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Price Action Forex LTD Review (Signals)

Price Action Forex LTD is a Forex signal service with the motto, “watch, follow and profit together.” They promise unbeatable accuracy and consistent highly impressive returns coming from low-risk investments. Today we will be providing a full review and letting you know if they are meeting these lofty expectations.

The creators of the service claim to be a team of more than 15 professional traders that scan the markets every day. They decided to put this service together to help retail Forex traders profit more consistently. There is no information provided about any of the analysts, or owners of the service, so we cannot verify their existence, or trading experience. This information should be added to the website, or else this could easily be perceived as a service being run by one person.

The team is Located at 99, Guild Street, London, UK. They can be contacted for any type of inquiry, via


Price Action Forex LTD Review

At Price Action Forex LTD the creators promise to “do all the hard work” for their clients. They analyze the markets, and follow the world economy closer than any one person could on on their own. Then, they provide signals with specific entry prices, stop losses and take profits. Lastly, the trader receive this information, and place their trades with their desired trading platform.

The group also offers free Forex signals via their telegram channel. In this channel they offer 1-2 free signals on a daily basis, so that traders can test their service first before signing up. If you are interested in the service, we certainly recommend that you take advantage of this aspect, as there is no other verified proof that this is a best Forex signal service, outside of testimonials.

Trading Strategy

The most important part of any Forex signal service is the trading strategy and the trading analysts. They do not introduce us to any of Price Action Forex LTD analysts, so that portion is a miss. They also don’t really give us a specific breakdown of their trading approach. Obviously, the foundation of their approach is price action, which we can surmise from the name of the service, but we expect more detail.

We would like the vendor to tell us what their analysts are looking for when setting up a trade, and what type of market conditions are most favorable.

They do provide an analysis section of the website which consists of screen shots showing different market projections. This section shows that the analysts are knowledgeable, but we still feel they should provide us at least a paragraph about their methodology. They aren’t the only signal service that fails to provide real detail though, as you can see in our reviews of ToolsTrades, Margin Signals and M15 Signals.

Signal Analysis

  • Type: Signals
  • Established: 2018
  • Price: $40/month
  • Strategy: Price action
  • Trading Time: Undisclosed
  • Signal Frequency: 5-8/day

For traders interested in the Price Action Forex LTD signals, they can be purchased for $40 per month. The signals come at a great discount for traders who lock-in to a longer term subscription. The 3 month plan costs $30 per month, 6 month plan costs $25 per month and the 12 month plan costs $17 per month. They have also just recently added a lifetime membership for $299, which also comes with a free $70 e-book titled “the complete guide to Forex trading.”

Trading Results

Despite a pretty thorough presentation, the Price Action Forex LTD team don’t provide any verified results. There is a section of the website labeled “client profits” where they show 36 screenshots from a phone, but this is not the type of result we prefer to rely on.

The developers target 1000 pips a week, and promise “an unbeatable accuracy rate of more than 85%,” so we were expecting more from their results. They really shouldn’t be promising any accuracy rate, if they are unable to prove it. Which in this case, they can’t.

They should certainly be providing long term statements, and a Myfxbook account to back up every trade that they place. Otherwise, any accurate rate they mention is just a guess that can’t be trusted.


Many aspects of the Price Action Forex LTD signal service are professional, and impressive. Yet, they lack in the two most important areas, strategy and trading results. Both of these aspects can be resolved very quickly by a paragraph about their methodology, and some verified trading results. We hope the vendor listens to our critiques, and we will check back shortly to see if they’ve made the adjustments.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please leave your comments and remarks below the article now.

Price Action Forex LTD $40/month
  • Price
  • Strategy
  • Results
  • Client Feedback
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Price Action Forex LTD is a Forex signal service that promises an 85% win rate.

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Free signals Multiple plans 85% accuracy promise


No verified results No strategy insight

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  1. Nothing from them is true.
    I lost more than 80% of my money within 2 months!
    Do your due diligence. Search priceactionltd review or priceactionltd scam, priceactionltd trustpilot

  2. This guy is a scammer!

    This guy is a totally scammer from Bangladesh scamming innocent people. This guy don’t know anything about forex. His all signals are copy sometime. I loss my saving for his scam signals.

  3. Very very bad signal provider and totally scam. Always loss and 70% wrong signal. I paid money and i just left after 1 week. Fake and big scammers.

  4. Hi, can anyone please advise on a reliable signal provider?

  5. This signal providers totally scammer. I found out that they copied signal from other providers which I am their VIP members as well. Besides, they din provide any reliable signal and analysis, and having issues to generate weekly report. Wide SL compared to their 20-30 pips take profit.They do give few hundred TP but end up advise members to close it when trade reach 20-30pips. Once if the trade reach their initial TP, they promote it to their free telegram group Close too much half lot end up you gaining those fake pips. Strongly not recommend. Don’t be impressed by their good looking ads and number of subscribers in telegram. I could say their accuracy rate would be 50%or even lesser which make no difference for you to make your own analysis. You might follow some trade in a week and gain some pips, but I follow all their signal strictly and it’s horrible result.
    Most of the signal providers outside there doesn’t provide reliable signal ,especially who offer lifetime subscription.
    If their signal is worthy, why they want to do so?

    • Hi Abel, please can you recommend a reliable signal provider. Which of the providers are you subscribed to?

    • You nailed it. Even me I subscribed, left in four days. Lost half my capital with their signals. Anyone thinking of subscription spare your hard earned money. Stay away from them

  6. I subscriber their VIP signal channel after trying their Free channel in telegram. I am in their VIP channel for around 3 months now. i have seen their many highs and lows. I have gained around 150+ pips weekly. But I have gained less pips with their signal in some weeks. They don’t commit you any big profit. At least they measure very practical outcome. i am satisfied with their service till now. I hope they will improve their services and supports.

    • This guy is telling lie, now a days everybody needs to be careful, because they are only taking 49$, and will completely let you loose your account.
      PAFX on their trustpilot page have 4.18 around rating and on forex peace army 1.3 so just see the difference between the two numbers.
      This means, they are using some kinds of free lancing or micro workers to generate fake reviews on trust pilot. Whereas create fake reviews on fpa is not so easy job.

      100% scammer. 90% of the signal provider are scammers.

      They are not earning from forex, they are earning by cutting your pocket, so the best thing is to called them a pick pockets.

      Imagine each subscription 49$
      If 1000 foolish people join then see their revenue 49$ X 1000 = 49000$

      Lastly i want tell please stay safe,

  7. I have been using their signals for 3 months now. For me, the results are on average compared to the price. Even though they claim that their accuracy rate is 90%, it was 60-70% for me. They have issues sharing the weekly reports. I have also complained to them about this.
    I usually make 150-200 pips weekly with them. Don’t have any complaints about the support. I would recommend them for beginners. I just wish they were more consistent about posting the report.

  8. Absolutely hopeless,

    No trading ability, zero transparency, buy and sell correlated pairs, remove stops and will 100% tank your account.

    They trade on mobile phones and only post analysis AFTER a successful trade.

    No myfx or any type of tracking as i believe they only trade demo.

  9. Avoid this scam and don’t waste your money and time. the worst company I have seen so far! those guys have no idea about trading, selling on overbought and buying on overselling. paid signals do not include the analysis as you say, bad support service, they respond only in the purchase process, they hide loses and not transparent, entry prices are wrong and delayed,

    SCAM! Not transparent, they have not really analyst, all they free forecast its a marketing tool, you can prove it with the published date, the after analysis published 1 minute after the before pic, they use the replay tool to “forecast”, they update only the correct forecast and hide the wrong forecasts with more posts. I’m waiting for their response for almost 2 weeks but they ignore my messages, they block me in instagram and facebook.

    I paid for the lifetime membership and I got a guide created by “them”… they are liars! they stole this guide from other guys and put priceaction logo on it.

    Take a moment to see my account right now with this “professional” service

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