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Best Forex Brokers

In order to trade Forex, you need a broker.

The broker is where you deposit funds, trade, and then withdraw your winnings. Whether you are using robots, signals, or trading manually, you will always need a broker in order to trade.

Once you signup with a broker, they will give you access to the platform (Metatrader 4/5), that you can install on your computer, phone or tablet, so that you can start placing trades.

Currently, I’m using these brokers for my trading, and you can see these recommendations here:

Best Forex Brokers 2024

ImageMin. DepositRatingCountriesSign UP
$30 (#1 Broker)
ALL Countries & USA

$10 (No MetaTrader)
ALL Countries (No KYC - select any country in drop down)

ALL Countries & USA

Overseas (regulated)

As we continue to grow, we add more and reviews to the Forex Robot Nation resource. In the past few months, we’ve started to review more brokers to give the community more options, and we’ve found that many of these reviews are getting a lot of real client feedback in the comment sections.

That being said, here is our full list of recent Forex broker reviews:


If you would like to see more brokers added or you have a certain Forex broker that you would like us to test just send as an email or leave a comment.

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  1. Hi can i ask two questions

    1. Is it lot/ 2130 x (commission) x 2 or more (profit) for the crypto currency?

    2. Is it lot/ 850 x (commission of broker) x 2 or more (for profits) for currencies like i.g ( EURUSD,AUDNZD,AUDCHF)?

    Looking forward for your answer thank you and more power.

  2. Hi. I have opened a Cent account with FBS with a leverage of 1:500. Would this be fine to subscribe to your signal? Is there a minimum amount of deposit to receive your signal at optimum performance?

  3. Patrick, please include issues on how to trade and deposit and with draw money from countries where trading forex is illigal. Thank you.

  4. Hello. Just wanted to know if you have heard of any problems with Osprey in regards to deposit or withdrawal. Thinking of starting with Osprey now. Thank you.

  5. Hi Patrick,

    Found your website after hours looking at “genuine” reviews and must say you are one of the few that are actually genuine!
    Thought I would sign up to your free signal service to get a flavour before signing up to th VIP because you say you provide one free signal a day. Over the past couple of weeks this has not been the case and only 2-3 max over a week. So I’m sure you can appreciate, if I’m not getting the advertised 1 per day for free then I’m very reluctant and now sceptical about signing up to VIP signals if they don’t flow through at 2-3per day as suggested let alone lining your pocket to boot! Sorry for the blunt delivery but as your a pretty genuine guy I know you’ll give an open and honest reply.
    Cheers and congratulations on your success.

    • Hi Ian, I am providing less free signals and focusing more on VIP now that it’s grown to nearly 600 members. I’ll see what I can do to get that number up to 4-5 again since I’ve had a few other people mention this as well.

  6. Hi

    I’ve been watching your videos, u rock in every single of them. I’ve watched a video a few months ago now on the broker ospreyfx. I just wanted to see your opinion now if the broker is legit after you trailed them now after a few months, are they hassle free and give you withdraws without a fuss. I’m from Australia I’m going to join them but I just wanted your opinion first about them as I’ve been scammed in the past of a broker and now I’m treading the water carefully on brokers. I like this brokers because of the variety of cryptos to trade plus also the leverage, as in Australia with the regulations are alot tighter and not much of a variety of Cryptos. Thank you

  7. FYI you should alert your readers that out of Paxforex, FXopen, Ospreyfx and Adro, only Ospreyfx appears to accept USA clients. And in small print Ospreyfx says at the bottom of main page that their services and info are not intended for USA customers.

  8. G’day Patrick,

    Mate, I went to open an account with PaxForex as I want to use the Fury EA, and in the sign up for an account with them when I selected the MT4 in the platform selection it wanted me to go and create an account with ADROFX. Yet I am supossedly able to download the MT4 from their (PaxForex) site… IS there are reason for this?

    • Same parent company James, using adrofx servers.

      • Thanks for that mate. Had a feeling that it may have had something to do with me being in Australia. Although companies claim to be worldwide they do not always cover every country, especially Australia. Something to do with our trading regulations. Plus having been bitten in the past by a registered brokerage company that went rogue it was a bit of a red flag too when I was directed to another site.

        Thanks for clearing that up.

  9. Hi. I have subscibed to your VIP signals but most crypto trades are not available with the 3 brokers I use (MT4). Who should I use ? I am in South Africa. Thanks

  10. Hi, can i use pepperstone?

  11. Hi,

    1. Why do not I see any brokers (like XM, Exness, FXTM, HotForex,…) which are popular now in several countries ?
    2. Could you advise which broker is the best option for trader in Vietnam?

  12. Hai Ryan
    Doing great job. I am from India i tried iForex,OCTA Fx,FBS, for trading but not useful. Hey can u suggest a good and genuine ECN OR STP broker to trade in India. To be frank i am not a huge investor. I trade with 250,100 dollors usually. Please help me. Also i am a EA developer. How can i sell my EAs.

    Thanks in Advance.

  13. which broker is better for Uganda forex traders

  14. As a US citizen being supposedly limited to leverage of 50:1, is it feasible to make a decent profit in forex vs foreign persons using leverages of many times the US allowable. Note: I am a newbie with no forex experience yet.

    Thanks, Don

    • Hi Don, it’s still possible to be profitable with a lower leverage. Many US traders will look abroad for brokers that allow them to trade higher leverages, like OspreyFX in my list above.

  15. Which broker is the best for users in Egypt or Middle East
    What u think about mx broker?

  16. Patrick,
    Thank you for all your help and support.
    I am in USA and wasnt to user EA robot for EURCHF, EURGBP,USD/CHF.
    I have opned account with Not sure if its an ECN broker…Person who sold Robo suggested to use ECN Broker.

    What do you think about

    or do you suggest any other ECN broker in USA for automated trading with MT4 EA?

  17. Hi, Patrick

    I would like to start my trading FX trading journey. Which broker do you think is best for me? I am from the Philippines.


  18. Hello, I have registered at, now my task is to choose an account! which one would you use for an investment of 1000$-3000$ …… STP, micro or ECN?

  19. Hi there, just want to ask if this would he compatible with Axi?Thanks

  20. Hi, I recently made an account. I saw they have great reviews. I was wondering what are your thoughts on them?

  21. I are use Tripleafx (AAAFx) demo , they seem to be ok. What do you know about them. I am from USA.

  22. Hi FRN Team,
    I was reading about PaxForex and I found that it’s not regulated and it has no clear and known headquarter, so I don’t know if it can be trusted! What do you think? And can I know what makes you recommend it?

    Thanks ????

  23. Hi,
    First of all I want to thank you for your great efforts here and the awesome work.
    If you don’t mind me asking you about which is the best broker that provide VPS and works well with robots like Forex Steam?
    I’m asking because I never used VPS before and from what I read it’s recommended to use VPS if we’re using robots to avoid any problem with server or device shutdown and I want to have everything right before I buy the robot.

    And if you have any other suggestions for me please let me know and I will be grateful.

    Thanks ????

    • Hi Fadi, I’ve never used a broker that provides a VPS. I just have my broker, and pay for my VPS separately. When deciding to use a Forex robot, you should buy the robot first. As, the robot members area will provide all the details and guides you need to get started when it comes to brokers, VPS, etc.

  24. your reviewing brokerages where is the review for the preferred brokerages you recommend? why is right click disabled?

  25. I am trying to find a good trading platform and have seen many bad reviews for many platforms (poor spreads, poor communication, problems withdrawing money, etc). I am happy to try FX Open as recomended here, and I have also found these with mainly positive reviews. Thoughts anyone?
    FP Markets, FXTM, Fusion Markets, Trading 212, Lightspeed Trading, Trading View.

  26. We are trying to used ICmarkets , FXDD and Land-FX. What can you say about them?

  27. Last time I enquired on the best brokers (in may) you had Forex Time (FXTM) as highly recommended on the top ten.But I now can’t seem to find them here? Should i be concerned as am just about to start using them?

  28. Paxforex not available for USA persons?

  29. Is the VPS service provided by FXopen good enough? Or is it better to get from one of the 3rd party VPS providers you recommended?

  30. Hello I am in Australia and using a broker named Pepperstone, can I use Forex Fury with Pepperstone? Also can you please explain how the robot works and give some indication of past performance thanks

  31. Hey FRN thank you for last answer! Next answer is… Can I join broker FBS, OctaFX, or XMFX (i use OctaFX) they can withdrawal in local bank in my country, what do you think?

  32. i see you suggest FXopen as broker, but which one? since FXopen has three bodyes under someone can open an account: FXopen AU (ASIC), FXopen UK (FCA), FXopen Nives (local authority). As you know these different regulations bring a customer to different conditions. Please specify because I think you are referring to a particular one you have worked with

  33. What do you think about Oanda? Can’t see it on your list. What benefits does fxopen have over oanda? Inquiring minds want to know!

    • Hi Weeber, they are a great broker. Many of the readers here are with Oanda. I’ll do a review at some point in the near future.

    • I signed up with fxopen and I just took a look at Oanda and they look good too. How do you chose?

      Im trading from Australia so trying to figure out the best broker. Ive got my account with but then afterwards I realised they have another website with a address so not sure which is best option or if it even matters. Now Oanda has come to my attention as a good option too. Honestly choosing a broker is difficult with so many options.

  34. Gooday, i would like to open 2 FXOpen accounts, one to run Forexsteam and the other to run Forexfury. I would like to use the robots but run them on 2 MT4 platforms on on VPS Server, is that possible? I’ve noticed that you can only download one instance of a broker platform, which means that I would need to open another instance of windows to run the same broker platform with a different robot?

    • Yes Mike, this is possible. When installing MT4, just install it to a new folder, then you will have multiple instances. If you want more than two MT4 platforms running, then just keep installing MT4 to new folders each time. The folder can just be labeled MT4 1, and MT4 2. As long as it’s a different name, a new MT4 will be installed each time.

  35. If I open an account on your recommended broker PaxForex, since I am in USA, whcih type of account do I open? Standard or Mini?

  36. jorge sachelaridi

    Hi people. Do you still recommend Forex Fury? What about the Minimiun capital for this robot..

  37. hello how is it going? do you still recommend Forex Fury?

  38. I’m using IC Markets out of Australia but I have a suspicion that they are manipulating the way the EA works because Steam has hardly placed a trade over the past 3 days. I’m thinking of moving over to one of the recommended brokers on this site, any preferences?

  39. Which is the best broker account to open on $500 deposit , using Forex fury , and a VPS.
    The broker account must be ECN is this correct

  40. hay, iam asking please wich one of thes brokers ( fxPRO, xm, ironfx) can work very god with forexfury robot and forex steam robot

    Thankyou so much for your all efforts….

  41. How do you feel about using your ea on these brokers: Tallinex / Traders Way / Oanda / FXchoice / FXCM – U.S.A. If you have not tested them please try as per your site.

  42. hi.. im from msia..
    is OctaFx good to use with forex fury EA?

  43. I am from The USA, what is the best low spread broker to use with forex fury?

  44. can i use the ea for exness mini accounts

  45. Hello everybody,
    I’m looking for a good broker accepting perfect money payments, do you know one ?

  46. Hello, I saw that it is possible to get a robot directly with finfx (signal trader). Is it a good one ?

  47. Hi!
    Is FinFX good to use with Forex Fury EA?
    Do they offer demo account?
    I see on their site they have low spreads…
    Thanks for your answer!

  48. Hi. I’m using IronFX. Should I install FinFX to use EAs like ForexStream and/or GoldBull?

  49. Okay, gatcha, Forgot that. Hmmm. Maybe a long way to go but I’ll get there.

  50. I thought you had chosen Boss Capital as the best broker? Is this an additional one or have you changed from Boss?

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