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Forex Trading & The United States Election

Hey guys, as I’m sure you know the United States Election is tomorrow, November 8th. I’m not here to debate who anyone should be voting for, that’s not what this blog is for. Yet, we do have to account for the impact this will have on the Foreign exchange market. It doesn’t matter if you are a manual trader or …

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Hidden Forex Dragon

Hidden Forex dragon is a new trading system that claims to offer $20,000 a month and beyond. While I’ve never heard of this system before the developers of the software claim that this is been a proven hit China. I find this a little hard to believe because I do keep my eye on the Asian market to see if …

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Forex Robot Review | Compare Rating and Testing

Forex Robot Review | Compare Rating and Testing What we do here at Forex Robot Nation we take very seriously.  As many of you trade with real money much like we do, it is very important to understand where you are going to invest your money.  What we do our best is offer Forex Robot Review. Get the best forex …

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