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FXMath Trader Review

FXMath Trader is a new trading system be a developer that’s dedicated to creating Forex strategies that generate short-term profits. Generally, I am more interested in systems that look to the future so that’s something we have to keep in mind. Today I’ll be providing a brief review and informing the Forex Robot Nation readers about this system. FXMath Trader …

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Forex Edge Pro Review

Forex Edge Pro is a new scalping robot by Scott B. He tells us that this software took his account from $2000, to $82,475 on complete autopilot. He believes that his tool is so simple that it’s allowed him to stop the losses, quit his day job and start living his dream life. Today I’ll review this product and let you …

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Simple Fast Forex Review

Simple Fast Forex is a trading software that claims to be responsible for huge four figure gains every week.  The developers claim that for $47 traders can use a system that will lead traders away from a “destiny of slavery at work for the rest of your life.” Today I’ll be writing a review so you know if this is a …

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Forex PipBot Review

Forex Pipbot is a new automated trading software that’s been built using A.M.E. technology. The software is being brought to us by Ethan Callaway and he believes that his robot is completely different than any other Forex system you have bought on the market today. This page will act as a review and a place for the community to gather …

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FX Platinum Profit Review

FX Platinum Profit is a new Forex product by a developer we’ve seen many times in the past. This time around his pen name is Arthur Obrien and he claims that his exclusive secret is leading to a winning percentage over 90% and that’s making from $250-$1000 a day. Today I’ll be reviewing this software and letting the Forex Robot …

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Fundabot Review

Fundabot is a new Forex robot that’s advertising itself as the easiest trading system on the market. The software requires 10 minutes of setup every Sunday before the market opens and then it will trade automatically without any intervention for the entire week. Today I’ll be providing a review and informing the readers of Forex Robot nation if this system …

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Forex Galactico Review

Forex Galactico is a new automated robot built by an ex-wage slave the claims his software will automatically generate $24,000 in one day. The developer of the software, Andrew Martin, believes that anyone can be an instant success in Forex using his EM/RL technology. Today I’ll be providing a review and analyzing the software that’s been on the market for …

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Forex Backlash Review

Forex Backlash is a new automated Forex robot built to make $7317 a week using a fool-proof trading plan. The developers believe that this is the perfect system developed for people who work 9-5 and require an effortless and secure passive income. Today I’ll be reviewing this system and making sure the Forex Robot Nation readers understand if this is …

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Plain Forex Trading Review

Plain Forex trading is a new Forex service that is offering the trading community 128 pips per profit a day. The developers of this system believe the traders in the Forex market don’t need expensive training courses and overpriced software to be successful. Today I will take a close look at this new Forex signal service and inform the Forex …

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FX Turbine 2.0 Review

FX Turbine 2.0 is an automated Forex robot built to earn traders up to 70% per month. They believe that their system is so versatile that traders don’t have to choose a special broker or worry about any special trading conditions at all. Today I’ll be providing a review and letting the readers of Forex Robot Nation understand if this …

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