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Signals Review: Euro Scalper Pro

Euro Scalper Pro is advertised as a 100% automated Forex signal service that is easy to set up and earn cash with no experience necessary. There are both free and paid memberships available, and the system takes advantage of the copy trading software in order to automated Forex signals within your current MT4 platform. The team promises that the signals are available in all countries around the world.

According to the about us page, the developers of this service has over 40 years of experience in the Forex market. They don’t provide us with a location, or introduce us to who they are, but do promise to be “a trading company providing fund management and research to individuals, large corporations, portfolio managers and financial institutions worldwide.” This is all well and good, but it would certainly be beneficial if the developers actually gave us some sort of clue who they are, or some sort of proof that shows us that they truly have this experience in the marketplace. In order to get in touch with support, traders can email or chat live via Facebook messenger.


Euro Scalper Pro Review

The sales page is barren, with little to no information about the Euro Scalper Pro service at all. The only information available, is either on the about us page, or in the frequently asked questions section, which is quite odd.

In the about us section, the developers discuss utilizing high-frequency trading methods and rigorous statistical analysis in order to provide viable opportunities. They feel one of their most important assets, is their ability to be contrarians and distance themselves from the rest of the crowd. They believe that working on the other side of the market gives them an edge over the best Forex signal providers that sit atop the market currently.

Outside of the high-frequency trading methodology, they don’t provide any specific analysis of their approach.

Copy Trade Scalping

When it comes to scalping, execution time is incredibly important. Our main concern with the Euro Scalper Pro is the fact that traders will need nearly instant execution in order to be successful with these signals. In looking at the results, you can see that the trades are aiming to pick up quick $3 wins. If you don’t have a perfect connection from your virtual private server to your brokerage, there is no way that you will be able to take advantage of these signals.

When it comes to scalping, copy trading isn’t the way to go about it. Scalping is perfect for automated Forex robots, because the system is on your computer, and there is no middle man. With copy trading, you have to wait for the signal to come from the developer to your platform which adds an extra step in drastically impact your trading results negatively.

This automated approach is very different from our other recent signal reviews including 8Alert, and Signal Start.

Signal Analysis

  • Type: Forex Signals
  • Price: $197/month
  • Strategy: Short Term Scalping
  • Signal Frequency: 5-10 per day
  • Pairs: EURUSD

The Euro Scalper Pro is being sold for $197 per month or a yearly payment of $1997, which accounts for a 15% discount off the normal price. The traders can also get access to the service for free if they open a live account through the vendor affiliate link with either XM or Pepperstone.

Client Feedback

Despite being on the market for some time now, there is little to no real client feedback from the community.

Trading Results

In terms of trading results, the Euro Scalper Pro provides us with a longform trading statement that’s been running from December 2018, until today. The way that this system trades, comes across more like a Forex robot, than a human providing the signals.

The only real issue with these results, and it’s an important one, is that they are not uploaded to any statement sharing service. The vendor has total control over these results, so they are not as transparent or verify it anyway.

In order to be taken seriously, the vendor will have to upload these results to a Myfxbook account.


As this service stands now, we are finding it very difficult to recommend the Euro Scalper Pro to the Forex Robot Nation readers. While the about us page is impressive, the overall land of the website is very basic, and doesn’t include much detail about who they are and what type of experience they have trading Forex.

On top of that, the trading results are not verified and there is little to no client feedback as it stands. We will have to revisit this service in a few months to see if any of these aspects it changed, and until then we will be providing a recommendation.

If you have anything you would like to add, please leave your comments below the article.

Euro Scalper Pro $197/month
  • Pricing
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Euro Scalper Pro is a copy-trading signal service built for the MT4 platform.

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Automated signals
Free available


No verified results
Poor client feedback
Poor support

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  1. Euro Scalper Pro Review

    Euro Scalper Pro EA is working great for me. I recently signed up and so far so good. Same results as the website. The EA lets you set your lot size, custom orders and other risk management. Don’t bother with the cracked version, I tried it and it’s a fake – different system and markets. Euro Scalper Pro EA works only on euro.usd

  2. Can't wait to open on Live account

    This is probably the best EA I have tried in a LONG LONG time. I have been testing it since December 10 2020 with a starting balance of $125 (wouldn’t recommend any less than $1000) and it has risen to $702.08 as of the time I’m writing this review. I will definitely be putting it on a live account in March. Doing some testing with lot sizes not but I see an average of $85-$140 a week using 0.01 lot size and the 5 minute set file that comes with it. I can’t actually post a picture though I would if the option was given.

  3. my result 120% 10 days for crack version
    please search myfxbook bijoux
    search forexfactoy bijoux

  4. Amazing Signals

    Amazing Signals, the results match exactly as their website. My only regret is I didn’t find them sooner.

  5. Basically whoever made that pile of crap (euroscalper) has told a massive lie about his EA performance. The worst drawdown I have ever seen with an EA – 65% drawdown!! Stay away people. EA basically just opens trades on both sides of the market with no defined strategy- basically throwing mud on the wall and hoping it sticks. No wonder, the person who made this pile of crap is willing to give you the EA in exchange for affiliate commissions from your trades with his chosen broker. STAY AWAY!!!

  6. This trade copier service is the best. They give you everything you need to make money. For best results follow the settings in the install guide. Don’t set your lot size too big! My account already tripled in value using just 0.02 lot per signal. Two thumbs up. Highly recommended.

  7. I am glad i see this review. Almost subscribed it! Thanks

  8. Awesome robot, made me 60% on my account this month! Very happy with this EA

  9. Rubbish!!! Email me I will send the result to you if you want to know the real result!

  10. Conflicting thoughts on this EA, some said its good, others said its bad. which one should we believe?

  11. Very happy with Euro Scalper Pro signals. The results are exactly as they show on their website. You get free EA which lets you set trade size and different custom parameters. The default parameters work best 🙂

  12. Big scam pls stay far away from it …I have used it before it blew my account…they are just after the commission from there partner brokers

    • It blows my account too. NO STOP LOSS. Stay away!

      • i loss 400 usd the second week…..very dangerours….when loss very fast….no stop loss also….if loss . the trade forever open until it close…..what you see is the close trade with profit….but there are running loss trades…

  13. Works great on my account, I’ve been following them for 6 months

  14. Total SCAM. Stay away.

  15. SCAM!!! I have the robot programed but my programmer . I am a experiment trader and if you see the histórical data its easy. Always open at same hour all days and goes to 3 pips. I made the backtest and always fall in one month, because the trades dont have stop. Is a true scam. Euroscalper Pro only show closed trades, but no the opened trades at this moments, and these trades are in losses. Is a scamer. Your account blow all times in one month. He want only comisions while you are active a little time. Conclusión: never never trade something without backtest public. I can show my backtest of Euroscalper in this page, but is enough you not enter in this big scam.

  16. Mikhael Vandeuren

    This EA blow my account

  17. I want to purchase

  18. Euro Scalper pro has many complaints in forex army; I ordered the MYFXBOOK in the comments of the fan page, it blocked me.
    They open order with lots of 0.01 to fetch approximately 3 dollars, it is worth remembering that some brokers do not like to take profit with less than three pips do not recommend in any way this signal, they are not transparent.

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