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Multi Strategist EA Review (Julian Jäger)

Multi Strategist EA is the first automated expert advisor developed by Julian Jäger. This robot is a multi-currency trading system that aims to “achieve profits by trading with low DD and high win rates.” It first launched on September 14th, 2019, and is now on version 4.301 with the most recent update coming at the beginning of July. This shows …

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Target Signals Review (Live Trading Signals)

Target Signals is a service that’s been providing trading alerts since 2011. They promise “accurate trading signals, independently verifid results and much more.” Today we will provide a full review, and let you know if the vendor is living up to their expectations. According to the about us page, the team formed in New York city, made up of big …

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Super Forex Bot Review (EA Collection)

Super Forex Bot is a automated trading development team offering multiple expert advisors in a collection. They build their systems to trade 24 hours a day in all market conditions, taking advantage of money management, close profit execution and buy/sell analysis. Today we will be reviewing these bots, and letting you know if they are viable investment opportunities. The development …

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FX Tech Strategy Review (Currency Analysis)

FX Tech Strategy is a currency analysis provider, that also offers trading signals with buy/sell entries, stop losses and price targets. The creators of the service claim that their award winning data “will lower your risk & instantly reveal profitable trade ideas.” The service appears professional, but we are unsure they will have the level of proof we require, in …

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SMFX Analytics Review (Forex Signals)

SMFX Analytics is a Forex signal service with daily video updates, tutorial videos, one-on-one mentoring and access to educational content. The creator’s mission statement states that they “aim to inspire and educate others through transparent trading methods and market knowledge.” They won’t sell indicators, thousand dollars packages and focus on live trading signals with real results. Today we will be …

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Signal Detector 47 Review (Signals & EA)

Signal Detector 47 is a new Forex signal and expert advisor service that’s focused on providing “lower cost” options in a rather expensive market. They also offer managed account services, and claim to have over 4,500 clients. We will be analyzing each and every claim provided by this vendor, to let you know if it’s a viable investment opportunity. There …

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Standard FX Review (Managed Account)

Standard FX is a Forex managed account service that claims to “realize 20% weekly” through trading your Forex, bitcoin and binary options accounts on your behalf. This is obviously a significant return, which means we need to remain skeptical, because 80% per month is unrealistic. Today we will be providing a review, and letting you know if this service provider …

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EP 3: Testing & Winning in 2020

In the third episode of the Forex Robot Nation podcast we discuss testing and winning in 2020. Many traders still put too much emphasis on backtesting or strategy testing. While this can be helpful, it is not a true determination of past trading results when dealing with advanced automated trading programs that use live data. There are some robots that …

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Pipbolt Review (MT5 EA’s)

Pipbolt is a new service providing traders with access to free Forex trading robots compatible with any MT5 broker. The creators of the service want to provide “easy to use Forex robots, from traders for traders.” We assume at some point in the future that they will provide some sort of paid option, but until then you will provide a …

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Metagrid Trademanager for MT4 Review

Metagrid Trademanager is a Forex indicator built to lower your risk when trades immediately go in the wrong direction, while increasing profits when they go in the right direction. It accomplishes this by providing built-in money management alongside other features and “flexible settings” that “allow tailoring to match your trading style.” The software is owned by IT + Median and …

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