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Signals Review: Easy Forex Pips

Easy Forex Pips is a Forex signal service that promises a human touch to the process that most other products in this marketplace just don’t provide. They feel that their expert team of market analysts set them apart from their competitors, and contribute to their 95% win rate. This is a very high win rate, and thus it is important for us to analyze their statistics to see if they can back up their claims, with verified proof. Our review will analyze this, and many other aspects of the service, to let you know if this is a viable Forex opportunity.

The developers provide no information about their corporation, but we can see that they are located at 4 Dean Stanley St, London, United Kingdom SW1P 3JH. They tell us that they are a team of traders with more than 5 years of experience in the financial markets, but they do not introduce us to any of their analysts. There is certainly a vast shroud of secrecy around their service, which is certainly not something that we look for in a potential signal provider. They should certainly update their company information, and provide us with detailed information about the traders that are providing the signals. In order to get in touch with support, traders can fill out a contact form, as there is no direct email address.


Easy Forex Pips Review

Overall, the Easy Forex Pips website is quite barren of detail and insight into the service. The entire sales page is made up of brief, vague sentences that hardly paint a clear picture of their quality or abilities.

Each signal provides information about the best time to trade, the best way to place the trade and the currency pair to choose. The signals also come with the entry point, stoploss and potential take profit targets, which allows for the trader to play a role in deciding when to close the trade.

According to the website this Forex signal service has 13,000 people in their free channel, 200 people in their VIP channel and over 2 years of history trading. It’s unknown where this history is coming from, because the domain was registered for the first time 219 days ago. It’s possible that this vendor was selling their signals via a different service, or name but it’s also possible that they purchased being deceptive about their founded date in order to seem more reliable.

Other key features they briefly mention are the fact that they provide signals to traders worldwide, they send signals between 8AM and 12PM GMT +3, during the London session and utilize Telegram messenger or Email notifications for distribution purposes.

The website is an aesthetically pleasing, but lacks major detail in some of the most important areas much like my recent reviews of FX Hubs, FX Renew and Signalator.

Signal Breakdown

  • Type: Forex Signals
  • Price: $45-105
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Signal Frequency: 4-7 per day
  • Pairs: Undisclosed

Traders can access the Easy Forex Pips signal service by purchasing either a one month, 3 month, or six-month membership. The one month membership costs $45, the 3 month membership cost $75, and the 6 month membership cost $105. All of these plans are on a monthly basis.

Each plan comes with the exact same service, which includes 47 signals per day, 1 to 3 targets per trade, money management tips, live telegram alerts and a promise of 1500 to 2000 pips per month. This claim, alongside the promise of a 95% win rate seems highly unrealistic, which is why it’s time to dig deep into their trading performance.

Trading Performance

The trading results provided by the Easy Forex Pips team are quite disappointing. From what we can see, they shouldn’t be making promises at all, because there are no verified proof of their claims. The vendor provides a latest results table which includes 6 trades, which can easily be cherry picked, because they are not connected to any trading statements service like Myfxbook. It’s also worth noting that these results aren’t even from the VIP signal service, but are free signals they provide once a day.

These signals can also be found in their Facebook page, but they don’t provide a single record or statement with any of their VIP signals.

They need to make drastic changes to their trading results before the service can be relied upon. There is no reason why they can’t connect their signal service with a statement sharing service provider, and provide the community with verified trading results.

Client Feedback

It’s quite apparent that the Forex Robot Nation readers are not happy with this service by any means. Many of the comments refer to the service as an outright scam, and the vendor hasn’t shown face to say otherwise.

This is a Forex signal service to avoid as it stands.


While the Easy Forex Pips website is very aesthetically pleasing, and comes across as quite professional, they are missing some key aspects. There is very little detail about their strategic approach, and their trading results don’t measure up with their competition in 2019. We will revisit this review in 6 months, and see if anything has changed.

If you have anything you’d like to add to the review, please leave your questions and remarks below the article now.

Easy Forex Pips $45-$105
  • Pricing
  • Strategy
  • Results
  • Client Feedback
  • Customer Support


Easy Forex Pips is a Forex signal service providing 4-7 trade opportunities per day.

Comments Rating 3.33 (3 reviews)


Telegram alerts 4-7 trades per day 1500 pip promise


Terrible client feedback No verified results No real strategy

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Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. Con respecto aeasy Forex Pips considero que es un proveedor valido, me ha gustado mucho como se han esforzado por implementar un sistema que le permite copiar desde el telegran las señales que envian a mi MT4, es algo increible este software y esta estrategia, la señales son muy efectivas, como todo en el trading hay operaciones perdedoras, pero esto es el mundo del forex, nunca me pidieron mas dinero del que pague $100 por un año. Simplemente 24 hrs despues recibi el acceso al canal de señales en telegran. Si aclaro y no hay que ser muy confiandos, he vistos otros canales en telegran con el logro de mismo provedor ofreciendo señales, lo cuales son una estafa. El proveedor valido incluso ofrece realizar el pago con tarjeta tanto de debito como de credito, los otros proveedores utilizan medios que no tienen registros como bitcoin y billeteras. A si que chichos, esos que dicen que les piden dinero despues de que pagaron un sistema de señales, porbablemente se metieron en el canal estafa

    • I don’t comprehend your comment. I had been trying out their Gold signals for several month and had no success at all – even with the copier software. To me they are among the worst scammers you can find in this market. They post results without any proof. And by the way, what is the use of a signal service that doesn’t provide the necessarily information that would enable you to properly manage the positions?

  2. Good and reliable provider

    I’m testing their Long Term VIP group for a while, and I would say they have pretty good results. For example this week I never hit a stop loss once. They have 1:1 or 1:1.5 risk/reward ratio at TP1, and 1:4 at TP2 which is insane, so this week I’m up 10%, while on TWP VIP I’m -1%. It’s probably too early to make a conclusion but I would be very happy to investigate. Unfortunately they seem to cherry pick some of their results on their main channel and gold one, maybe you need some knowledge to trade their scalping signals, also they have almost absent customer support.

    After a month I’ll tell you if they can be constantly profitable. Where can I show you some proof?

  3. Good signal provider. I have joined them after seeing their other reviews about them. From my experience everything working fine. They also got Long Term VIP where they share 1-2 signals per day with 1:10 risk reward. I think all haters here comment because they dont follow money management. I recommend this service!

  4. Today I had a fake reviewer (Naim Yakub) give me a 1 star review on trustpilot, and then email me saying it’s because my review of EasyForexPips rates “them so badly.”

    I asked him to show me his results, and I’ll gladly consider them for the review.

    He chose not to and then decided to try and blackmail me for $100 to have the review taken down.

    naim yakub

    I hope this has nothing to do with Easy Forex Pips, but it’s certainly concerning.

  5. You will never come close to their results. They just imaginary

  6. I recently purchased the promoted 1 year gold VIP signals and since then have desperately trying to follow their signals + figuring out how they trade according to the results they post.

    What most subsribers don’t get to know before their subscription is that it is a scalping system. You only get to know about it once you have subscribed and then have access to their written documentation on how to trade the signals + how to apply a proper money management. On their site they also write they would send swing trading signals – but since today I haven’t received a single one.
    The signals sent can be profitable – if you only know how to trade them properly. And that’s the crucial point. Since it is a scalping system, almost all of their trades come too late. Copying the signals with the Telegram to MT4 copier software doesn’t help because here as well you have a delay that puts you right in an unfavorable position: Your trades are usually entered 1 pip later as their signal and since the SL is copied correctly you find yourself with trades that have a SL of 6 pips right from the beginning.
    Worst of all is, that there’s absolutely no effort by them to send the signals in an understandable format, e.g. assigning numbers to the multiple trades so that traders know exactly what to do with which specific trade. I asked several times for help with the signals but they are not interested in helping traders. All they want to do is selling their signals at any cost.
    Please note you most probably will never be able to come even close to the results they post. Therefore, I can’t recommend using their Gold VIP signals.

  7. here is my telegram : @rayandjad
    contact me i will show you all the screenshots proofs that their strategy dosent work and they played me on the refund im waiting for 4 mounths, i have all proofs contact me i already saved 4 people for buying their VIP.

  8. Easy Forex Signal providers are fake, I lost all my deposits within a week, please nobody should subscribe to their service.

  9. Aba goldfinger

    Attention scammers !

    ATTENTION for all !!!

    Unscrupulous deceivers !!!

    1. On May 5th 2021, they posted a special offer.
    2. When I’m connect through admin channel with and ask about this offer, the answer to me, that I must pay $68 USD to they BT wallet.
    3. After payment to those wallet they confirm that all is good.
    4. After 5 days when I ask, when they will start send signals, they answer was, you must pay again $150 !!!
    5. When I’m did explain that already paid to him money, and send confirmation screenshots, he ignore me and repeat that I’m must pay again 150 USD for 1 year subscription.

    I will be happy if my experience will prevent others from these scammers.

    Thank God I lost only 70 bucks, if they cheat at this step, I can imagine the quality of their signals!

    Now will copy this comment to all resources and social networks where present info about these scammers. “Thanks” for this lesson guys.

  10. I payed them for the VIP and they dont answer me to private messages to add me VIP chanell. Fake

  11. I am on their 1-month VIP plan.

    They have won a couple of trades, reaching TP1, which is just 20 pips.
    They ask you to move to breakeven after you reach TP1, but it is not possible for some trades because they some trades never go into the plus zone.

    And these trades go straight to -100 Stop Loss.
    So you do not just lose all the small profits you took, but much more.

    The WORST THING is that when you look at their “Latest trade results” they do not mention the losing trades!

    This week GBPJPY, USDJPY hit -100 SL, but they do not bother to mention that.

  12. Highly accurate signals

    I’m using this signal service so far so good, and their signals are very accurate.

    your review from 2019 bro, you should update your review. consider check.

  13. it has been almost 20 days since I start their copy trading they make almost 200 profit till today. we will see their how they continue.

  14. I agree, using just the free signals on demo and it seems working pretty good!

    • Hi Salvo, can you show us any proof of your results?

      • Go to some other Forex review sites – I believe alot of people are buying based on these reviews. The sites rate them 9.5/10!

        Can you check it out Patrick. Great work. Gonna invest in one of your recommended robots. Keep up the excellent work!


  15. Dears, I have been using Easy pips dor now 2 months. results : NO GOOD !!
    They show mostly the blues but never share their SLs.
    They pretend 95% on TP1.
    FALSE !! at this point we are talking about 73%.
    Their strategy is not understood and when comparing with others “analysts”, I have doubts.
    Sorry to say but seems like scammers

  16. i just joined their VIP group on monday (28/9/2020) they will give out the trade signals like they promised, the problem is, None of the signals is right. buy will go short, and sell will go long. i wonder they only show the winning result neglecting the loss part. So please join at your own risk. at the end of day, i do realize no easy money can be earned easily, please trust yourself in trading.

  17. I don’t understand all this negative reviews.
    I ve been following the channel for two months now, trading the free trades with a demo account and I have a 100% record so far.
    Didn’t buy the premium chat but verified the trades multiple times and they are correct..

  18. Is there any trusted forex signal provider ?

  19. I have found some Myfxbook account on their website.

    Here are their account username.



  20. The are totltly not good
    I am in vip group only losses and the give wrong feedback
    Not recomeded at all
    I loss more then 500$ with his signal withen week as i join his fake group

  21. I’ve bought his signal since October. His signal is good, not bad. however, because the stop loss is quite high, we have to reconsider how to set our stop loss according to our ability to manage money, not on his recommendation. his take profit 1 is always 20pis, the success rate is about 60-70%, take profit 2 is only about 20%, take profit 3 sometimes reaches only a few cases. It’s true that his signal to me was a bit late. His signal has a clear stop loss profit, someone who says without this I don’t believe it. If you bought his signal, you must contact him again, he will send a telegram link to join the signal.
    P / S: to me he’s not a scammer right now

  22. I has just joined VIP Signals with them. His signal is profitable for me but I have to develop telegram bot to open and manage the orders because when the signal reach to me it’s so late. Sometime I have 2-3 sec. to open that price and the signals have to monitor to trail SL. I use LIMIT ORDER with every signals from them to prevent the late price.

  23. Absolutely SCAM! I’ve purchased the lifetime package and tried the signals for 1 month, I lost all my account money, they show signals running in profits on small timeframes to entice you to purchase this scam, they don’t notify when a stop-loss hit and they hide the losses. Don’t waste your cash and time with these scammers.

  24. Not looking good.

    Thanks to everyone for leaving their comments on this signal service. I was really considering it, but no longer.

  25. We should stop this scammer by reporting as span in telegram, i think it will help newbie who do not study website review, and just seeing his report will join must.

  26. Guys avoid being SCAMMED!! this guy SCAMMED me and 1000 others! I’ve heard so many stories about others getting scammed by this guy… My deposit was 2k and this guy with his “signals” blew my account! he never uses stop loss! he sends a stop loss and all his signals go to stop loss but he counts it as a winning trade!! HE TRADES ON A DEMO ACCOUNT!! I lost all my hard earned cash by this guy! Keep your hard earned cash away from easyforexpips!! this guy have no idea about trading he sends sells and buys at the same time! send the same signal several times, zero risk management stop losses of 200-300 pips to earn 20-50 pips!! I contacted him but he banned me the group… I reported his paypal account and paypal SAYS ME THAT THEY BANNED HIS PAYPAL ACCOUNTS SEVERAL TIMES!! this guy scamming the multitude!! don’t be the next!!

  27. Their signals are FULL OF CRAP
    bloody SCAMMERS

  28. I have registered today with Easy Forex Pips via the telegram channel and paid the $75 for 3 months. As soon as i paid for the signals he did not reply anymore and since i paid via Skrill i could not reverse it. The person receiving the funds is called PETER SKAKALOV in case you come across him. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAM TELEGRAM GROUP AND WEBSITE. I have proof that i paid and he does not reply to the messages.

  29. I saw that they copy signals from several signal providers. I personally belive in that, because I use signals from Fxprofitsignals and I saw the same signals, but with delay of couple of minutes in Easy forex pips groups. I think that they resell the signals from other companies. The other thing that I noticed is that the results are unrealisticly high and absurd! Today 07 June I saw signal in their channel “Buy CADCHF (@ 0.7440)
    Take profit 1 at 0.7460
    Take profit 2 at 0.7490
    Take profit 3 at 0.7540
    Stop loss at 0.7350”
    I think it is unprofessional to set sl 90 pips and tp1 to be 20 pips!

    • That’s right! They steal and resell signals from other signal providers with a SERIOUS DELAY


    • hmm.. i also looked at Fxprofitsignals, and my impression is they seem to be the source of easy forex, but if Fxprofits’ signals still come in bulk, maybe theyre just both retailers from a single source, and we should determine this to get to the original?

  30. Total Scam!!! I lost my account with this signals.

  31. Great work guys! I’ve been waiting for a good service for a long time…

  32. I am using their services from a long time and I doubled my account twice! Great work!

    • Hie henry how are you i hear you are in the easy forex pips signals vip group how are their services ?,,,,,, Are they good or bad am thinking of joining but scared of losing my money also kindly send me your whatsapp numbers we chat am hardly on email

      Thank you

  33. Best forex signals provider, double my account in few days, amazing!

  34. Never join this signals provider they’re full of crap and don’t show losses only wins, worthless.

  35. Springforth Media

    Was thinking of joining their VIP group but their service sure doesn’t look good

  36. Paid for their copy trading strategy and received nothing in return.As soon as I started asking questions their reply’s stopped. Bad support and a total scam

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