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AUD/NZD Potential Upward Movement

AUD/NZD Long-Term Trend: Bullish

Key Resistance Levels: 1.06328, 1.06393, 1.07000.

Key Support Levels: 1.06078, 1.05901, 1.05501.

1-Hr Time Frame:

The price on the higher time frame succeeded to break the bearish channel to the upside and entered into a bullish flag formation which has a tendency to be broken to the upside since the liquidity was found near the highlighted yellow area.

AUD/NZD Medium-Term Trend: Bullish

15-Mins Time Frame:

On the lower time frame, the price is seen inside a bullish wedge formation where it failed to break the bespoke support and posted an engulfing bullish pattern signaling that the buyers are in control of the market. A lower correction could be seen before a new bullish impulsive wave.

Buy Market Order @ 1.06100

TP 1 @ 1.06399        

TP 2 @ 1.07000.

Stop Loss @ 1.05952

Trade Safely 🙂

About Joe Damien

Joe is a proven Forex analyst and manual trader with 6 years of full-time trading experience. He is a swing trader that relies on price action, market structure and Fibonacci retracement. His two most successful pairs are CHF/JPY, CAD/JPY, but his expertise allows him to profit on any asset or pair.


  1. Hello Fred,

    First thanks for your feedback.

    To be honest didnt understand what do you mean with those two paragraphs.

    From what I discovered is that you may have confusion between the AUD/NZD & GBP/CAD trading ideas.

    Stop loss on AUD/NZD is not triggered in the opposite it is going in our direction and I just moved the stop loss to entry price.

    Please double check before stating that I am lying since we are known to provide transparent trading where we post the trading ideas that are triggered either through an update or in the monthly results.

    If you convince me that there is any lie in the AUD/NZD trading idea then I will promise you to do a training to enhance my poor performance (for sure as you stated).

  2. Hi Analysis

    Why would you lie when you put stop loss-triggered -17 pips

    I took that trade my lot size was 1.00 and you put your stop loss at $350.00 you lied to every one it only 17 pips loss that would’ve mean I check the stop loss it said lost you had people set there stop loss at is 350.00 that means 35 pips you set your stop loss at and I can only trade 1% stop loss and I had to re-adjust stop loss at $250.00 that would be 25 pips I lost.

    I was told stop loss is only supposed to be 1% you lied to every one and you said you did stop loss reached 35 pips. Why would you lie to the group in vip I trade that pair. Please do not lie to the group. Be honest with stop loss and I do not know what you need to do but you need training to get better you suck for giving this trade signal out. I hope you give winning trades compared to how you lied to the vip group.

    You were completely wrong in you signal. Please get help from the owner of vip signal you need more training you are performing very low and I hope you can fix your issues of giving the wrong signal change it into winning signal and you completely not trusted on poor your signal was and please be honest I lost 25 pips you lost 35 pips not 17 signals you need to be honest with offering signals take it seriously because we follow signals and need to make profit. I hope this does not happen to me again. Please be right next time you give your signals out. I want to be able to trust your signals right now I have hard time trusting your signals

    Thank You,


  3. Hi Analysid,

    I am very disappointed In this trade your stop lost was more than 1%. I can only set my stop loss 1% before I have purchase signal was told stop loss is 1% my lot size 1.00 and stop loss max is 1% is 250.00. I give you an F for this trade.

    I do not know if you need more training to be analysis but your analysis was way off. I hope prey you will be capable of giving better signals than the way you have given me.

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