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Trade Explorer Review (LeapFX)

Trade Explorer is another Forex robot developed or acquired by the LeapFX team. They advertise this expert advisor as “proven to generate 38% profit per month trading on 27 currency pairs even in the most volatile market conditions with limited risk.” Today I will be providing a complete review to let you know if it’s worth the exorbitant $697 price …

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Arbitron EA Review (LeapFX)

Arbitron is a new Forex expert advisor promising to provide traders with “easy arbitrage trading.” The vendors me extremely aggressive claims telling the public that the software easily and repeatedly gained “over 21,000% profit month to month all with complete automation. When we see claims like these, the first thing we think is that this is a scam, which makes …

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Bounce Trader Review (LeapFX EA)

Bounce Trader is a new expert advisor developed or acquired by the LeapFX team. They believe that this robot is one of the “few trading systems” that “can make over 900% profit in just a few months.” Their goal is to bring successful Forex trading techniques to the masses, and feel they’ve accomplished this feat with this new bot. Today …

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The Skilled Trader Review (LeapFX)

The Skilled Trader is another automated Forex system produced by the LeapFX group. This time, they believe that they’ve put together a software that’s capable of doubling or tripling an account “every few months with ridiculously low risk.” Today, we will be providing a full review and letting you know if the software is meeting the expectations that they’ve set. …

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News Action Trader Review (MT4/MT5)

News Action Trader is a new Forex expert advisor that promises the potential of “up to 150% profit a year.” The system is built to analyze news events, and then take advantage of the volatility by opening accurate trades especially when the market is spiking. Today we will be providing a review to let you know if trading the news …

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Signals Review: LeapFX’s Power Trader

Power Trader is a new Forex signal service promising low risk, accurate trading signals that will bring profits in both the short and long-term. Each signal takes into account the key principles of price action, volatility and short-term trending strategies. The signal service is owned by Lance Hunter, the creator of LeapFX, a Forex trading group that generally focuses on …

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LeapFX Review: Quick Scalp Trader

Today I’m analyzing a new Forex expert advisor developed by the LeapFX team, Quick Scalp Trader. This group has the modest goal of scalping “up to 250 pips per month automatically even if you’ve never succeeded at Forex before.” It’s clear that the creators of this service are marketing to less experienced traders, but they still believe that the system …

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