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Binary Brain Wave

Binary Brain Wave has hit the market and everyone is taking notice. I take great pleasure in introducing the readers here at Forex Robot Nation to systems that work for me.

If you read my site often you know that most of my time is spent reviewing systems that don’t work, today that changes with the introduction of a real binary options winner.

Here is a quick breakdown of the important features:

  • Provides over 10 signals per day
  • Trades 6 Pairs
  • Hitting over 80% accuracy for the past two years
  • No required broker signup
  • Free installation
  • Phenomenal support (I’ve tested)
  • Signals in all sessions

This is a binary options software that I trust. This is a product that can be purchased and used immediately.

 Binary Brain Wave Review

binary-brain-waveThe developers of the binary brain wave system came to me three months ago and gave me the opportunity to be part of their trials. I quickly realized that this is a winning solution that took very little from my end which made it easily added into my daily trading routine.

As a Forex trader I will always lean to Forex and with this system I will often use the signals in my Forex trading as well because the entries are so strong. I am trying to convince them to take their strategy, a couple of the pairs and turn it into a Forex robot but they are too focused on perfecting the brain wave right now.

Enough about the story though and let me focus more on the strategy. The binary brain wave provides the exact signal to be placed. For example, traders will receive a signal at 1:50 pm the trade will signal will specify PUT or CALL and then give you the exact expiry time which is always 40 minutes after the entry, thus making it 2:30 pm in this case. This simplicity really makes it easy for me to recommend this to any level of trader.

Easily access specific signals that tell you exactly what to do (click to zoom in).

How are signals provided?

  1. Email Alerts
  2. In MT4 Experts / On Chart
  3. MT4 Pop Up Alerts

With this software the email alerts are not overly important because I find if I sit down for a couple hours I will always get myself a signal or two. You only need to access your computer at the 50 minute mark each hour as well to check and see so it is very convenient.

 Binary Brain Wave Video

Binary Brain Wave Conclusion

The Binary Brain Wave is a must have! This complex strategy easily condensed into one piece of software provides incredible signals.

If you are looking for some passive income then look no further. I managed to get my hands on the launch coupon available for the first bunch of sales so do yourself a favor and get it early.

15% Off


Download Binary Brain Wave

About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their investment goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. This is easily the best binary options system I’ve ever used. I am absolutely obsessed with trading binary options right now and binary brainwave is my main tool. I probably trade 10 to 12 trades a day and I win 80% of them every single day. I can’t say enough about this amazing software.

  2. Just started using this, 2 weeks in and I’m 14-0, seriously simple, I hope this keeps up.

  3. Just another happy customer. Brain wave is my #1 system. I use it every day for a couple hours a day and I haven’t had a losing day in 25 straight. I hope to keep my streak alive!

  4. Still one of my favorites, this software continues to bring me winning trades above 78% ITM.

  5. do you have a software that i can put on automatic? but i scared that the robot might spend all my deposit then i left with empty. you know what automatic robot that i can rely on?

  6. How much money do you invest in every trade? And how many trade you do per day?

  7. My favorite binary options software on the market. Easy to install, easy to use and a powerful beast that should be owned by every binary trader.

  8. After my success with Binary Ascend I’ve decided to try Brain wave as well, I’ll let you know how it goes!

  9. Top notch software. I recommend this to every binary trader, it’s not often you find a system this powerful at a reasonable price. This is one software every trader should get their hands on.

  10. Excited to start trading again in the new year. Last year in 6 months I made 10x my initial deposit. I am still sticking with the basic trending vs ranging principles and trading about 3-4 times a day on average. Just depends on how long I’m at my computer. Usually I spend 2-3 hours trading a day as I don’t have much patience after that.

  11. what rules do you use to determine it’s too TRENDING and NOT get into a trade?
    do you zoom out one click? lok at the last 6 hours?
    everything looks trending and ranging to me

  12. Haven’t checked in here in a while. I guess when the software is working nobody wants to talk about it anymore. I have continued to get better and better with this software and the last two months I have steadily hit 80% ITM taking 60 trades a month so on average two per day. This is really more than I expected initially and I can’t say enough about this software. A real game changer.

  13. Hello all. I hope everyone is having a nice holiday season! Quick question about BBW. Has anyone used it with Nadex? I’ve yet to buy the software but I do have a Nadex account. Nadex does have 1 hr. expiration times so I assume I could make that work. Frankly, I’m a bit worried trading binary forex pairs being a US resident on platform other than Nadex (the whole Frank Dodd act thing). Should I not really be concerned with this and trade forex pairs anyway? Thank you all!

  14. I would like to hear an update about this software,How much is the winning rate? and if you can show us some screenshots.

  15. all quiet , what results are you having? I need stories , I am interested in BBW

  16. Hi Patrick,
    Just a new member to your service.
    Have not seen any recent posts on the Binary since 28th July.

    Is it worth getting a copy?
    Cheers Garry


  17. How is it all going?

  18. hi,
    the support team of BBW it”s GRATE:)- responded a few minutes later with the mail containing zip file which has solved the problema.till now i am very satisfied,
    thank you very much!

  19. I would like to hear from the individuals who brought the indicators, how well they are doing, percentage wise?

  20. forexrobotnation

    Still working great Taiye! When there’s no comments that means people are happy.

  21. Is anybody satisfied with the results he gets from this software so far?? I would appreciate your report.

    • forexrobotnation

      BBW continues to be strong. I still use it daily for binary trading, the strategy is sound and by my estimation will work for years to come.

  22. Not any comment here lately…I take it everyone is quietly enjoying 70+% accuracy?

  23. I just can’t believe how fantastic this Software is. I am really confused how this software can predict so far ahead into the trade, sometimes 4 hours ahead.

    With some experience in trading that I have, I can say that you really only have to look at the charts and already know if its the right direction that the BB is signalling:) I have to say…that this software makes me speechless in how accurate it is. I would like to thank the person who made this software and thank you for making it available for the public, may God bless you my friend.

    PS: I am very interested what indicators is used to predict such accuracy within this softwares:) its just brilliant!

  24. Hi Michael,

    Like all Indicators, they are just a delayed signal that helps to show past trend direction and strength. Nothing can show future direction or strength. With the 2smas, the wider the pip distance between them, generally the stronger the trend, Not good to bet against the trend unless you really know what you are doing. Also not good to take a trade when the 2smas look like 2 snakes wrapped around each other.

    Use the BBW M5 TF and then use Zoom out to have a look further back. Also look at the M15, H1 and H4 TFs to get an overview of trend direction.

    Takes time but it is doable as you learn to eyeball a good trading setup that matches the BBW signal.

    Best way to learn this is to mark the signal direction on the chart using an up or down arrow above the 50 min candle (open price = candle open price) and then at +30 min (close price = candle open price) to see if the trade would have been winner or loser. Do that for a few weeks, looking at the 2smas on the M5 TF, the upper TFs and all this will seem natural.

  25. Most brokers do not offer 40 minute expiry times, but 45 minute expiry, when signals arrive at ..:30 from BBW (though they do offer 40 mins when at ..:50).. When do I apply the signal, at exactly ..:30 or at ..:35? does it make any difference??

    • Expiry is ALWAYS at 30 minutes of the next hour. Say signal is at 10:50, then expiry is at 11:30, which every broker should have. If not change the broker or only trade pairs that your broker offers expiry at HH:30 minutes.

      • Thank you for your response. I have an account with 24options and they only offer 30 min expiry..

        • I also trade with 24Option and they do offer expiry at 30 minutes of the next hour. You need to click on Expiry and pick your expiry time as +30 minutes of the next hour.

  26. How has everyone been doing this week? Has anyone broken down the results for each session (Asia, Europe, USA) to see if the results are comparable or skewed?

  27. Is there a good range indicator you could recommend for BBW?

    • Hi Zumur and FxPhill, can you guys please share your success with charts as per Mark’s questions above. which charts do you eyeball? is it M5,15,30? I also need help with this

  28. 2 weeks now on BBW. Here are some observations.

    1) Don’t trade any signals 10 minutes before open of EU (1 hr before start of UK session), UK, US sessions. Also don’t take any signals 10 minutes before the end of the above sessions.

    2) You can use a simple 2 sma indicator (5 & 10) as trend / ranging Indicator. When the 2 smas are apart, sort of parallel & both pointing up / down, then it is a strong trending market. If they are wrapping around each other, like snakes, then ranging market. Once you try this for a week or so, you will not need the Indicators as you can just eyeball the charts.

    3) When signals are given on the charts, put an up (call) or down (put) arrow above that 50 minute candle. Then simple to later eyeball the 50 minute candle open price, versus the 30 minute candle open price versus BBW predicted direction (the arrow direction over the 50 minute candle), and see which signals work and which do not.

  29. Also, I was 5/5 on thursday trading the NY session only. I did not take every signal, though

    • Hi Zumur,

      On Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursdays .. what’s your success rate with BBW trading all the signals provided without eyeballing the chart to determine if it is trending/ranging.

      I sometimes find it hard to identify a trending/ranging chart as its very objective, as the more experience a trader has with markets, the better he gets at “identifying” these markets. Any advice you could give to a newbie who would be interested in trying out BBW.

  30. Jorabi, what sessions are you trading? most signals i’ve ever received was 14, but that was during the NY session. I haven’t traded other sessions yet. The 7-0 considering ranging seems right. Only the VERY first day i traded did i have a ‘losing’ day, but 3 of the losses were my fault. Since then, i’ve been getting pretty good signals. I too have tried to figure out how the system functions on ‘ranges’ and ‘trends’, it didn’t seem to work the first few times i did it. i even started using additional indicators to get a better idea of the ‘range.’ i tend to use confirmations after the fact, but so far things have been okay. I do ‘eyeball’ the charts and i pay attention to any chart patterns i may see forming, as well as, the candlesticks, but again, most of the time, like 95% of the time, i just trade their signal.

    • I am monitoring all sessions, not just NY. So the signals are coming through 24 hours a day. Does MT4 tell you what countries’ sessions you are looking at? I am in the same time zone as NY, so would the session be 9am-4pm my time?

      There were 51 signals through all sessions on Wed April 23. I am trying to use the Average Directional Movement index (ADX) with the default setting of 14 candles back (5 minute chart, so looks back 70 minutes) to detect ranging. I am trading when the ADX is 25 or less. There were 14 trades that met that criteria on that day.

      I tested ADX looking 25 and 36 candles back, with worse results. So I am going to continue testing with 14.

      I don’t understand how people who are trading every signal are getting such good results. All of our results should be the same using that scenario. The ranging results are much better.

      • i agree. i haven’t traded at night, so i can’t speak to that, but i am in the ny time zone, as well. i used an adx indicator, but it did not seem to help. i used a stochastic oscillator and moving averages, as well. i just started zooming in and eyeballing the chart and then backing off to see the long tern trend and that way i can tell if it is actually more ‘ranging’ than ‘trending.’

      • I agree with you. I have been demo trading the NY session for 7 trade days. The average wins for all 7 days has been 63% percent.

  31. Based on Patrick’s review, I purchased this product. I then paper traded for a few days to get the feel of the system. Here’s my take: On Mondays, I have not had great success for some reason, HOWEVER, on tuesdays, wednesdays and thursdays I am CLEANING UP. I’m talking 9/10, 4/5 and like today, 5/5 trades. I also had a 10/14 day. i calculated ALL my trades on all days paper and real. Overall in two weeks it’s around 77%, but just on tues, wed, thurs, it’s more like 86% so that is REALLY close to the 82% they stated! I started with a broker that i am not overly pleased with because of the fee structure. I’m going to switch to one with lower trading rates so i can really see what this system can do on a small account of around $300 in one month’s time. So, SO FAR, SO GOOD!

    • My results are not as good as what others are reporting. Tuesday there were 27 signals. 15W 12L (56%) trading ALL signals, 7W 0L (100%) trading only what I considered ranging.

      Wednesday there were 51 signals. 20W 29L 2T (41%) trading ALL signals, 5W 9L (36%) trading only what I considered ranging.

      Overall for the two days, 12W 9L (57%) traded during ranging only.

  32. I purchased the software this morning. It’s 8pm my time now. So far I’ve received 6 signals, 4 won 2 lost. I’m hoping for a few more before I head to bed 🙂 I’m happy with the software thus far although time will tell how it works out for me in the long term. I like that I get email notifications and can trade instantly on my cell phone with my brokers app!


    • Hi Ryan,

      After talking to BBW support, found out BBW generates signals during 50 – 55 minutes on the hour. However only the 50 minute signals are emailed, put in the alert popup and recorded in the Experts log. Signals which may occur later are only displayed on the chart. My testing shows the later signals seem to be OK to trade

      Have asked them to please, treat all the signals the same. I feel that if the signal is displayed on the chart then it is OK to trade else why put it on the chart? If the later signals are not of the same quality as the 50 minutes signals, even though the later signals have the same generation time as the 50 minutes signals, then BBW needs to make that clear.

      So to be clear BBW:

      1) Generates signals at the 50 minute mark, puts them on the Chart, puts them into the Alert popup, puts them into the Experts log and Emails them.

      2) Generates signals after the 50 minute mark (latest I have seen was at 55 minutes) and puts them on the Chart with the same time mark as the 50 minute signals. BUT these post 50 minute signals are not put into the Alert Popup, are not put into the Experts Log nor are they Emailed.

      Anyone else have comments to make on this issue?

      • I found the same problem and wrote to BBW about it. They said the software was designed that way. I did not want to start an argument so I dropped it. I’m glad you found that there’s no good reason to not notify on all signals. Hopefully they are listening!

      • I noticed the same thing. I have to re-scan my charts at the 55 minute for any new signals. Once in awhile the alerts stay on way past the hour.

      • Yes. The same problem here.

  33. BBW generates signals 24/5m but my broker Goption doesn’t always offer 40 minute trade slots that the signals alert for. This is especially true toward end of NY session and early Asian. Also for NZDUSD anytime. Is this a broker problem or a market feature?


    • Signals come in at n:50 and you place the trade with an expiration of (n+1):30. (Example: signal received 3:50, place trade expiration for 4:30.) Are you saying that the (n+1):30 expiration is not available to you until (n+1):00?


    When you click OK after setting your BBW time offsets, your Experts folder will show you your Local, Broker and UTC/GMT time. It is critical you check the 3 times are correct.

    Here is an example:

    2014.04.22 20:33:06.763 BinaryBrainWave_v4 EURJPY,M5: LibNEWS: TimeUTC : 2014.04.22 11:03

    2014.04.22 20:33:06.763 BinaryBrainWave_v4 EURJPY,M5: Local time is 20:33(NEWS_GMT+8.5) 09:30 ahead of NEWS_GMT

    2014.04.22 20:33:06.763 BinaryBrainWave_v4 EURJPY,M5: Broker time is 14:03(NEWS_GMT+3) 04:00 ahead of NEWS_GMT

    Be sure the UTC, Broker and Local times are correct or BBW may suggest trades when it should not.

    Also ensure you are using the latest version 4 of BBW and version 3 had a few time related bugs that could result in potentially incorrect trade signals.

    • i don’t understand the time math. you say:

      2014.04.22 20:33:06.763 BinaryBrainWave_v4 EURJPY,M5: LibNEWS: TimeUTC : 2014.04.22 11:03

      2014.04.22 20:33:06.763 BinaryBrainWave_v4 EURJPY,M5: Local time is 20:33(NEWS_GMT+8.5) 09:30 ahead of NEWS_GMT

      what is “NEWS_GMT?

      • Hi Richard,

        Not my numbers. Was copied from MT4 Experts folder and is generated by BBW right after you Initialise the Indicator.

    • Thanks FxPhil for this.
      I had an email exchange with BBW support and got quite confused.
      When I had settings correct as per checking with GMT time source I was 1 hour off on the LibNews (still don’t know what that means), but once I switched numbers around to get the experts panel correct I had to move my local time an additional hour off of UTC to get things looking right.

      Don’t trust GMT web site, check these expert settings and adjust seems to be the lesson of the day.

  35. I gave up on binaries 9 months ago. This might tempt me back. Does BBW’s underlying rationale or system become apparent after living through a bunch of their trades? (Not that I necessarily need to know, if their signals are 80% +/- in the black. I must say I like the idea of 40 minutes. I felt too much anxiety with MACD-driven 5 minute options off of 1 minute charts.

  36. forexrobotnation

    Means they will connect to your computer and do it for you.

  37. Hi,

    If I buy this product, do have also excess to the member area?
    Because I have a lot of trouble installing robots to FinFX-MT4 (no idea what I am doing wrong). I am affraid it might also be as hard as with Binarybrainwave. Someone who can help me with this?

    • Hi Thom,

      If you look on their website it says multiple times, even rightat the top that they provide free installation.

    • Greetings Thom, how are you making out so far?

      • Hi mcleod51,
        I have it now working (it was not difficult at all!). I am testing it on Demo’s first, and when I think I can make profit off it I am gona start trading real money.

        • Good luck! Who’s your broker? I just had a bit of a hiccup…checked my account and the broker iOption …has gone completely out of business = closed! A few hundred bucks, vaporized : (

  38. Patrick, I think you should place a donation button on your website. With all your help, I’d love to make a donation when I reach enough profits for policing the binary options trading world! I’m sure there are others who would feel the same. What broker do you recommend for USA citizens when using Binary Brain Wave?

    • Thanks Garcia. I just use the recommended one in their members area / the one in the Binary Options Lab on this site.

      No donations needed, feels good just having a positive impact.

  39. Hi Guys,

    Just did my 1st 13 trades. All winners. Used BBW on more than the suggested 6 pairs, even Gold and Silver. Total pairs currently monitored are 11.

    au = 2, ej = 1, eu = 2, gu = 2, nu = 1, ucd = 2, ucf = 1, uj = 2

    Will see how this goes over the next week.

    • Excellent. You monitoring trending and ranging I assume Phil?

      • Have a 32″ HD monitor. Shows 15 charts at once. Simple to check the price history / movement from the candles. Also run the Forex Factory FFCal Indicator in 1 chart (14 for BBW to monitor) for news as it shows time (hh:mm) since and to major news.

        • Sounds like you know what you’re doing. You should really be able to take advantage of brain wave with this setup.

          • Trade Forex for a living. New to Binaries. Thought Forex was full of worthless Indicators and EAs. It has nothing on the Wild West of Binaries. Many spend lot of time and effort selling worthless dreams to desperates.

            Damn. Just scored my 1st 2 losses. Had to happen.

          • 14 BBW charts + FFCal

          • Hey FxPhil, just got and started working with BBW yesterday. Loading up some pairs and wondered if you are still looking at all of these pairs.
            I am running 8 pair now and will most likely increase that number a bit based on what I see.
            Do you have any stats on each pair performance?
            I am just starting to get some data.

  40. This looks very good indeed, what broker did you use when you tested this software? Would you say that estimated every 3 out of 4 signals is a winner with this software?

    • Hi Kenny,

      I would say that is an accurate assessment. All I do is a simple eye test of the charts to make sure they aren’t trending before I place a trade.

      That’s about the only adjustment you will have to make. They show examples in the members area.

  41. Thanks for sharing this. I saw that they do not recommend training in trending markets, but I wanted to ask–when you beta tested the software, did you get the high win rate by trading every signal it gave? I have a feeling that you can be more successful with this software if you have some experience, but since you were new and didnt have any (experience) with it, did you win as much as you did when you placed a trade every time it told you to? Thanks again!

    • forexrobotnation

      I didn’t trade every signal. That just wouldn’t be possible, I have my family, this web site, my own trading. I get the signals, I would take a quick glance at the charts, follow their guidelines and place the trade.

  42. When you look for a trending market, what time frame do you look at? Looking back a day might be trending, but looking back 2-3 hrs., might be channeling.

  43. So has anyone bought this and actually got the email signals to work? This seems to be a somewhat problematic thing with MT4. I recently bought Binary Options bullet and still can not get the email signals to work.

    • forexrobotnation

      Yes, email signals work.

      I’ve tested them myself.

    • For Binary Options Bullet I was never able to get the emails to work. I did everything customer support at BOB told me and I followed the suggestions here at FRN (which turns out are the same directions Binary Brain Wave gives). For Binary Brain Wave I have absolutely no issues receiving emails.

      • Thanks CSsunshine. I have had it with BOB. Tried again from scratch last night by removing and reinstalling everything, followed all instructions, turned off all firewalls, antivirus and it STILL wont work. I can get MT4 to send a test mail, but the BOB wont send one when a signal comes. So into the refund bin it goes and hello BBW.

        • forexrobotnation

          I wonder if something changed with the new updates to BOB. I’ll have them look closer at it and give a free update if required.

          • LOL, something I just thought of as a result of you mentioning updates. BOB sells the backup disk and I went ahead and bought it. When I received it and took a look at it you know what it contained? The old version of BOB! It didn’t even have the updated version on it. Felt totally scammed!

  44. If you are giving this ‘that’ high of a review, it has got to be a good product. you’ve destroyed so many other products, but i must say, your analysis is fair and usually 100% spot on. I’m going to look into this more and give your recommendation a try. Do you recommend a specific ‘amount’ to start off the testing? meaning, will one see results with a small account of $250-$500 and small trades? you mentioned 80% with your worst loss being 3 straight. Was it simply an incorrect signal or did you get in late, what? thanks.

    • forexrobotnation

      Hey Zumar,

      Thanks for that, really appreciate your confidence in my reviews and understanding of the product market.

      The losses I’ve had were wrong signals. In looking at the signals that I lose on closer they are generally always in trending market conditions. If you can spot a trending market and avoid it, you will have even more success. Look for ranging markets with this software, they provide an image in the members area of what to look for in regards to this (but it isn’t necessary).

  45. i only spend about 4 hours on my computer per day..which is between 5 pm and 9:30pm..will i get signals between than hours?

    • forexrobotnation

      Yes there is a very high probability of you getting signals during these hours. I would think during this time you could reasonably expect 1-2 signals a day.

      • with a 80% win rate?

        • forexrobotnation

          Yes. This software is not impacted by specific trading times. There are no specific trade times for the service, it is active at all times except for market opens and during news events.

          • so i should not trade the software signals when markets opens and during news events or is it that the software don`t send out signals during that’s time?

          • forexrobotnation

            The software doesn’t send signals in these times, they have filters.

            I have no problem answering your questions but their website has all of these answers, I suggest heading over there and spending 10-20 minutes looking around and learning.

  46. Just signed up. I hope this is what I’ve been looking for!!

  47. How many signals are per day in the US session?

  48. Patrick, I have tried Binary Bullet for the past year off and on. It never worked in the US since there are so few signals and the daily signals would not yield the right expiration during our time frame. In my opinion, it is a waste of time in the US. Will Brain Wave be any different for the US?

    • forexrobotnation

      Yes Michael, the brain wave software provides signals in all sessions. It also provides more signals than the bullet software.

  49. Thank you for the great review PatrickFX. The role you played in our beta testing was crucial and you deserve lots of credit for helping us in putting together a final product that we are proud of.

    Today is a very special day. It reminds me of when I sent my kids away to school for the first time. I am nervous but excited to meet new traders and have others involved in the process now.

    We have done everything we can over the past two years to ensure that this software is ready for the market and we know now that it is. We have kept the price point very low and have met new needs in the market by not charging monthly fees or having required broker sign ups.

    I truly believe the binary brain wave is going to change a lot of people’s minds about binary options and the prospects of profit.

    We will do everything we can to support our customers and help them become winning traders.

  50. Finally released! This one is a real winner. I’ve personally been hitting over 80% with this software. As always, more information soon to come.

    • How many signals a day for NY session, and worse loosing run to expect. Just from experience.
      For estimation use for me.

      Thanks Patrick,


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