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5 Star Trend Profit Review

5 Star trend profit is a new Forex trading indicator by Karl Dittman. This software is being advertised as the most powerful trend indicator in the world because it makes more profit in a day than all other indicators make a week. Today I’ll be providing a review of this system and letting you know if Karl has a winning …

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Fibo Machine Pro by Karl Dittman Review

Fibo Machine Pro is a new Forex trading indicator by Karl Dittman. Karl is promising us that his indicator knows where the price will go every single time and will allow us to make profit easily and simply every single day without stress. Karl is a contributing member of the Forex community releasing a few indicators and trading systems every …

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FX Sensation Pro Review

FX sensation Pro is a new Forex trading strategy by Rick Clayton. Clayton tells us that we can win over 90% of our trades by copying a never before revealed strategy of a renegade trader who pulls in anywhere between $4000-$20,000 a day on a regular basis. Today I’ll be reviewing this Forex strategy and letting the Forex robot nation …

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Kiff Index Review

Kiff Index is a new trading system that promises to offer you a way to copy, paste and profit. The developers of the system believe that it’s time to make consistent profits trading Forex and that you should give up on buying robots and systems that don’t work. Today I’ll be providing a review and letting you know if this …

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Forex Mogalef Forecaster Indicator Review

Forex Mogalef is a new forecasting trading indicator that’s built to scan high probability trade setups using a mathematical interpolation method. The developers of this software tell us that it’s like nothing we’ve ever seen or used before. Today I’ll be taking a look at this indicator and reviewing the probability of its success in the trading markets. Price: $19.99 …

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Forex Enigma Review

Forex Enigma is a new trading system by Karl Dittman. I’m a couple weeks late on this but that gives me a chance to see how it’s been performing since release. This scalper system is built to provide fast signals and generate 200 pips every day. Today I’ll analyze the claims and review the potential of this system. Price: $87 …

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Forex Spark Review

Forex Spark is a new trading indicator developed by a relative unknown in this market, Che. This system comes with an indicator and a market scanner. Today I will review this system and let the Forex Robot Nation readers leave their thoughts on it below the article. Price: $47 Type: Forex indicator Results: N/A Pairs: All Pairs Timeframe: All Timeframes Forex Spark Review The Forex …

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Buy/Sell Trend Detector Review

Buy/Sell Trend Detector is a new Forex indicator by Karl Dittman. Karl tells us that this indicator predicts all trend movements before they happen and generates 200 to 300 pips every day. Today I will be taking a fine tooth comb through the sales page and reviewing every single detail about this new trading system. Buy/Sell Trend Detector Review Karl …

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FX Profit Cascade Review

FX Profit Cascade is a new Forex strategy by Herman Berg, a man who claims to make at least $500 a day with a system that can be learned in less than 20 minutes. Herman is promising a 92% winning ratio in “less time than it takes from the atm machine.” Today I’ll review the potential of this new strategy …

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Pairs Index Pro Review

Pairs index Pro is a new Forex indicator built to guide traders in the direction of achieving their financial goals. The people behind the system believe that their software will always make the right decisions and provide consistent profits. Today I will review this indicator and make sure that the Forex robot nation readers understand it’s strengths and weaknesses. Pairs …

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