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Service Review: Bitesize Forex

Bitesize Forex is a service that provides education via multiple courses, a trade copier software and signals (the golden suite). Each of these products are sold separately, so we will review each and provides you with a full analysis on what you should expect.

The company is owned and operated by Ryan Chandler and Alex Inch. They first started providing the service in 2017, with the goal of making Forex more accessible to average citizens. They feel that in offering a range of services, that they are able to accommodate anyone from first-time traders, to serious investors. The company is located at Cams Hall, Fareham, UK, PO16 8AB and support can be contacted via


Bitesize Forex Review

With many different options, the Bitesize Forex service is certainly a unique one. One of the main questions we will be asking today, is can this service truly provide a high level of performance when they are spread over many different offerings. So, let’s start the process.


In terms of education, the Bitesize Forex group offer a beginner to independent trader course which is face to face and an online master class.

The face-to-face course costs £1,000, for a three-day lesson at their headquarters situated in Cams Hall. The purpose of this master class is to learn new trading techniques, and test your skills and a live environment under the guidance of real Forex traders. The course includes a tailored action plan, risk management skill development, learning the best times to trade, understanding expert analysis and developing your knowledge of Forex fundamentals. The last course took place on March 23-25, 2019, and the next course will likely be in July, to be announced soon. So, they are providing these courses at least every few months.

The online master class is a Forex trading course built over the last 12 months to help traders navigate the Forex markets properly. In this course they will teach traders everything from trading psychology to their personal strategies much like Traders Academy Club, and Falcon Trading Guidance. A full class curriculum is provided on the website, and there is a than a free section that traders can check out first, to see if they mess with the teaching approach. Some of the main topics include managing risk actively, Japanese candlesticks, trendlines, the power of market structure, Elliott wave theory, moving averages, Fibonacci, strategy part one, strategy part 2, trading psychology, support and resistance. This course is offered for £499, so it certainly isn’t cheap.

Trade Copier

The newest service provided by the Bitesize Forex team, is their trade copier. The purpose of this software, is to have traders profit from the foreign exchange market without any prior knowledge or experience. They want traders to be able to profit by simply having their personal trades mirrored in your trading account.

Their aim is to make between 5 to 10% per month on, using a conservative trading strategy to keep the risk very low. Traders have control of their trading account, so they can deposit or withdraw any time, as well as stop ongoing trades.

In order to access the service, traders have to contact the team directly. There is no price provided.

There are no trading results or trading statements to prove that this portion of their service is viable.


Lastly, the Bitesize Forex group offers a signal service of sorts, that they’ve labeled the Golden Suite. They advertise this product as “the most exclusive service in the Forex industry.”

This product provides traders with premium trade setups, and analysis for all trades provided. It also comes with live Q&A sessions, live chat, a community chat channel and guaranteed pips at the end of the month with your next month is free.

There don’t seem to be any trading results for this product either, and there is very little information about how it works which means they won’t be making the best Forex signals page anytime soon. .


Bitesize Forex comes across as a legitimate company put together by professional traders. Yet, there are quite a few concerns about their different services and offerings. Here are a few of the aspects we feel need to be improved upon.

  • Missing detail in most of their offerings
  • No real trading results for any of their products
  • No community feedback anywhere online

These are just a few of the negative aspects of the service. We certainly feel that the group comes across well, but they should prove to us that they are experienced traders by showing us their trades and Myfxbook accounts. Hopefully, this is something they add soon.

If you have anything you like to add to the review, please do so now.

Bitesize Forex £500-£1,000
  • Price
  • Strategy
  • Trading Results
  • Client Feedback
  • Customer Support


Bitesize Forex is a Forex robot that aims to gain 5-10% per month.

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Great customer support
Professional team


Lacking in trading results
Lacking in proven viability

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  1. A pair of idiots, scammers obsessed with taking money from innocent hard working people to field their millionaires lifestyle ,stay clear

  2. I’ve been scammed by these idiots. they’ve made me buy bad PDFs and videos.

    tried the Golden Suite signals and they are total crap. nothing more than a coin toss. total disappointment.

    don’t believe these disgusting liars because they will show you only winning trades and results of “students”.

    Ryan and the other monkeys are a total rip-off.

    • Thank you for warning on this. Have you seen their youtube videos? Guy can hardly string a sentence together.

  3. James Greenwood

    Asked the Bitesize admins to show their results and guess what? I’ve got kicked. Not only that, but I was made fun of. This happened on the public chat of Bitesize Forex, in front of all members. And those idiot members are still defending this community of thieves. Hoping they enjoy being taken advatage of and lose their money.

    No wonder nobody is progressing in this noob community. Having that poor judgement in the first place and believing everything Ryan Chandler throws at them will only make things worse. So, STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAM.

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