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Vista-Box-350Back again today with a new binary options review, today looking at the Binary Scalping Software by Richard Wilkes.

I’ve been trading binary options for a good while now and this is the first time I’ve heard of a scalping strategy so I’m interested to see if this is worth my time. Richard claims it is a pushbutton software on complete autopilot which is something I also haven’t seen in binary options because you usually have to place the trade manually.

I’m really confused by this. There’s this area on the website where it says click play and watch me trade live. So I clicked on this hoping to see the Binary Scalping Software being used but not only is it not used. Isn’t even a voice in the video and it’s just someone’s circling a mouse around showing you their account.

The results being provided look like they are from one week of trading and two out of the three results screenshots are from the exact same day. I’ll show you some of the examples of these supposed Binary Scalping Software trades now.

Binary Scalping Software Results

binary scalping software
Here we can see the system trades four different pairs.


binary scalping software results shot
This screenshot shows the same bottom three trades from the other screenshot I originally showed you.

The software also looks like it was tested in some sort of binary options forum but I can’t seem to find out which forum it was tested on. That would be helpful for the review.

Binary Scalping Software Conclusion

At this point in time I just can’t recommend the Binary Scalping Software. I don’t think Richard does a very good job at explaining how this works and I like to know how something works before I get involved with it. I was really kind of ticked off by the video that promise me something and didn’t fulfill the promise. Not a great way to start things.

If you have anything you would like to add to my Binary Scalping Software review I would appreciate if you leave a comment below. If you ever need help with anything just let me know.

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  1. I bought the basic version of this software for $27, and did not upgrade to the premium version, or whatever they call it. The basic version only appears to work on a single pair, the USD/JPY. The instructions indicate it should work on any pair, but this is not the case for me. Emailed support about this, never received a reply.

    The basic instructions were simple enough, but the “signals” I received never appeared to be valid. I took no trades on either a live or demo account.

    Once you buy the software, you’re given a link to a members area, where they strongly and repeatedly encourage (demand?) that you sign up with their preferred binary options broker in order for the software to work properly. This despite the fact that the software works on MT4, and is not broker-dependent. I suspect there are kick-backs involved. Scratch that. I don’t suspect, I’m saying flat-out that kick-backs are involved. If someone can prove otherwise, have at it. But I won’t believe you.

    They also send you about 5,000 welcome messages over the course of a few days, all of which encourage (demand?) that you sign up with their preferred broker. In addition, you receive another 5,000 emails reminding you about the special webinar that won’t be recorded and that you’d be a complete idiot to miss.

    Supposedly the webinar shows you how to use the software you just bought for $27, $47, or whatever you paid, right? Afraid not. It’s a pitch for another software program called Binary Pro Bot, that costs a mere $497. Only ten copies of which are available, so you better knock everyone else out of the way before they beat you to the payment page or your life will be ruined.

    Of course, if you come back to the payment page after the ten copies are gone, you can still buy one for yourself. Go figure.

    Worth noting – this webinar where they pitch you a $500 piece of software was advertised in the repeated emails as not pitching anything at all. It was also billed as being live. It wasn’t. It was pre-recorded, but made to sound as if it was live. Nice fabrication.

    And no, I didn’t buy the pricey software and won’t be doing so. In fact, I’ll be getting a refund on my $27 purchase as soon as I finish this note. The $500 program might be the greatest thing ever in the entire history of the universe. But if it’s anything like the $27 version, or the people selling it, it’s an incredibly pricey piece of something that rhymes with “hit.”

    Best of luck, everyone. And keep an eye on your wallet.

    • Quick update. I got another email this morning, with a link to a recording of the webinar that supposedly was not recorded. Also said in the email that hundreds of people had been locked out of the live event. When I was in the room it showed 28 people in there with me. Don’t know if they were really there or “recorded” as well.

      Also, consider that they’re sending out that same email to however many hundreds or thousands of people for a software that supposedly had only 10 copies available for the live event.

      I requested a refund from Clickbank, and unsubscribed from the email list. I’ll kind of miss all the attention from such a fine upstanding outfit though. 😉

  2. I just got an email about this today. I tried looking up some of the alpha testers on FB to get some feedback, but either all of them changed their profile pics or they’re fabrications. However, this is the first time I’ve seen a binary options product show (alleged) testimonials. Couldn’t find the proprietor on FB either, or a fanpage. I found 1 review site specifically for the product claiming that this product has a very low refund rate and that users were successful with it, but as of today , 5/14/2013, there are zero comments. Which is why I came to your site for a more definitive review, hehehehehe. Not here either, LOL! So lemme ask you, are you familiar with another binary product called BinarySignalPro or a forex product called ForexEternity? Both seem to be pitched during webinars by what sounds like the same guy. When the binary product is pitched, he goes by the name Lewis Baxter. When the forex product is pitched, it’s Tom Greene. He’s been consistent about this the past couple of times I’ve caught his webinars, and he seems legit enough to respond to questions and keep doing his webinars. So please let me know if you’ve heard anything about them. Thanx much.

    • FB page does NOT exist. I believe they put it up before marketing with fake profile comments, took the screen shots for marketing, then deleted it all. BinarySignalPro is a proven scam. The guy has never honored refund request to this date for years. The webinar is fake as well. They are not live but recorded video always hyped as live webinar.

      • LOL, thanx for the reply! That was a pretty good scam they had going, I must admit, at least as far as the deceptive effort of it went! I didn’t buy anyway, but would still like to know about the BinarySignalPro offer, if you’ve ever heard of it. Once again, thanx for the feedback.

      • forexrobotnation

        Thanks for the info Jon

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