m speechless.

    • Hey Steve, I bought the system hoping to see the same kind of profits you are. Are you still sticking to m30 and h1 time frames only with the four main pairs EUR/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF & GBP/USD?

    • Hi Steve,
      Congrats on your success,
      Would you kindly inform which markets you trade,
      London and new York? Any other,
      Any special times,?
      Thanks for your input

    • Hello Haward,
      Can you tell me which country you are based?

  17. Binary Today Trader has changed my opinion of binary options fully.

    I used to think binary options would never work for me but I’ve been winning consistently for 4 months now so it’s fair to say I’m a changed man.

    Really enjoying this system and everything it has to offer.

  18. Been a couple weeks, I figured I’m due for another update.

    From $300 account to $13,000.

    Big time profit and consistency.

    Very impressed with BTT and will continue to sing it’s praises.

  19. My success continues with BTT.

    My $300 account is now over $10,000!

    I can’t believe it. I will continue to update my progress here as my thanks for the recommendation.

    • nice steve…..

      I will be acting soon…..making sure I proceed properly since its my last chance…..

      would love to speak if you have time….I have a few ideas….

      contact me on facebook or here…


      tim griffin
      Plattsburgh ny

    • Steve,

      Can you provide more insight into your methods like how much you are now risking on each trade, which time-frame trades do you find the most profitable?

      • Hey Rowland, sorry for taking so long to get back to you.

        My favorite timeframes are the M30 and H1, these seem to be most popular for everyone using the system right now.

        As for how much I risk I’ve This between 5 to 10% of my entire account balance for the duration of my trading. Sometimes I feel like this strategy is a little risky but it’s worked very well for me. I don’t use any martingale strategies either.

        • Steve thanks for your feedback and insight this is definitely helpful and great for us beginners.

        • Whatup Steve,

          Do you also take every single trade regardless of Trade Asst. matching 3 + out of 4? I’m trying to find A strategy that works. Because of schedule, I don’t see many trades by only taking 30min & 1hr trades that match up to TA.

          Thanks in advance

    • Hi Steve just want to know how is the indicator still performing for you ……still profitable ….and have you tried any other pairs besids the main ones indicated …..also do still only focus on 30-1H timeframes

    • Hi Steve, You story is really inspirational and I have decided to try out the BTT also. Just one question what system are you sing this BTT with? Does it work with Meta Trader 4?

  20. Well, it’s been over a month and a half now and my account that started at $300 is now at $8000.

    I never expected to see results like this in the binary options market and that’s why been so active posting here. I really appreciate your recommendation and hope that more people can have similar success to me.

    • I’ve been following your progress for some time Steve and I’m very impressed. I decided to dive in 2 weeks ago and I’ve had very similar success to you. I took my $300 deposit and flipped that into $2000. I really didn’t think this was ever going to be possible in binary options but your comments gave me the confidence to move forward, so thank you.

    • Steve, followed your posting for the binary today software very keen to start my self can you advise what money management strategy you followed ie did you set each trade as a percentage of your balance or are you doing something else to achieve the $8000 you have now?

    • Hello Steve,
      I’m Bahri from Singapore.
      I’m impressed with your results.
      May I know your trading hours?
      Also upon receiving the signal, what is the max delay before trading?
      Thank you

  21. I recently purchased the “binary today trader” and I intend to use it on M15, M30 and H1 timeframes
    as Mr. Kane is recommending.
    My question is: What settings do you use for best performance? Default settings, or something else?
    I will be thankful for a comment on this question.

  22. Binary Today Trader is really working well for me.

    I watched the video Steve posted, that helped and now I’m over 74% ITM!

  23. Hi Steve, do you use the Trade Assistant?
    Thank you.

    • Yes, I use the trade assistant.

      They provide it free in the members area.

      I always fully read a members area and follow the instructions properly so I have success.

      Two weeks since my last update and I’m up to $6800.

      Binary Today Trader makes this too easy 😉

      • Hi Steve,

        Glad to hear of your success:)

        Can you please give the rest of us some suggestions? I do check the TA and take the trade within a minute or so of receiving it. But is there anything else one should check for before executing the trade. Thanks.

        • Hi Cindy, when it comes to executing trades I follow a method laid out by John Kane. He just put together a video with some of his life trade examples and this really shows the best strategy to use with the binary today trader.

          See it here

  24. After 3 Weeks with Binary Today Trader I am in awe.

    My $300 deposit is now $4200.

    I never thought this would be possible but I think I finally found something that works with me.

  25. Hi Steve, how many trades per day are you taking to achieve your results and how do you decide which ones to take? Is there a particular time of day you trade? I live in the UK and can trade for 2 hours in the morning and 2 at night,

    • I take around 5-10 trades per day Andrew.

      I spend less than 30 minutes on the computer during these trades. I just get the signals to my phone and then walk over and place them.

      You have enough time.

  26. Hey Steve!
    Do you use Kane’s ‘TradeAssistant’ with the BTT Software, or completely by itself to produce those results?
    Thanks ‘RobotNation’ for providing your review! Have you, yourself, used the system?
    All The Best Everyone,

    • I follow the members area and that does include free trade assistants. I figure if they are giving me a free tool I might as well take advantage of it.

      My $1300 is now $1900 so gains have continued to be steady.

  27. hi, thank you for your site and advice.please can you suggest or tell me the best two binary system on your site as i want to go into binary trading fully and i am confused with the best two to buy. Also, is alpari binary good for trading.
    Thank you

  28. I’ve been using Binary Today Trader for 1 full week.

    I took a $300 deposit and turned it into $1300.

    At first I was going to try demo first like you normally recommend but I just wanted to dig in and I’ve been really happy with my progress.

    I’m using the 30 minute trades mostly since this expiry time tests best.

    • Hi Steve,
      Do you have daily profit target? How much did you invest per trade with 300 account size or what was the percentage of 300? Thanks in advance.

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