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Turbo Pips – Forex Trading Review

Turbo PipsSo today I will look at Turbo Pips, this is not the old software known as PipTurbo, this is a Forex system that is 100% new so don’t get it confused.

Tagline: Renegade Forex trader blows whistle on massive Forex. How you can finally make a full-time income quickly and automatically by ignoring the guru hoax that keeps you broke.

I have got a few emails about this Turbo Pips lately. I wasn’t going to write a review but then I kept getting emails so I figured I would as there seems to be some sort of Forex community demand.

So lets go over some of the details about this Turbo Pips Forex robot.

Turbo Pips Facts

  • Highly optimized risk and money-management strategies so you’ll never have more than 1% of your account on the line in any trade (this is KEY to the success of any EA but neglected by “gurus” whose idea of “money management” is convincing you to get out your credit card).
  • “Set and forget” settings – no need to spend hours “tweaking”.
  • The ability to trade on ALL major currency pairs (few other “robots” can do this but it’s crucial to your long-term trading profits).
  • Ultra-low drawdown of 2.83% (if you’ve traded with other systems you’ll see instantly what a “game changer” this is).
  • Cost: $47.00

Turbo Pips Results

Looks like there are a bunch of different results provided on the Turbo Pips page. We have not started our FRN testing of this system yet but here is an example of the Forex results being provided.

Turbo Pips

Turbo Pips Conclusion

There is quite a bit of information the sales page about this but I have yet to come to my Turbo Pips conclusion. I think in a week or two after I have done some testing I will have a finalization. If you have any information leave a comment below.

Try Turbo Pips

About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. Aslam, Am personally not impressed with the results so far. You might wanna try it to see if it suits you though. I posted my email address earlier. You can send me a request for the product and you’ll get a response in a few hours.

  2. Hi there Ral,
    We believe and offer our support to you in your ventures. Whether it is beta testing the scalper or feedback or anything else that you need from us. Like Ichooku is making small but consistent gains in conjunction with Fusion Forex, Iris and Faps.
    Whats your experience with the new Delphi Scalper? I was getting mixed results on the old one. More Power to you. Keep up the good work. Cheers.

  3. Thanks Aslam, Feels good being back once again. I have been developing a new scalper system, Jst finished and taking it for a ride… You should check out FX Speed Trader, its a pretty solid system.. Cheers and goodluck 🙂

  4. Thanks Jen. Will go have a look at forex combo. Thanks for the advice, will give that a try and see if I can increase my profits. Have a good day all.

  5. Hi Ral – thank you for the info – well interesting -:-) I need time to digest it.
    Jack – yes – they say we should be into Gold and Silver at the moment. I tried a gold EA but as you say – you need good funds for that and to just leave it. On my back burner. We best keep you updated with fx auto millionaire – if it bounces back it will make your account grow faster than turbo. What i recommend is every month or whatever you get paid if you can put a little more into your account,. every little helps…before you know it you can trade higher volumes and then your account will show a difference and you can play with the more money needed EA’s. Did i say to everyone – another one for the books is forex combo – 3 different strategies – a scalper – another one!! and another one 🙂 – all working well together. Looking good 🙂 Jen

  6. Welcome back Ral, we need and missed you.
    But while we were talking, Ral, like the great King Arthur has found the Holy Grail. But if these Eas are never sold how can we know them or get access to them???? Absolutely astounding results, we hail you Ral and bow to you as the uncrowned King of the forum. Do enlighten and share your secret with us. Ichimoku is still doing well. Thanks once again.

  7. Hi Franks, IMO Delphi scalper isnt such a solid strategy. I cannot post a copy here due to copyrights. If you send me a request to, I can give you my copy of the EA. Hope it helps.. 🙂

  8. HI Jen, I think there could be Holy grails. Its just no one gets to hear about such EAs, cos they are neva sold. Check out my Trade History as proof if you dont mind..


  9. Hi Jen, Thanks for the input.
    Much Appreciated. Thats exactlly what I needed to know. Will get Fab turbo and give that a go for a while. Will be getting auto fx millionare as its quite cheap and seems to doing well but will wait untill the servers issues are less.
    Burnt my first Demo account today, Buying and selling gold with a small account not a good idea. But the proffit potential is huge.

    Thanks all for the input and happy traiding

  10. ooh sorry – i must have been on holiday – missed all your inputs above duhhh … Yes – theres no holy grail…and each ea will have a period where a month or so it wont be performing well at all but in the long run it makes it back up. The most reliable (if not slow and boring) are of course fapturbo and their new product ich whatever they call it… they are safe so expect progress to be slow but sure. You need to start off slow and sure otherwise you’lI blow your account. I still like auto fx millionaire – he produces more orders although I have read (true or false) that his server isnt up to parr so it may well have another weird period like last week -but hey ho – he produced some good trades following to make up for it? Overdrive – I have seen some web sites show massive gains but you know what – every time i put it on my darn account i get a series of losses? I dont understand that… I;ll have to speak to the seller… Before the upgrade – the seller advised i could increase my orders by putting a 90% risk which wouldnt affect the risk on my account apparently and that did make me money but the new upgrade the 90% system doesnt work – proved dangerous – so i turned it off. I need to speak to the seller again – I;ll update when I do.
    I like forex steam although as i say – it does have periods where it goes to hell .. you get a loss which looks high every 4 or so orders but it makes it up fast. Thats a fav with me but I watch it as i said before as now and again it will have periods where there are many many losses in a row… and thats when i turn it off and watch it on demo for a while but that really made a difference to my account and is presently behaving itself. I put a stop loss of 30 pips in it… i found from my original testing (whether that changes or not) that if it hits 30 pips loss its more likely to continue to their defaulted 90 pip stop loss… I think 30 pips is more than enough to loose. So in answer to your question – it really all depends on how much funds you have..if small you need to start off slow with the regular ones and build some capital up ie fapturbo/ich whatever their new one is – and maybe add auto millionaire but watch it. When funds increase add steam as that will make money – but needs decent funds in your account first. AND you need to be patient. All the best – Jen 🙂

  11. Thanks Andrew and Aslam. Will do just that.
    The free stuff you get with Forex Pips Finder seem to work quite well. The Buy and sell signals in generates are quite accurate. Some very nice pips taken on my demo account.

    Cheers till later

  12. HI Jack,
    I think Andrew has summed up the situation beautifully and to some extent Jen too, in her gigglesome doll way!!!. Each robot works in set market condition, spread based or time based and accordingly win or lose as the market changes. Losses being an integral part of trading, I am still trying to find a combination (portfolio) of robots, so that the win to loss ratio increases, but who can predict which way the market will move. Something works for someone and not for others. But I feel a combination of manual and automated trading is the best. So best of luck and luck and keep watching this forum.Cheers,


  13. Hi Jack,
    It’s the Holy Grail isn’t it, to find a robot that will win consistently over a long period. They all have winning periods and it also depends on the time of year, the broker you’re using and their spreads. August is always very bad for scalpers and now we’re in September things should improve. I’ve found that Ichimoku, which is the bonus EA you get with FAP Turbo, is proving to be a consistent scalper. A high win-to-lose ratio, only thing is that profits are small and it really needs to be traded on a larger account size. But over time small profits add up. I’ll certainly be using it on a daily basis. Wall Street Robot was performing well but was also affected by the August period.
    Just a word about Overdrive – be careful! It uses a very big stop loss (300+ I think) for only a few pips profit and drawdown can be scary.
    I’d suggest to keep looking at all the forums (Forex Moments is a good one) and read what other people are saying. Hope that helps!

  14. Has anyone tried Delphi Scalper 2.0, it’s a manual system by Jason Fielder? Any info is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  15. Hi Jen, Aslam, Andrew and N.L.
    Need some advice from you forex robot nation Guru’s.
    Have any of the robots you guys and gal tested actually worked for an extended period?
    Which robot do you like the most? I have done plenty of research and every site and forumn top 5 robots differ. The only robot that I found that is in most of the top five list is Forex Overdrive. Think I will give this one a try for a while and keep tweaking to see if I can get better results. If that does not work then I will have to go back to manual trading.
    As it seems I’m wasting more money buying new robots that what I’m actually losing trading manually. Thanks in advance and have a stress free day.

  16. teehee… Yes – the market gapped and I lost also in my tiny account – am in – find a way to recover mode now…Andrew/Aslam – if you get a chance – send me your email address. Rita = umm..she brings out a new product like every month Andrew..I just cant take her seriously anymore. AFM email alerts show orders are resuming today…. a couple closed at zero pips and one at 23 pips or something…I’ve read that the persons server isnt all that – maybe hes falled into the same problem forex turbo did in allowing too many people in. I should have trusted my instincts tho and turned off on thursday before non farm payroll. I could kick myself.

  17. Hi everyone,
    Its a case of you scratch my…back and I will yours!!! I just hate the guts of these guys when after having sold their systems, they have the cheek to say that ‘this is the only system I use and it works’ When what the hell happpened to the product they were promoting and selling sold a few weeks back. We just keep giving them the ignore and they keep coming back with freebies, family and friends discounts. Last chance $20 discount 3 packages remaining. Do they think we are bloody fools. Do you really know these blood suckers!!! Like Andrew says you’ve gpot good instincts Jen, but even you keep getting suckered in, while I like the adrenalin rush of trading. Bull in a China shop sort of thing. Well to each his own. Take care and keep in touch.

  18. Hiya Jen – okay, we’ll write that one off! I’m still damn annoyed at what’s happened with AFM. When the markets opened last night EURJPY and EURUSD gapped down as you know into even more drawdown. I put in stop losses but these were hit – am I not happy!
    I’ve also just realised that FAP Turbo 54 and Ichimoku can only be traded on one broker, you have to buy a second license if you want to change – what a rip-off!
    Did I tell you about Forex Blue Box from Rita Lasker. I’ve tried her stuff in the past and not had much success, but this is proving quite profitable. You can either trade manually (just place pending trades at a given time in the morning) or use the free EA which does the same thing. I’ll keep everyone informed how it’s going.
    Bye for now and don’t stress your little heart too much with AFM!

  19. Hi Andrew – I’ve been viewing reviews on currency swiper and one web forum i was viewing were slating it off big time saying it produces lots of signals but few are any good…. Ummm… da ja vu… i wont be rushing out to buy…

  20. All sounds good! Yeah I’m not sure what to make of currencyswiper either – I’ll leave it to you as you’re the manual expert! How did auto millionaire go for you today, I had several lost connections and a 79 pip loser (as did a lot of people) – they’ve got to get it sorted.
    FAP Turbo 54 looking promising, good night’s trading tonight.
    Back to the grindstone tomorrow – don’t slave too hard, see ya!

  21. Thanks Andrew…. Hope you’re well – yeah me too unfortunately is a day slave worker!!… Roll on forex holy grail 🙂 = well – its generating signals all the time BUT and thats why testing on demo is always the right thing to do – there are 3 lines which should match up to the signals = but i’ve noticed they really should on all time frames to get rather instant and substantial profits… I tested the theory on a couple of orders and the profits were totally immediate – well exciting – then noticed the timeframes for other signals following werent matching the lines – so my excitement in the amount of orders generated by the signals was short lived. I’ll continue to test and update you. I think i just need to crack how many pips to safely go for and roughly what % of the signals and lines match up. I’ll update as i test further. Oh – Theres been an awful lot of hype on the currencyswiper… I’m going to watch the reviews on that one :-). The big players helping to promote products of late were also promoting sheer rubbish so i’ll monitor that one 🙂

  22. Hi Jen,
    Very interesting babe! If there any signals generated early evening our time it would be good for me as I do work all day. Agree with you, fx millionaire looking good.
    See ya later, look after yourself!

  23. ha ha ha..Hi Guys..yeah i thought i’d be a guy for a while and you guys would share your good knowledge with me ha ha ha – 🙂 Hey guys i;ve been testing a manual system… fx trend assassin… its looking good!!! but i’m still testing. Basically it gives you signals and a stop loss and you put orders in – orders are generating quite often so still getting some if you go to work sort of thing.. Its looking good…I need to perfect how many pips to safely go for before it can retrace. This will be just tested on demo until i know what i;m doing properly and it was looking really positive. I;m getting sick of these damn robots – even tho fx millionaire is still doing well and is becoming my bestest ever friend 🙂 (followed by you guys of course ha ha ha) tee heee… catch yers soon.. keep well all 🙂 Jen

  24. Apologies to Kim and Doris by the way.

  25. Thank you admin! Aslam, please see my post on the Ichimoku thread. Cheers.

  26. Thanks for the double support Andrew. IOU. But we have Kim and Doris too. It was said in jest as I was ribbing her for revealing that we thought was “John” was in fact her, “Jen”. But shes a sport and I dont think anyone took offence. Besides I feel she is actively contributing her experiences on the forum just like you and I like that. What are the latest developements with you Andrew about Trend Hunter?????? Cheers. the more the merrier

  27. So nice I’ve submitted it twice!

  28. Hi Jen,
    I think what Aslam means is it’s really nice to have some female company on here (and a fellow Brit too!). X

  29. Hi Jen,
    Good to know you have a sense of humor. It must feel great coming out of the closet and being yourself. I somehow feel you will be an asset to our trading, with your contributions. !!!!
    Thanks for your recommendation, Jen, I have subscribed to Auto Fx Millionare and awaiting their reply. See Ya.

  30. Yes, you are correct N.L.,

    Same voice too….Funny, but I have been testing Automated Pips on my Finfx and Alpari demos…Just trying to see what would happen…On Finfx it is something like 65 wins and 0 losses mainly with a 15 T/P for $3000+, but with open trades of -$4097…I was using 6 pairs at lots= .1 to .3 for the last 4 weeks….On Alpari overall it is in negative figures because with NFA, FIFO it will close some trades because of previous PAIRs…In other words i have other EA’s on Alpari U.S. and if they start let’s say 1 EURUSD pair from EA whatever it will have to close this pair first usually replacing the T/P and S/L to whatever the first pair dictates….Weird, but true…

  31. i didnt know that jack – thanks – I might just go for go markets then 🙂 Thanks

  32. Was thinking about that, wanted to open an fxopen account a while ago and it had a minimum trading volume of 2. So you can buy 0.2 and 0.5 lots but the total must end up to 2. So you will have too have 3 -4 trades opened. Not sure if its still like this

  33. oh jack – i think both fxopen and gomarkets are probably on same level so maybe a personal choice. why not open a dmeo on each and test the same product on each for while?

  34. ha ha ha.. 🙂 i’ve changed my blogg name now Aslam – ha ha ha.. Auto millionaire – took out 4 orders today – being a UK bank holiday i will monitor them as holiday periods tend to affect trading at times… but just to give you insight – 3 x orders on the gbp/jpy and one on eur/usd… and one pending so in effect that could be 5 orders at once at some point (and maybe more if they choose to add them!!) hence why i say be careful with your leverage – 5 orders could make a dent on someones margin … I havent viewed it yet but new hype coming in for a product called currency swiper… someone sent me a link – £129 per month… quite high compared to others on the market? … Ummm… Take care – Jen 🙂

  35. Hi John/Jen,(I am still playing it safe.??no gender bender.)
    Thanks for the tip. Once you spoke of dickie birds I had you pegged as being (1) female and (2) from UK and I am Sherlock Holmes.
    See ya

  36. opps i mean 10p per pip not 1p – duhhhhh.

  37. Hi yer – tee hee – maybe i’ll later my blogg name ha ha – Erm – I had auto fx millionaire on the tinnest settings live on Friday ie 0.001 and it opened quite a few trades and closed at £19 profit – I;m in the uk – so in dollars that would have been more… so thats a penny a trade used and i got £19 out of it!!! – that like pretty darn good isnt it!! I wasnt prepared to put any more money on live as i am getting such different results live to demo i thought i would try it. I will continue to test it this week – but if looks good. As it opens or can open a few orders at a time – be careful with your leverage and dont get carried away otherwise you’ll run risk of a margin call. Brokers- yeah – I’ve heard fx open are good – I would google pepperstones tho before proceeding – I saw the recommendation from them and a couple people I read reviews about were slate-ing them off big time… I cant recall reading anything bad about fx open… people seling EA’s used to recommend them ages ago? I think i might test on fxopen and see if demo shows anything? In meantime i would seriously say if you havent fx millionaire – get it! 🙂

  38. Hi John/Jen(Now you have me confused??? Just Joking!)
    Thanks for the list. After going through it, I am thinking of going live FxOpen/Pepperstone. Just wanted to know if anyone in the forum had any experience with them. Let me know Asap. What was the result of Auto FxMillionare??? See ya later.

  39. Forgot to add:
    you can view different brokers and also see section to your left on eg brokers for scalpers…

  40. opps i meant Auto FX Millionaire doing well – got quite a lot of orders today and only one negative.

  41. ha ha..thanks all for the update – The Ea took a BIG loss today – it would have cleared out ALL profits made and more on that loss….All things taken into consideration… I was pulled in by this one – It WAS spitting out orders liek they were going out of fashion tho… This ones off my records now. Thanks for the update. 🙂 My excuse is John is my forex blogg name – I;m really a girl – Jen and gullible as hell as you can see. Thanks all and for the update on Alpari..I was beginning to think it was ME… Dare i say it… Automillionaire pips is doing well presently!!!! 🙂

  42. N.L. you are so right! And their statements are from MB Trading broker, but after a research
    we’ll find out that MB Trading did not actually have MetaTrader platform
    back in 2006, so the statements on the website are indeed FAKE.
    They are not live account statements.

    For this reason I DON’T RECOMMEND this EA.

  43. Talk about blowing the whistle:

    Here’s a trick question for ya. What’s the difference between this EA and…. pretty much absolutely NOTHING! Ok, maybe except the name changes(Bill Larrson instead of Jeff Osborne), as well as some of the testimonials(with photos) and the EAs’ names, of course. lol

    & ya don’t stop!…

  44. Right on point. Even Demo forward test on Alpari are just not going on well compared to other broker.

  45. Guys! I really don’t know why you are using robots on alpari accounts. They do not let the robots working properly. I have couple of screenshots I took it on my alpari accounts when the spread went up to 100(!) while my robots opened trades!

    Check this out:

    You can opene here ECN accout from $2500 with acceptable spread.

    By the way does anybody know anything about the free robots from this site? I sent e-mail to the admin but no respond. Are there any manulas available?

  46. Hi Aslam, Not good news – the other broker i have it working on is PFG BEST. Its dishing out positive orders like its going out of fashion…BUT and a big but – I was ready to open an account with them few days ago and did a research review on them first and you should see the amount of NEGATIVE comments about them saying as soon as you open a live account the spreads change!! and the staff are really rude!!! – There were too many comments saying same thing as i dived deeper so alas – I have to take it off that broker…
    I might try it on fxopen or research a bit more to see what brokers other scalper EA’s are recommending..I;ll update you when i find a half decent one 🙂 In meantime – yes something wrong with ALPARI… It produce less profits that all other brokers i have tested against and just seems a bit strange in trading – compared to the more positive results i get from other brokers..I have an account with fxdd and was always happy with them but being usa the laws changed and i think i need more leverage to trade or something… but even their spreads/results were better than Alpari – I’ve been thinking of leaving them for a while now. I’ll update you on brokers asap.

  47. Hi John,
    Could you let me know which is the other broker? I have been trading with Alpari(UK) and Trading Point. But have problems with Apari(Uk) regarding EAS. If you could let me know which is the other broker that works and what account you are having with them. I could try them out too. Maybe we will see ‘dickie birds’ going tweet tweet all around us. Anyway, best of luck and do let us know how you are doing?

  48. i have this running on 2 brokers… Alpari – not a dickie bird sign of an order… and on another broker regular good daily orders! This may be a broker dependant EA – get the wrong broker and nothing or bad results – get a good one and yippe – xmas come early. As for Support – I think theyve taken their xmas holidays – not a dickie bird of a reply in a week!!! – I’m sending out a chaser now resisting a really strong urge to shout ANSWER ME DAMN IT !! 🙂

  49. Whats upobody tried this???? What about you Kim (admin) nothing more to be said?

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