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Binary Fast Cash Review

binary fast cash logoToday I’m looking at Binary Fast Cash a new binary options product and I’ll provide you with a full review.

Immediately I am disappointed by the sales page. This $47 binary options product is marketed in the worst way. The entire process makes me sick, the sales page just tries to make you feel bad about your life and your career. Then they try to use that to push you into purchasing a binary options system that they haven’t even talked about.

This product doesn’t even make the cut to be ranked in our Binary Options Lab.

The product itself is very simple. You get email alerts of trades and then you place those trades but the strategy behind these trades has not been discussed. Instead we see different broker images showing us his supposed accounts. We are also shown multiple pictures of him standing next to a jet which I’m sure is definitely his, sense my sarcasm.

Here are some examples of the pictures that I’m talking about.

Binary Fast Cash
In this image the developer of Binary Fast Cash claims that he is $1 million in his EZTrader account.


Binary developer
Here we see the developer next to his jet.


Binary Fast Cash Conclusion

To me this product is a joke. I do not recommend Binary Fast Cash in any way. If you’re looking to invest money you need to buy a product that comes across as professional. This does not do that. This is a guy telling a story who wants you to buy his software and he’s not doing a good job.

If you think I’m too rough or you have an opinion of your own please leave a comment below, look forward to hearing from you.

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